Connect with Customers When They Need You the Most with Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

We are living in a virtual world, one in which that moves faster than ever with incredible capabilities and functionalities. In both our personal and professional lives, we’ve grown accustomed to this speed, as our devices have allowed us to connect and engage in ways that seem to sometimes feel unbelievable. This innovation has helped us think faster, develop more strategically, and all at the same time, expect more – from each other, the companies we interact with, and the future. We’re always thinking about the next big thing and how we can save time, energy, and money.

As more of our business models migrate to a more digital and virtual functionality, it’s crucial to think of the ways in which all of your departments can operate in this time. While some industries continue to require in-person interaction and engagement for production and distribution, so many backend and intelligent teams can operate with reliance from our devices and our cloud-based systems. One of the departments that can really benefit from these digital and virtual capabilities is your technical support team.

It’s mind-blowing to think of how far we’ve come, especially in regard to how the cloud has helped us operate in real-time no matter where we are, which is why it’s imperative to ensure your technology support team can have remote capabilities as well. As more industries move to a remote model, it only makes sense that this specialized team can have the same remote capabilities. This is where Zoho Assist comes into play for your business.

When your customers are having technical issues with whatever it is that they’re using to manage their business, they need immediate help, and searching for that assistance and uncovering solutions should be accessible, quick, and easy. Zoho Assist will your team to help your customers remotely in an easy and fast way so they can get back to their operations.

  • Easy support requests

As consumers and workers ourselves, we all know that when you’re facing a technical issue, it always seems to come at the worst time, and the last thing you want to have to worry about is fighting through red tape to get the issue resolved. With Zoho Assist, the platform allows your customers to submit a request easily, which will prompt your team to provide support and troubleshoot remotely without the need for installation. This means that your customer won’t have to try and problem-solve themselves, which can often lead to more complications depending on level of skill. Either way, your customers will appreciate the immediate and easy support so they can get back to their workflow.

Zoho Assist

  • Access to the unattended

Whether it’s support or troubleshooting for abandoned, crashed, or new devices or even just a look into those that are not active, Zoho Assist can easily connect to these computers. If it’s a mass deployment across an entire company, this is a huge win for your customers, as it’ll make their own integration and introduction processes easy and ultimately save all departments time. It will require less activation from your customers, and they’ll be thankful that they won’t have to worry about any additional steps.

  • Easily transfer files

In the event when it’s required to send additional tools or resources to your customer, Zoho Assist will allow your team to send these materials along easily and safely so that there’s less back and forth as well as wasted time. Additionally, with encryption abilities, you and your customer can be confident that the delivery of these files will be safe and secure between parties as well as any integration with other software systems.

  • Connect via voice or video

Despite how digitally and virtually connected we are these days, there is still a powerful and incredible benefit to being able to connect in ways that are still reliable. During a remote working session, it’s often helpful to be able to engage with your customer in real-time, and Zoho Assist can provide either voice or video chat with your customer so that the problem can be more easily discussed and addressed, and it can be helpful for your team’s technician to talk through the steps with your customer so that they can be prepared for the future in the event a similar event happens. And as always, having that real-time engagement with your customer can be incredibly beneficial, as it strengthens and deepens your relationship with them. There’s still value in human connection, and Zoho Assist provides that value for your customers.

Zoho Assist

  • Easy reboot and reconnection capabilities

Regardless of the issue at hand with your customer, it’s often necessary to restart or reboot the device to allow for rest or update capability. Zoho Assist allows for your technician to do this remotely so that your customer won’t have to worry about performing these tasks independently without direct help. Additionally, with reconnection options, your technician can also help realign the session easily without losing control.

  • Help with multiple monitors

As more and more people work from home, customers are finding it easier to operate with more than one monitor, as we’ve all grown more adapted to working on multiple projects at once. With Zoho Assist, your technician will be able to have remote access to any of the monitors used so that your customer won’t have to worry about file migration or disturb their workflow.

Zoho Assist has incredible advantages to our current growing remote work model. The ability to physically delivering a problem to a technician in-person is decreasing, and Zoho Assist helps deliver on the transition to remote work. It might be easy to assume that virtual work means a lack of personal interaction, but with all of these capabilities with Zoho Assist, your technician can still provide quality and efficient service with plenty of human touch and tact. We all might feel that we’re busier than ever, and the thought of disruption to our flow can be a scary one, but Zoho Assist is there to ensure that workflow is safe and continuous.

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