How to Track Your Processes with Zoho BugTracker

Zoho Bug Tracker

As our business models continue to move deeper into the digital space and as we continue to adapt to working with our digital tools, it’s imperative that you have the resources available that will keep you on track and organized. Every company, no matter the size or how many teams are involved, needs a system in place that can monitor all processes in a structured and timely manner. 

Bugs can happen at any given moment, and keeping track of every single one and its progress can often feel tedious and overwhelming, which is when Zoho BugTracker comes into play to help as a solution. This software product will help you monitor and track the status of every bug that you have in the queue with immediate communication and collaboration features, quick and easy data tracking, and results-driven notification that you use both internally and externally. Zoho BugTracker helps keep your business innovative in an ever-changing world of digital operations, allowing your company to keep moving as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Zoho BugTracker can communicate with your customized Zoho CRM so that any and all updates made in one platfrom will be reflected in the other so that everyone stays updated and in-the-know, and no processes will be halted or disrupted. There are a ton of capabilities and advantages to using this software to maintain and also grow your business, but here are just a few key elements to highlight below. 

  • Identifying bugs and monitoring their status

When a bug shows up, it’s tempting to pay your total attention to it and focus on getting the issue resolved as soon as you can. Since this is likely not the only bug that you’re tracking, Zoho BugTracker allows you to record all of the instances in one place and track their progress. With a custom dashboard that houses all of this activity, you and your teams will be able to visualize the progress for each one, and having this data available in this fashion will also allow you to identify trends and patterns for more strategic planning and problem-solving for the future. Whether you’re the lead on bug tracking or part of the overall team that works together on the process, everyone will be able to see all the details for every identified bug. 

  • Automation for updates

In our current digital world, we rely very heavily on automation and steps in our processes that we can create as independent operation. We’re moving as fast as ever, faster than ever before, so we need to ensure that we have the tools in place that can help us maintain that speed without disruption. Not only will Zoho BugTracker help keep your processes in motion, but you’ll be able to establish automatic prompts and triggers depending on certain steps in the processes so that your teams can maintain their workflow, and timing will be as quick as possible when it comes to arriving at resolutions. From there, Zoho BugTracker can also be set to deliver update email notifications so your team members can stay informed on progress and steps that have been automatically completed so they won’t have to miss a beat. This will also help with communication with other teams, both internally and externally. 

  • Customizable to fit your teams’ needs

Every company has unique needs – depending on your business’s industry, your size, and your overall goals, you need customized solutions in practically every arm of your company. Your teams require specific functionalities and capabilities, and Zoho BugTracker can satisfy those needs with its customization element in the product. As you continue to progress, grow, or shift to market needs and demands, these customizations can be changed to fit those requirements so that adaptation and dependability is easy and attainable for your teams and your business. 

  • Effective collaboration and communication

Identifying bugs and solving them is a process that is likely worked on by several teams, which means that your team members need to be able to effectively communicate with one another on progress and updates. As we continue to move forward in our digital age, Zoho BugTracker has ensured that your teams can communicate effectively with one another within this product so that everyone is in the know about progress. This will also help strengthen the team relationships that your company has in place, as the collaboration will prove beneficial – team members will work even more efficiently knowing that they can achieve successful results when they collaborate together. 

  • Organize billing procedures and processes

Depending on the expertise level your company has with tracking bugs, it may come down to needing to track workload as well. If this is a situation that your company will face, Zoho BugTracker can also use the data in the timesheets that your team uses to generate bills and invoices for your clients so that you can accurately communicate the services and time rendered. This seamless integration can also work with your other Zoho CRM tools to help communicate other updates to other arms of your business, like finance and sales. All of these updates and communications will not only keep your company in good standing with your partners, but your teams will appreciate that they can work with one another internally as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Zoho Bugtracker

  • Device-friendly for those on the go

Bugs can happen at any time of the day or any day of the week, which makes this mobile-friendly capability a huge win for Zoho BugTracker. You won’t miss a beat or an update if you’re on-the-go, which allows processes to stay in motion and continue in its progress path. If you’re in between meetings, you can also provide real-time updates with your clients so they know the progress of each case, improving these relationships as well. This also means that processes can continue to move every day of the week, any time of the year so that your teams can stay updated no matter where they are without the worry of missing any steps. 

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