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Exchanging goods or services for financial gain is a timeless act in the world of business, and it’s been an ever-evolving process since the beginning. As our technology continues to evolve, the way that you utilize your finances must match that change. Personal checks are almost a practice of the past, and cash has fallen behind in the leader scales for payment methods. Credit and bank cards have been leading the pack for years, and coming up close behind are contactless payment systems – these are the ways in which users can transfer funds directly to one another without involving a bank. Because these methods are faster and close to immediate, consumers are leaning towards these methods in a powerful way. 

In consideration of how your business handles financial exchange, it’s imperative to identify if you’re meeting market standards and expectations. No matter your business or industry, it’s necessary to have proper options in place to satisfy your customer’s needs and preferences. This can feel slightly overwhelming, as there are quite the plethora of avenues to explore, and it’s also likely that safety and security in today’s digital world is just as paramount of a concern.

Running your business requires incredible attention and devotion, and if you’re concerned about how to handle the growing needs and expectations of consumers as it relates to how they prefer to pay, looking into is a viable solution for your business. They’ll not only help you determine which processes will work for your particular business and industry, but the suite of options that they provide beyond that will help you feel confident in the growth of your business as well as the safety and security of your customers.

Zoho CRM Integration with

A huge advantage is that can be integrated within your customized Zoho CRM so that any data that is saved in one platform will be communicated accordingly with the other one. Not only will this save tremendous time and energy for your teams internally, but you won’t have to worry about data duplication or missed information. Even with all of these things considered, here are just a few of the advantages that you can utilize for your business and in conjunction with your Zoho CRM.

  • Advanced fraud detection

In today’s day and age, you can never be too careful when it comes to transferring funds digitally. We’ve all heard the horror stories of fraud, and it’s important to always be concerned about the safety and security of your financial information as well as your customers’. has set up specific settings to automatically detect possible fraud. Not only will this protect your business and its standing in your competitive space, but this will also protect your customers and their information. Having this established will also deter additional work from your teams – these updates will be communicated to your Zoho CRM so that no orders are processed, your financial team won’t process the charge, and your analytics team will know to not include that transaction in final reporting.

  • Customer information manager

This has become a standard operating procedure, and it’s highly encouraged that your business take advantage of this simple implementation. Repeat customers is every company’s goal, so when they come back to your site, you want to make sure that their experience is pleasant and also personal. With this simple tool, returning customers can pay easily and seamlessly without having to re-enter all of their information again. They’ll remember this experience and will return with the knowledge that their engagement with your brand was positive and easy. Because this information is also stored in your Zoho CRM, your teams will be able to track and monitor the behavior of repeat customers to better understand their needs and expectations.

Zoho CRM Integration with
  • Payment types

As a consumer, you’re likely already familiar with the wide range of options when it comes to payment solutions. As the digital experience removes the need for cash or personal checks, there have been other entrants that make it even easier for the consumer. With that, you want to make sure that you’re following and meeting market standards by offering various options for payment. While some prefer not to use their credit cards or personal banking cards online, you might want to consider looking into options like PayPal or Apple Pay to satisfy those that are operating this way. Again, this data will be translated back to your Zoho CRM so your essential teams can monitor which platforms and methods are being used the most so you can continue to make strategic decisions as the financial market continues to evolve.

  • Recurring payments

Depending on your business, you might feel that offering a recurring payment option will improve the user experience. If this is the case, can help your business establish this. Not only will your customer appreciate not having to worry about meeting deadlines or facing late charges, but you can rest assured that you’ll receive your payments in a timely manner. Both parties win, and your financial team will be notified every time an automatic payment is made through your Zoho CRM.

  • Account updater

We’re all so used to the digital shopping and billing experience now that updating your financial information can be a pain. With, they’ll help your customers do this easily and seamlessly, and these updates will also be communicated directly with your Zoho CRM so that your appropriate teams will be notified simultaneously.

  • Invoicing and simple checkout

For those that need to fill out invoices for services rendered or if you’re looking for a streamlined digital shopping experience, all of these features can be added in with All in all, the user experience will be easy and intuitive, and your business will appreciate the streamlined process internally. Every transaction will be noted back to your Zoho CRM so that updated information will be automatically included in the system, and your implementation teams will be notified accordingly to take action without the risk of duplication or missed steps.

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