Zoho Connect: How Your Teams Can Collaborate Faster Than Ever

Zoho Connect

Every team within your organization is designed to operate within their set parameters and complete their projects at hand. Every one of those teams must also collaborate with other teams often to complete a project or satisfy a greater need for the company. As we continue to work deeper in our digital-forward world, this can often be difficult to maintain, especially as we operate faster than we ever have before. Each team likely uses different systems and platforms to finish their designated parts of the project, which might make it difficult to collaborate and communicate. As we keep innovating and progressing into the 21st century, there continue to be solutions to this ongoing developing technology. 

Zoho Connect is a software platform that brings your teams together digitally with real-time connection and communication. In a time when practically all of our collaboration is done via email or other immediate communication, this tool is a solution that will deliver real-time results for even quicker internal project completion without introducing an entirely new system or process for teams to learn or adapt to. Here are just a few benefits of using Zoho Connect for your business operations. 

  • Collaborate with less barriers or formality

With a Groups functionality, your team members can select individuals to form custom groups dependent on the project parameters. Without the lag or formality of email, collaboration and completion is much more practical by using this feature within Zoho Connect. Once that team is selected and decided upon, it’ll be easier to collaborate with that same group again for future projects. 

  • Communication in real time

With features that we’re already used to using in our own personal lives as consumers, Zoho Connect uses capabilities like live feeds so your teams can stay up-to-date and familiar with projects, share ideas with one another, and collaborate on projects to streamline completion. With this casual approach to project management, your team members will likely be more willing to approach the project if the communication is friendly and teammate-like as opposed the formality that email communication delivers.

  • Consolidate project features into one place

No matter the project that’s taking place cross-team, it’s likely that there’s some sort of shared documentation that’s required that will ultimately bring the project to completion. Within Zoho Connect, your project stakeholders will be able to access everything they will require in one place so that access is easy and quick, which will help deliver the project on time and successfully. 

  • Chat in real time

One of the benefits of living and working in this digital-forward time is the ability to connect with others in real time without disrupting your workflow. While phone calls and emails are effective communication tools, it’s hard to tend to updates in that form if you’re in the middle of a meeting or trying to arrive at an immediate answer. Zoho Connect can help you get a quick answer without disrupting your productivity or delaying timing on other projects. 

Zoho Connect | Boosted Crm

  • Automation saves valuable time and energy

On a regular basis, we generally spend a significant amount of time performing tedious duties or investing energy and attention to tasks that may not require a lot of brain work. Luckily, Zoho Connect has automation workflows that can be established so that your team members aren’t spending that valuable time and energy on those tasks and can instead use their found time on innovation and collaboration for new ideas. With forms and workflows that are customizable to fit your teams’ needs, they’ll have the resources in place to get the job done quickly and effectively.

  • Assigning tasks and tracking steps

Working with multiple stakeholders on a project can often feel overwhelming, as managing each person’s contributions can be a job in of itself. With Zoho Connect, you’ll be able to assign certain steps in the processes to designated team members so they know when they’re activated and what they need to do. This will eliminate pesky follow-up emails or a less than positive working environment between teams. 

  • Mobile friendly for those on-the-go when inspiration strikes

Just like so much of our regular world, having the ability to connect with one another via our mobile devices have changed the way that we communicate and relate with one another. Because Zoho Connect is also fully available on mobile devices, you can reach out to your teams when inspiration strikes, in between meetings, or even to just check in and make sure processes are going well and everyone has what they need. This kind of connection that the product provides ensures optimum collaboration and teamwork. 

  • Integrate with the rest of your Zoho portfolio

Because Zoho Connect is a part of the larger Zoho product family, this platform can be integrated with other products that your company may be using to help grow your business. From email marketing tools to productivity platforms like email and calendar, your Zoho Connect can fully communicate with other Zoho products so that all updates in one platform will be reflected in the rest that you choose to sync together. Not only will doing this save tremendous time and effort, but it will allow your teams to trust the information that they have as accurate and up-to-date. 

Zoho Connect | Boosted Crm

In a world where we’re all connected practically at all times, it makes sense for you to introduce and utilize tools and resources that will encourage more connectivity for the purpose of productivity and collaboration. Zoho Connect will not only help increase greater collaboration and encouragement from one another to be innovative and think outside the box, but your team members will also appreciate that they have the ability work in real-time with others easily and effectively. Zoho Connect does not require your teams to be in physical proximity with one another, so if people are working remotely or operating while taking back-to-back meetings, that productivity and collaboration can continue no matter where they are. Bring Zoho Connect to your company for growth, collaboration, and innovation. 

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