Zoho CRM Integration with LightSpeed

Gone are the days of keeping track of data and customer information on physical ledgers or handwritten documentation. We’re also moving away from software that has capacity or collaboration limits since our constant connectivity means we’re able to interact with and obtain way more data and information than ever before.

With this increase in information also comes an increase in competition. The digital age has allowed the traditional model of business to move towards a digital capability of reaching consumers in ways that couldn’t be done before – your target consumer is now being inundated with brand messaging overload. Their decisions are more complex, and because of this, your brand’s message needs to be articulate, competitive, and unique so that you can reach them in a refined and simplistic way.

When your target consumer interacts with your brand, your business has the ongoing requirement to continue to nourish that relationship and communicate that their business is important and crucial. It can be hard doing this, again, due to that overload of brand messaging that they’re getting on an ongoing basis.

The requirements of a successful business haven never been higher than now. Getting them into your physical location and having them return requires new ways of marketing and targeting, and as the digital landscape continues to change over time, it is up to you to make sure that you’re staying on top of these trends so you can continue relaying your own brand’s messaging while retaining your audience loyalty.

Depending on your industry or what your business provides to your consumers, you need a system in place that will deliver upon your needs. Lightspeed will help you deliver on your basic day-to-day goals and needs while still satisfying the expectations of your customers. Exchange for goods and services will always be in high demand, so matching that market need is a necessity for most businesses that deliver this. Additionally, the data and services that Lightspeed provides to your business can be integrated in your customized Zoho CRM so that your internal teams will be able to use this data for regular operations without the worry of duplicating efforts or missing information.

Zoho Crm Integration With Lightspeed | Boosted Crm
  • Point of sale capabilities

Overall, the in-person consumer experience continues to thrive. While the digital world and ecommerce has changed this dynamic and altered the ways in which people shop, there is still a long-standing model of the physical experience of shopping and dining. As consumers visit your location for the in-person shopping or dining experience, it’s crucial to have an electronic system in place that can monitor and track inventory in real-time so that reporting is easy, intuitive, and accurate. You’ll be able to identify trends and gaps, and you’ll be able to recognize areas that may need improvement or attention. This data can also be communicated with your Zoho CRM so that your finance, inventory, and production teams can all be in the real-time know of what’s happening. This communication means that data won’t be duplicated or overlapped, and it also eliminates any kind of manual entry so that your teams can save valuable time and effort.

  • Loyalty programs

Again, your customers are bombarded with more options than ever before when it comes to where they take their business. With all of these options, there is very little room for error or lack of incentive. When they’re overwhelmed with options, they’ll need a dominant reason to return to your business, and this is why it’s crucial to establish a beneficial loyalty program, designed to promote appreciation. This system, however you create it, can be designed within Lightspeed so that it’s convenient for both you and your customer base. This structure will heighten your chances of repeat business. Additionally, once your customer shares their basic data and information points with your business, this can be communicated back to your Zoho CRM so that you can retain your lead generation and identify trends, other marketing options, and success rates for the future.

Zoho Crm Integration With Lightspeed
  • Merchant services

Financial information should always be a level of concern for your business as you’re working directly with your customers. Handling and managing their financial information is a serious matter that shouldn’t be handled lightly. With data traveling at light speed through the web these days, there’s no such thing as being too safe with this information. Lightspeed has the capability of designing a system that will manage all of your transactions in one place in a safe and trusted way. Not only will this make your day-to-day operations easier and seamless, but you can also rest assured that the appropriate data will remain safe and secure. Your teams will also be able to use this information, as it is communicated directly with your Zoho CRM.

  • ecommerce platform

Even if you don’t have a physical location for your business, you can still take advantage of Lightspeed services. If you’re looking to manage all elements of your digital store or site with one universal program, Lightspeed can customize the experience for you. From there, any and all customer communication will be integrated within your Zoho CRM teams so that your finance, production, and marketing teams will be in-the-know of business development and success. This kind of data and all-around awareness of business operations will streamline processes across the board for your company, while also keeping your data secure as well as your customers’.

More than anything and ever before, generating and nourishing the relationship that you have with your customers is incredibly crucial. To ensure that your company’s message rises to the top above your competitors’, you need processes and software platforms in place that will support this messaging and also improve the overall customer experience. With Lightspeed working in tandem with your Zoho CRM, you can ensure that your business operations are working to satisfy your customers in the most personal way possible. Save time and energy for your internal teams while simultaneously refining your customer experience either in person or on the web.

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