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Zoho CRM Partner: Does It Make a Difference?

You and your company are striving for growth and professional development, and of course you want to make sure that every team member that’s involved with this is trusted, experienced, and reliable. As every employee has a different background and a different work ethic, it can often be trying to find a proper rhythm and synchronization. And then when you do find it, you’ll have to also learn how to constantly be refining and retuning that rhythm.

Zoho CRM is designed to help your business streamline its processes, making all the required tasks and responsibilities easier, faster, and more efficient. Since the program coordinates all the teams, the software also eliminates the possibility of human error or mistake. You can say goodbye to missed deadlines or projects that have fallen through the cracks. As a result of that, you won’t have to then worry about the formal discipline or consequences of those human mistakes.

Any business, no matter the industry, relies on trusted partnerships with other companies. Having those external relationships can either bring in revenue, generate awareness, provide insight, or even take your company to places it hadn’t imagined before. These are relationships that you need to cultivate, massage, nourish, and encourage for your own business’s needs.

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Zoho recognizes the importance of these relationships by establishing the opportunity to provide these distinguished partners the chance to become a certified Zoho CRM consultant. While it can be intimidating to offer this title to external parties, Zoho ensures that the vetting process is thorough and specific.

Required Credentials

In addition to basic contact information, Zoho requires a few more details before the process begins.

  • Current company information and title: This information will help the Zoho team get a full understanding of the professional background and expertise beyond the Zoho CRM exposure. This will help in designating specific industry knowledge and experience for companies looking for a Zoho CRM consultant.
  • Zoho CRM experience: Of course, this is a bit self-explanatory, but having your candidate expand on their specific areas of expertise will help the team better grasp the full range of capabilities and areas of skill.
  • Reference Testimonials: In today’s world of Yelp and social media, it’s incredibly easy to spread the word about service satisfaction. That’s why this is incredibly important when it comes to finding the perfect fit. These testimonials will provide insight into how this individual is on a social and communicative level. Of course the main job of the consultant is to provide Zoho CRM services, but another major part of the responsibility is to efficiently and properly interact will with everyone that would be communicating with the consultant.
  • Social Media presence: Again, in today’s world, social media is king, and we ALL need to be aware of how we’re behaving online. While some of these accounts may be personal and private, it’s still crucial to maintain and air of professionalism on these outlets. Consider that this person will be responsible for enhancing an entire business model, so that business will want to trust that their consultant is reliable, professional, and appropriate.
  • Minimum criteria: As with any job, there are basic requirements that are absolutely required before hire. For this designation, the candidate must have had three previous paid consulting customers with purchased Zoho CRM licenses; this will provide the team confidence that the experience is established and practiced.
  • Additional Zoho CRM offerings: With the internet providing so many additional ways to obtain information and content, it can be a cluttered space to find all the available avenues for help and guidance. So, Zoho wants to find out if the CRM candidate offers Zoho CRM training classes for free and/or offers other integration support with additional apps (think Google Suite). Having this information can gain an idea of how in demand this potential consultant’s services are needed.

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So Is It Worth It?

Trusting your business’s operations with a stranger can be incredibly scary and unnerving, especially in today’s world, where we’re all so connected to one another via social media and our devices. This gives us so many options and availabilities, but the downside to this is that it’s hard to navigate all the clutter and choices.

Since Zoho’s consultant selection process is incredibly detailed, you and your company can rest assured that their Zoho CRM Certified Consultant network is reliable, professional, and come highly recommended and regarded. Their wide ranges of expertise and foci mean that you can easily find an expert that can cater and fulfill your specific needs for your growing business. Additionally, since these consultants work professionally in their own lives for their own specific companies, that means these individuals can be trusted to handle their own business in addition to helping yours.

The Bottom Line

The digital shift over the past couple of decades have changed the entire business model, and many companies have thrived in this change while many, many others have folded as a result of not being able to keep up. While this is a natural life cycle for business overall, that doesn’t mean that your company has to be a victim of this change.

Having a specific Zoho CRM Certified Consultant on your side as you grow your business means that you’ll have a stable and reliable go-to source for help, guidance, and assistance as your onboarding, integration, and implementation take place amidst your personnel. Change can sometimes be a bit painful, and your consultant will understand this transition difficulty, so he or she will cater your blueprint to consider this. Ultimately, your consultant wants your business to succeed, so of course, they will do anything and everything in their power to show you how to do so.

Your customized Zoho CRM will help your company stay in the 21st century so that your competitors, your consumers, and your partners will appreciate your business’s effort to maintain relevancy and awareness. And you can then thank your consultant for that!

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