Zoho CRM Integration with ShipperHQ

When it comes to current expectations around the digital shopping experience, there are many factors to consider to ensure that the consumer journey is fast, seamless, and personal. The mindset around shopping has changed drastically over the past several decades. The in-person shopping experience could be fun, social, and active. People would spend hours a day shopping, considering it an activity and a way to kill time. While that’s still somewhat the case in some situations, the shopping experience has endured a transformation, thanks to our digital connectivity and the ability to receive brands’ messages wherever we are. 

While our technology allows us to connect more efficiently, it also means that the stakes are raised when it comes to juggling all of our responsibilities. With productivity apps and communication capabilities that allow us to work wherever we are, the consumer experience has changed as well.

No matter the industry in which your business is in, it’s likely that you have some sort of digital exchange to for your customers. If your business sells a product or a service, you more than likely have a financial platform that allows your customers and your backend to communicate and transfer information quickly and securely. If your business functions by selling a physical product, you also have some sort of shipping process in place when it comes to delivery and managing expectations. As your business grows and digital capabilities advance, you need to ensure that the service you use can keep up with demand as well as customer expectation. Since online purchasing has become the primary mode of consumption for those on the go, the new consumer expectation is fast and quite immediate. To keep your customer’s satisfied and maintain your business’s success rate, you need to ensure that your shipping service delivers successfully – in more ways than one.

Zoho CRM Integration with ShipperHQ

Introducing Zoho CRM with ShipperHQ

Your customized Zoho CRM helps your internal teams stay connected when it comes to processes and communication. It allows updates to be made automatically, which saves time and energy, while simultaneously lowering the odds of human error or duplication. This kind of real-time automation allows your teams to focus on using the data and insights that our digital world provides to better market, sell, and grow.

Using a shipping tool like ShipperHQ means that you and your backend teams won’t have to worry about following up on processes in place to ensure the proper implementation of activation when an order is placed. Because ShipperHQ can be integrated in your Zoho CRM, this also means that your ShipperHQ application will talk to all of your other tools that help run and grow your business. This means that when an update is made in one of the applications, the messaging will be sent to the rest, removing the need to manually update steps or communicate changes to individuals. This not only makes your internal teams free to work on more pressing duties, but it also guarantees that your customers will receive factual and real-time updates about their order.

In today’s world, your business has lots of options now when it comes to selecting a shipping service for your company. Here are just a few reasons why ShipperHQ is the leader in the space.

  • Work with multiple carriers

Given the huge boost in online shopping due to our advanced technologies, there are way more options as well when it comes to how your business can be supported with shipping partners. Depending on where you are in the country or the products that you sell, you might prefer to use a handful of carriers over others, which is great to know when looking into ShipperHQ.

  • Your choice of ecommerce platform

It’s a no-brainer that your shipping solution must be able to work with your ecommerce provider. Since the two will work hand-in-hand, your teams will need to receive immediate notification of a sale so that financial information can be processed, and shipping information can be activated. Both teams will need to work together to satisfy both of these requirements, and with the help of your customized Zoho CRM, your ShipperHQ will be able to communicate with your preferred ecommerce platform.

  • Extended options

The customer is king in today’s digital world. Your business’s online experience must match the standards of the marketplace – if they don’t, they’ll simply go elsewhere because of the demanding and competitive space. You absolutely must be able to provide all of the preferred options, like allowing them to choose their mode of delivery, providing tracking information and updates, split shipping options, and so on. ShipperHQ pays attention to what the rest of the market is offering to not only provide the same white glove service but to also ensure that your consumer experience is the best. All of these functions will be able to work with your customized Zoho CRM so that again, all of your teams will be properly notified and activated to deliver.

  • Flexible pricing

Your needs here will be completely dependent on the size of your company, your business growth plans, and even the items you’ll be selling. With a customized pricing structure, your company will be able to best decide on a pricing model that will ensure high success rates without breaking the bank or ruining your profit margin. As you grow, you’ll be able to adjust your package to fit your company’s needs.

One of the benefits and simultaneous demands of the ecommerce marketplace is that there are tons of players in the space, and they continue to grow. Your company’s needs will likely shift as time goes on, and using ShipperHQ with your Zoho CRM will help you adjust to those changes as they take place. More than anything though, this integration will ensure that your customer will be satisfied with your product and their experience with your brand, but your internal teams will appreciate the automated and top-of-the line technology to help them perform their jobs more effectively and intuitively.

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