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Zoho CRM and WordPress: Reach New Audiences

In 2018, a company simply cannot survive without its own website and personal destination for information about the company, initiatives and missions, and of course, if you’re selling a product, a place for purchase. This might seem obvious and may not require a ton of explanation, but with all of the available options on the market when it comes to creating an online presence, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start.

Regardless of the age of your business, it’s always a good idea to consider methods of refreshing your look, taking advantage of multiple portals, and exploring other avenues, especially when you look into the marketplace to learn trending behavior. If you’re thinking of a site refresh or implementing a blog feature within your domain, WordPress is a fantastic place to start.

WordPress is a content management system with quite a few utilities depending on your company’s needs and goals. While the destination is known mainly for its blogging uses, it can also support mailing lists, forums, media galleries, and online stores, all of which are helpful to consider when enhancing and further developing your business. Having this available destination to hold your business’s “home” means that you can have control over how your company is perceived and how you conduct your business with your consumers.

Zoho CRM and WordPress Reach New Audiences

How WordPress Can Help Grow Your Business with a Zoho CRM Integration

No matter how you choose to use WordPress and its capabilities, the biggest advantage is its ability to integrate with your customized Zoho CRM. Since this management tool is already saving you precious time and energy with specific automations and notification establishments, you can then reformat that saved time into putting more effort into generating a higher and greater external brand awareness. This is precisely where WordPress comes in.

Because our technology and devices are designed to keep us all connected at every given moment, it’s incredibly important to have a strong digital presence to keep your company and brand relevant and top-of-mind for your target audience. It can be very easy to get lost amidst all the other digital clutter and saturation, so working on your digital marketing strategy is essential. Once that’s established, WordPress will help deliver these goals, and your Zoho CRM processes will be integrated with every step and action.

WordPress offers all kinds of plans for every budget, so it’s a good idea to establish and identify your goals while also deciding how much of a financial bank you have to work with. What really helps is that WordPress allows you to start for free to get a feel for the platform, and then when you’re ready, you can upgrade to an advanced customization, catered to your specific needs and ultimate goals. For small businesses or companies just starting out, this can be an incredible way to discern whether the program could be a good fit.

Blogging is the most associated tool within WordPress, and many companies are deciding to implement this communication tool within their website to help bring a natural and human element into their website. Because our society has gotten so used to digital advancement and technology, we’re finding that the general public is craving a human voice, real opinions. These blogs can help discuss advantages of a company’s product, introduce how it’s brought improvement into their lives, or it could even just be a sounding board for the marketplace.

From a business and revenue perspective, however, one of the other main reasons companies are going down the blog road is because it’s an easy way to gain traffic through SEO. Since most of site traffic comes from search, it’s important to incorporate the keywords that you want your consumers to be associating with you. From there, you can have your blog writer include those keywords so you can bring consumers to your company’s website, increasing your brand’s awareness and possible drive sales.

You can have your marketing and production teams work on this through your Zoho CRM so that posts aren’t late or missed, someone is alerted to monitor Google Analytics and to keep an eye on search trends, and of course, to track the traffic on the site from search. All of these things can be done with WordPress. Uploading and embedding is another surefire way to gain additional impressions since so much of our attention span has now turned to short video.

If your company has been working on growing your business, have your performance team check out the features available from WordPress regarding growth optimization. Not only will WordPress help you enhance and develop your marketing strategy, but it can also help you track your efforts with site statistics, basic SEO, and social media sharing. You can align your Zoho CRM processes with these features so that the team working on this add-on can also check out these reports and figure out where to improve and how.

Of course, with any business, having mobile opportunities in addition to desktop help guarantee a loyal consumer base, as millennials continue to hold a large amount of control over how and where content is consumed. So it only makes sense that WordPress recognizes this and delivers on mobile optimizations.

Bottom Line

WordPress powers more than 30% of the web, meaning thousands of individuals and companies alike trust WordPress to help them power their brand and help them grow their online presence. With tons of customer support options available from both Zoho and WordPress, any integration questions or concerns that your company has can easily be addressed. As with any kind of integration, change can bring about confusion and often trepidation, but looking at the success rate of so many other brands using WordPress, it only makes sense to give it a shot. In today’s digital marketplace, a company can’t be too cautious when it comes to marketing its brand, and expanding your business’s platform to WordPress will only deliver better results.

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