Top 10 CRMS for Customization

Top 10 CRMs for Customization

Boosted CRM is not itself a standalone CRM, but actuality a separate CRM consulting group. But, considering the amount of customization done to the Zoho suite of products, it often results in a completely new CRM experience for our clients. Especially with the new Open Module system in Zoho, the CRM has become a database manager like Podio, so Boosted CRM is able to create a completely custom program for any business., including yours!

Developing strong connections with potential customers is an important factor for business success. Thanks to Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM), businesses can arrange essential data from various locations into a single interface for convenience.

The capacity to analyze and keep an eye on every interaction with potential customers increases customer engagement and helps businesses to close more deals. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 CRMs for Customization.

#1 Boosted CRM

#1 Boosted Crm

Boosted CRM closely works with clients on Zoho customizations and integrations. Since its founding, the company has been providing top-notch IT consultation services to both small and medium-sized businesses. Importantly, Boosted CRM has some of the best Zoho-Certified Consultants that work round the clock to ensure that their client CRM projects are professionally designed and implemented.

Zoho CRM is perfect for small businesses and large enterprises. It easily integrates with various third-party apps, such as Acuity Scheduling, GotoMeeting, Adobe, Xero, QuickBooks, and many others. With Zoho integrations, your company’s data will automatically and seamlessly flow across various platforms.

Some notable features of Zoho CRM include account management, contact and lead management, sales force automation, purchase control, CRM workflow management, and sales pipeline management.

Zoho CRM from Boosted CRM allows your business to automate regular tasks, track sales, and engage potential customers across various platforms. More importantly, the software is able to convert site visitors into leads and leads into clients. It can also import potential customers from external events such as trade shows and seminars. It has a unique Opportunity Tracking tool that allows you to monitor your customers’ buying cycle and their contact history. With this data, you can easily create personalized messages.

In addition to being reasonably priced, Zoho is ranked among the most popular customer relationship management software today. There are two pricing plans namely Standard package and Ultimate plan which are priced at $12 and $100 per month respectively.

#2 HubSpot CRM​

#2 Hubspot Crm

This software has powerful and effective features. Some HubSpot functionalities include email integration, customized views, and social media. The platform comes with essential basic features that are easy to use.

The software allows you to create meticulous business and contact profiles. Additionally, it comes with a single dashboard which allows your staff to stay up-to-date with company activities. HubSpot expertly integrates with various business solutions such as Google Chrome, Dropbox, and Google Dynamics.

#3 Freshsales CRM

#3 Freshsales

With Freshsales, you can easily control your sales. It comes with unique features such as auto-dialers, call routing, affiliate management, and call recording. Besides capturing leads, the platform allows you to confirm and nurture leads through various communication channels.

Its email tracking feature allows you to track emails and find out whether they’ve been opened or not. Freshsales also lets you track previous customer conversations which you can exploit to prepare future communication.

#4 Salesforce CRM

$4 Salesforce Crm

This customer relationship management software lets you track the details of your various customers from a single location. Using these data, you can effectively nurture more leads. It comes with several features such as lead management, contact manager, sales data, partner management, and marketing automation.

You can use Salesforce anywhere thanks to its iOS and Android mobile apps, which provide custom reports and data in real-time. Its Opportunity Management feature offers valuable insights on prospects.

#5 Insightly CRM

#5 Insightly Crm

This CRM software is cloud-based and ideal for small businesses. Its important features include task management, custom filters and fields, contact management, and pipeline management. You can access and use the app on iOS, Kindle, and Android mobile platforms. Importantly, Insightly easily integrates with key business systems including Office, Google Apps, MailChimp, and Outlook.

#6 Nimble

#6 Nimble

This software offers pertinent context to your conversations with potential customers. It perfectly puts together your collaborations, calendar, conversations, and contacts in one easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it effortlessly gathers customer information from various social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Top Nimble features include pipeline reporting and tracking, social engagement and listening, and contact management.

With Nimble, your business doesn’t need to invest in multiple solutions since it can easily exploit this single app to engage and nurture relevant contacts effectively.

#7 Nutshell CRM

#7 Nutshell Crm

You don’t need to hire a CRM Consultant to set up this software. Nutshell offers excellent customer support and comes with easy-to-follow on-boarding assistance. Its dashboard is very attractive and user-friendly. From Nutshell CRM’s dashboard you can view activities, meetings, upcoming tasks, and contact history. Its features include collaborative environment, calendar sync, lead relationships management, and bulk email templates.

Nutshell CRM lets you import contacts from your Google account and Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, it lets you view forecasts, sale analytics, and team activity. The software is available in a free trial and paid packages.

#8 Pipedrive

Customizing Crm

This CRM option perfectly organizes leads to give you an overview of your various sales processes. With these data, you can focus more on the important deals. Additionally, this solution allows you to manage the sales pipeline of your organization. Pipedrive’s key features include email integration, contact history, sales reporting, data export and import, and timeline view.

This solution is perfect for businesses involved in international trade since it is available in multiple currencies. It has an open API configuration that lets it blend with other applications such as Dropbox, Zapier, and Zoho CRM.

#9 SuiteCRM

#9 Suitecrm

This open source CRM platform comes with features such as ROI calculator, quotes and invoices, ticketing functionality, marketing automation, and flexible workflows. Its user interface is very intuitive and comes with a free forum support. Some users have criticized SuiteCRM for its unending system bugs. It is available in three tires starting from $2,000 per year.

#10 Bpm’online CRM

#10 Bpm'Onlline

The ability of this tool to combine business process management tools with customer information makes it unique. With Bpm’online, you can easily manage the behavior of your customer support, sales, and marketing teams. More importantly, it allows you to mechanize customer service process. Its main features include customizable reports, knowledge management online library, customer data management, analytics, and administrative tools.


Originally, CRM tools were created to help companies create and maintain strong relationships with potential and existing customers. However, these tools have now developed to become robust tools that help businesses to manage their marketing, sales, and accounting data easily. They also help businesses to find leads, track, and nurture prospects. 

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