Zoho CRM Solutions for a Remote Working Place

It might feel that our technology capabilities are innovating faster than ever, and sometimes it might feel as though it’s difficult to keep up. Companies all over the world have migrated to a virtual-first business model, allowing their employees to work remotely. This is thanks to how far we’ve come with our innovations – our computers can now come with us and connect us to our devices, the cloud has allowed us to operate and collaborate wherever we are, and somehow, we’re seeing that this actually works, despite initial trepidation.

Businesses, however, cannot just simply introduce remote work as an option immediately – you’ll have to have tools and applications in place that allow for this to happen, and you’ll need to ensure that your team leads instruct their members on how to move forward as effectively as possible. It’s a huge transition, no matter how long your company has been implementing remote capabilities, and luckily, your Zoho CRM has many products and tools available that will allow your teams to adjust easily and quickly for optimum collaboration, even remotely. Here are just a few of them that you can take advantage of that will take you to the next level of success.

  • Zoho Orchestly

Arriving at a project finish line requires the work of multiple teams working together. This means your team of experts need to be in regular communication throughout the process to provide updates, changes, or even small wins. Without an office environment, this might seem tough to achieve, but with Zoho Orchestly, your teams can come together in this one destination to optimize workflow. You can choose from automation features if there are steps in the process that are activated by completion steps, assign tasks to stakeholders to communicate when someone’s skills are needed, and gain insights on success rates once the project is complete for better strategic thinking in the future. With Zoho Orchestly, you can coordinate your project management just like…an orchestra. You won’t have to worry about uncomfortable follow-up, and deadlines will be met with optimum transparency and clear objectives.

  • Zoho Connect

The great thing about being in an office environment is the ability to share updates with team members or neighbors by simply turning your chair or passing them in the hallway. Ask quick questions in the kitchen, or simply pass the time waiting for a meeting to start with a quick update to a project. With these small yet impactful moments gone, your team members might be missing out on the value of those quick little updates. This is when Zoho Connect comes in. Instead of wasting time with phone calls or drawn out emails or even busy meetings, your team members can use this instant message tool to quickly reach out without a major disruption. They can even send files, links, or invite people to meetings here, saving time, email clutter, and energy. Convert those hallway moments into quick messages – don’t forget the emojis!

Zoho Crm Solutions For A Remote Working Place | Boosted Crm
  • Zoho WorkDrive

We know that hard copies are pretty much a thing of the past now, and working digitally has proven to save time and energy. We also know that email document delivery is also on its way out, thanks to the cloud as a business solution. With Zoho WorkDrive, teams can work on documents in real-time on the cloud, replacing the need for versioning documents via email and waiting on others for their input or feedback. Share ideas and outlines in Zoho Writer, introduce data and planning documents with Zoho Sheets, and collaborate on presentations in Zoho Show. By working together on these materials within the cloud, your team members will be able to continue their project momentum without the need of waiting on others for approval. You’ll also be able to easily grant access to those you want and restrict from outside parties to maintain privacy and security measures.

  • Zoho Workplace

If you want to take it one step further, Zoho Workplace combines the Zoho WorkDrive product into other features to enhance the consistency and collaboration. In addition to Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Workplace includes other applications that will maintain that organization consistency while still allowing your teams to be more collaborative than ever. With a cohesive email and calendar platform, your internal and external communication is easy and seamless, with simple integration of adding meetings, providing links to important materials, and using a consistent alias. With virtual meetings now an accessible option, you’ll also be able to include the destination for these meetings into your invites and email threads for easy communication and optimum collaboration. Your teams will appreciate this simplistic model, and it’ll be as simple as ever to work together remotely.

  • Zoho Meeting

While conference calls and meeting rooms may be practices that are on hold for right now, virtual meetings have fantastic benefits in today’s time. Just like the rest of the applications in Zoho Workplace, Zoho Meeting allows team members to share documents, communicate directly via chat, screenshare, and even host webinars for larger groups. While this certainly could never replace the value of in-person interaction, Zoho Meeting still allows and encourages communication and conversation – and it lets you see the faces of your teammates that you may likely miss!

Zoho Crm Solutions For A Remote Working Place
  • Zoho Remotely

Ultimately, this is the mother of all remote work applications within the Zoho CRM suite of applications. Zoho Remotely includes all of the apps above and more, allowing your teams to continue their work with as little disruption as possible. There will always be some adjustment time getting used to a new dynamic, but this suite allows your departments to collaborate, communicate, and innovate just as they were before – just differently. This product certainly takes advantage of the ways that technology has advanced over time, so it’s a huge benefit to bring this into your business to not only ensure that your teams are well-versed on current technology strategies, but to ensure that your business is innovative and competitive – and ultimately, your customers and clients will appreciate that you’re doing your part to stay within the times as well.

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