Zoho CRM – A Step Ahead of Salesforce

Our digital innovation over the years has made business models change and adapt to all these new technologies, products, features, and capabilities. If your business is just starting out or is new in the market, you might be trying to figure out what you need to help bring your business to the next level with all of these innovations. It might seem like as soon as you’ve integrated all the updates, there’s something newer and even shinier.

This is where you might be shopping around for a customized CRM solution for your business. Not only does this bring productivity at its highest levels for your teams, but it delivers top-notch products and services to your clients and customers. These CRM products integrate the newest technologies into these software platforms so that your business can benefit from them, all without missing a beat or an update on your own end.

This digital innovation means that there’s also a ton of CRM options from which your business can choose. While it might seem overwhelming to find one that makes the best sense for your company, we’ve looked at two leading brands in the market right now and have highlighted how one outperforms the other, especially for companies that are looking to grow and expand. Salesforce is a leading household brand in the industry, but Zoho CRM is a platform that is proving that it’s a heavyweight that caters to the needs of businesses that want to improve and grow. Not only is Zoho dedicated to the satisfaction and growth of your company, but it does it while respecting what financially makes the most sense for your business. Find out more about how Zoho CRM outperforms Salesforce and why.

  • Competitive pricing for a growing company

Whether you’re a small company just getting started or a business that’s established and needs the support, overall Zoho CRM has your best interest when it comes to cost. Not only does the platform provide a 20% discount if you opt-in for yearly billing, but you can also try out a 15-day free trial so that you can determine if Zoho CRM is right for your business before making a decision. From there, Zoho CRM also offers the ability to shift and adjust your plans as you grow, which also provides breathing room if you need to add more users or increase functionality. While all of these details are completely flexible depending on your business needs and size, Zoho CRM is your best choice if you’re looking for something affordable and also flexible as your company size grows over time. As your company evolves, so can your customized Zoho CRM

Zoho Crm – A Step Ahead Of Salesforce

When living in a time when technology is a part of our daily lives, we want to make sure that it simplifies our processes – not complicates them. As we introduce more technologies and adapt to ongoing innovations, your business wants a CRM model that is easy to use for every department involved, especially when it’s a new technology. Zoho CRM is repeatedly praised for its ease of use for new users – this means that you won’t have to carve out a considerable amount of time for onboarding and adjustment, and you can rest easy that there will be minimal disruption to the existing operations. This is especially true if your company does not have a dedicated IT team, so your departments can swiftly adjust and start benefitting from the strengths of Zoho CRM.

  • Integrations that improve your business operations

Both Zoho CRM and Salesforce provide a suite of third-party integrations available, but Zoho CRM offers the products that most businesses use and need that match the price offered. Salesforce offers more products overall, but many are restricted to the highest priced package, which not every business will opt-in for, so for your business that is looking for straightforward solutions that most businesses already use, Zoho CRM has the solutions that are not only the most cost-effective but also relevant to the rest of the industry.

  • Customer service no matter where you are

Adjusting to a new platform can be daunting, especially if your business doesn’t have a designated IT department or in-house expert. As mentioned above, Zoho overall is constantly recognized as having an incredible customer support system available for all users. There are a wide range of options available for users to take advantage of if they need an immediate solution or if there’s a larger issue at hand. One of the biggest advantages to highlight is that it offers a live person available at any hour of the day – Zoho has customers all over the globe, so it only makes sense that their customer service department is skilled, well-versed, and available for all of your queries.

Zoho Crm – A Step Ahead Of Salesforce

Salesforce is a leader in the CRM industry, as it’s well-known and widely used. If your business is just starting out or if you’re looking for a CRM solution that is cost efficient and provides products that provide growth and innovation, however, Zoho CRM is your best bet. Not only does it provide flexible and competitive pricing to match your current business needs as well as your growth trajectory, but it offers products and solutions that will help you achieve those goals quickly and effectively. Your teams will adjust intuitively to your Zoho CRM, and as they continue to adapt to all of its features and capabilities, they’ll also be able to discern what else they need to enhance their skills and the business overall. As your business grows and innovates, so will your Zoho CRM. Your pricing will match what you need, and your teams will appreciate the constant evolution of the platform. More than anything, the end result will be client and customer satisfaction, as they’ll appreciate a faster and more efficient turnaround and better quality overall. Your business will remain competitive and become a leader in your market, thanks to what Zoho CRM can provide your teams.

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