Zoho CRM Integration with MailChimp

The internet has completely shifted the way in which we do almost everything. We consume our news while on the go, we can grocery shop without ever leaving our home, and we can pay our bills without ever using a stamp. So much has changed just in the past couple of years that traditional business models have had to restructure and re-strategize to keep up with these changes.

For the retail industry, sending out coupons in the mail or relying on road signs in front of their brick and mortar locations are no longer sustainable ways of marketing. Since the internet has removed geography, in a sense, retailers have had to reconsider how to build brand awareness while making themselves stand out from their competitors and even the rest of the ecommerce community. Now, retailers have to find their leads and find a way to convert them to customers.

Because the digital shift has forced us as consumers to also rethink how we react to these new marketing strategies, we’ve adapted to the practice of allowing the messaging to come to us. We sign up for emails and programs with the knowledge that we’ll receive offers periodically, and we customize our social feeds so that we can interact with the brands that we want to interact with. As our insights technology grows stronger with time, the search behavior algorithm can also offer suggestions for you based on the accounts you already subscribe to or interact with. While this can often feel creepy or even annoying, it’s still a powerful tool to drive traffic, build awareness, generate engagement, and even convert leads to customers.

Zoho CRM Integration with MailChimp

Introducing MailChimp for Your Business

Since you need to build your awareness and educate your audience on your brand, you’ll need to consider marketing options that are effective and also genuine. Your site can offer the option to sign up for a newsletter so interested individuals can find out more information about your brand and your products, updates on new features, and even special offers. As your business grows and consumers spend more money on your products, your subscriber count will also increase. Digital sharing and social media have helped build brands from the ground up in today’s new world, so it’s important to consider the strength in community and networking.

With these email efforts, there are so many insights that your company can learn from. Once your leads convert to customers, you’ll better be able to then track how they got to you. Email tracking to your site will help you determine which email strategies work for your brand and which, if any, fall flat. Additionally, you’ll also learn more about your customer base in terms of who they are as people.

Integrating MailChimp with Your Zoho CRM

All of these benefits are only enhanced with the integration with your customized Zoho CRM. This productivity platform is designed to help a business’s teams collaborate more efficiently and effectively. The introduction of automation has helped save hundreds of companies’ time, energy, and even money by automating processes while simultaneously reducing error, overlap, and duplication. Since the Zoho CRM is essentially the nucleus of a company, the ability to synchronize efforts between both MailChimp and Zoho CRM means that these insights will only enhance the overall go to market strategy of your company.

When a change or communication is made within the MailChimp tool, it will be reflected accordingly on the Zoho CRM platform, alerting the proper teams and team members of the information that will help move all processes along. Once the integration is complete and you’re ready to analyze the information, you’ll be able to benefit from tremendous insights that will help you learn and even plan for future marketing programs.

  • Subscriber information

How individuals subscribe and unsubscribe to their emails is a huge tell when it comes to what kind of information they’re seeking. When they sign up, they might be responding to what catches their eye on your site. If they unsubscribe, they’ll have a reason for doing so. All of this data can be tracked to identify certain trends or behaviors. If MailChimp notices a large number of opt-ins during a certain time of year, this might provide you some insight as to how your brand trends seasonally. If MailChimp recognizes that the unsubscribe number is larger than usual after a specific deployment, it might be helpful to understand how the information in the email may not have resonated well with your list. All of this information can then be linked to your marketing team via your Zoho CRM so they can easily measure the success of certain campaigns.

  • Campaign status management

All of the data collected from these subscriber lists can be implemented in reports for your teams to understand. This campaign tracking system can also help you understand the behavior of those that read the email and clicked out onto your site. All actions taken inside the email can help form these analytics and insights, all of which will inform your teams of what’s working and what isn’t. Again, this information is synced back to your marketing team so they can understand the value of every campaign.

  • Data and insights analyzation

Everything we do within any business is a learning opportunity, and the more experience we have via trial and error, the more informed and educated we are. MailChimp provides an easy-to-use dashboard that will help your team understand the ongoing performance metrics and data behind every email and campaign. When your marketing team is brainstorming future programs, they can use this information to thoughtfully create better and more strategic plans for the future. Since timing is also everything when it comes to these kinds of marketing campaigns, linking MailChimp with your productivity apps will also keep all parties on time without a hitch. The best way to find and keep your ideal and target audience (while also growing your base!) is to simply find them where they are, and MailChimp is the perfect platform to do that.

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