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Maintaining Contact Data Safe and Organized with Zoho Contact Manager

Zoho Contact Manager

It might feel like we’re light years away from the days of using a Roledex to help us keep all of our contacts’ information in one place. We’re also talking about the days of using a landline as the primary tool of communication, and as we move further into the 21st century, it’s odd to think that these tools were used only just decades ago. As we continue to progress, it’s likely that your company has a system in place to keep all of this information in one place for everyone across the company to access. The benefit of living in this digital time is that updating this information is quick and easy – there’s no longer a need to update with white-out or ensuring that everyone in the office has an updated card. This is a huge advantage, as it saves tremendous time and tedious effort. 

While this does present a huge benefit to our time in the digital world, it’s also just as possible that your company’s teams are using different tools or systems to keep this information. Your sales team likely has an expansive list of contacts that they keep updated regularly, but your HR team might be using a different platform or resource, and your financial team might have an entirely different resource as well. Keeping that in mind, it’s also likely that updates aren’t made across the company, as each department probably doesn’t need every update to each contact. This is how Zoho Contact Manager comes into play. 

It might be easy to think of a digital solution for simply keeping contact information updated in one place, but since each team likely uses a different set of contacts depending on what they need and who they talk to, it’s just as likely that those systems aren’t in sync. Not only will Zoho Contact Manager keep all of this information and updates in one place, but it will then be accessible to everyone that needs to use it. Here are just a few benefits in more detail of using Zoho Contact Manager for your business. 

  • Align your teams with contact information and synced details

One of the coolest aspects of conducting business in our digital age is the ability to track and monitor activity in real time. In addition to storing important contact information and details in one solitary place, your teams can also update contact information on where certain contacts are in deals or processes. Whether they are internal details or external partnerships, this data can help all of the teams working together to learn or understand if something is outstanding from that individual. This will activate specific teams to take action so that deals won’t fall through or miss required steps. This will not only ensure that the relationships that you worked so hard to build stay positive but also so those relationships continue for future business. 

  • Take valuable information from email and social media

To keep growing your business, your teams must do what they can to generate new business. By doing this, you need to monitor any kind of activity that could be considered a lead. Another benefit of living in this digital-first world is that we have so many outlets that we can use to reach new users, like email and social media. If a user visits your site and signs up for marketing emails, that contact information can be stored in your Zoho Contact Manager for future outreach. If a user engages with your brand via social media, and you’re able to obtain their contact information from one of those platforms, that data can also be shared in your Zoho Contact Manager. You’ll be able to use this lead information for future messaging, campaigns, or promotions to help generate new business or educate them on something new. 

  • Customize what makes the most sense for your company with templates

What makes sense for one industry may not align with the needs of a different one, which is why Zoho Contact Manager has allowed for complete customization of the product so that you can decide what makes the most sense for your business goals and what you’d need the product for. As your trajectory shifts and grows, you can continue to adapt this presentation to fit those needs, and as your contact list grows over time, those customization elements will become more and more crucial. 

  • Search capability to help you move with speed

Speaking of growth – as your company grows in size, in revenue, and in general brand awareness, you’ll need a contact resource that can adapt to those growth rates. Zoho Contact Manager has search functionality so that you can quickly and easily find what you need in an instant. This is especially important to have, since as consumers, we’re very search-minded, and with the ability to have information delivered to us instantaneously at our literal fingertips, your company’s capabilities must be able to move this quickly as well. So this capability will not only match the consumer expectations that we’re all used to, but it will allow your teams to move as quickly as they can to match market and client expectations. 

  • Integrate with all of your other platforms for optimum efficiency

It makes sense that Zoho Contact Manager can work seamlessly with all of the other platforms that you’ve integrated with the rest of your Zoho family. This means that you can sync your email provider, social media platforms, and any other contact information holder together into this product so that new information can be added, and updates can be made seamlessly and easily without any crossover between teams. This keeps all teams informed without needed to rely on anyone else to update. With the ability to operate on all devices, this also means that your teams can operate and access contact information when they’re in between meetings or if they simply need to refresh the details on who they’re meeting with that day. 

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