Data Migration from Act! to Zoho

Before digital operations took over the ways in which we run our businesses, there used to be a linear way of operating through print and physical documentation and transcription efforts to make record of certain steps. Now that we’ve streamlined those efforts to not only self-document but to also run way faster and more efficiently, it may sometimes feel like it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the movement. We trust that operations are moving because our teams keep them fluid and active, but there are so many elements that can easily slip through the cracks or be double entered or not at all. With all of this, you may be realizing that you need the help of a CRM to manage your day-to-day operations while also saving time and energy for your internal teams. 

The CRM model is designed to automate certain tasks and synchronize conversations so that they are all in one coordinated place for all key stakeholders to be a part of, eliminating duplication, missed steps, and wasted time and effort. Additionally, with the ability to integrate with other applications, your teams can continue using those platforms that they’re already familiar with while simultaneously saving everyone time.

When the decision can feel like it’s too much, it can be overwhelming to look at all the providers side-by-side and determine what the best choice is for your company. In this instance, we’ve looked at two well-known CRM providers and compared crucial elements so that your decision will be easier so you can innovate your company as efficiently as possible.

Data Migration from Act! to Zoho
  • Over a dozen languages served

For many companies, business is conducted in several time zones and even in different countries. Whether your company falls in this category or not, you’ll need to keep in mind that as digital and virtual operations continue to thrive that there is a likelihood that your business may one day expand to different parts of the world. Act! supports some of the “main” languages that stretch the globe, but Zoho provides support to 14 different languages. While you may find that you may not need this now or even in the immediate future, you can rest assured that if you ever do need international support for anything Zoho will be able to help you appropriately.

  • Tremendous integration capabilities

There are a few key elements that make Zoho the success that it is, and this is one of them. What makes Zoho such a popular choice for businesses is that it offers a significant array of options when it comes to integrating other platforms and applications. Depending on your industry or even your certain department, you may be used to using certain tools that have helped you run your operations, like an ecommerce site, a payment tool, or even a social media manager. Luckily, Zoho offers over 400 integrations for you to use, and if you haven’t used any of these yet, this is the opportunity for you to start learning about how these tools can ultimately help enhance and grow your business.

  • Available across almost all devices

We’re all on-the-go these days, which means that we’re essentially conducting business no matter where we are or the time of day. This means we’re using multiple devices as we move along our day to keep processes in motion, simply because it’s so much easier than it once was. What makes that so easy is compatibility with all of our devices. Zoho when customized, provides access to almost all popular devices on the market so you can keep marching on without missing a beat. Act! provides access to some devices but not all, which means that this could potentially slow down some of your processes or even require your company to expense devices that work with this platform. Either way, not having this device access is a huge disruptor in the day-to-day.

  • Caters to any size of company

Growth is almost always a main goal for any company of any size. That growth could mean brand awareness, it could mean hiring more employees, and of course, it could also mean increased revenue and profit. No matter what your goal is, you need a system that can cater to your company, no matter the size of your internal teams. Zoho can satisfy the user count of over 1,000 individuals, meaning that it’s equipped to support that many users at once in one individual company. Even if you’re not that large but open to one day increasing to that size, it’s beneficial to think about how your CRM can actually grow with you. Act! is only capable of supporting small to medium-sized businesses, which is fine, but if you have internal growth as part of your trajectory, this is something to keep in mind for the future.

  • Competitive pricing

Another element that has kept Zoho on the map for so long is how they customize their pricing structure. Zoho recognizes that every business is unique and has different needs from the next, which is why it offers various options for user base and timing. In comparison to Act!, the pricing model is also incredibly way lower. By offering essentially the same amount of services as Act! at lower prices, it brings the advantage to Zoho as a leader.

  • Considerable amount of features and capabilities

This is ultimately what you’ll need to pay the most attention to when it comes to making a final decision about your CRM. You’ll want to notice everything that’s available to you so you can make an educated decision of what’s best for your company. If you want to heighten your marketing efforts or improve on your customer experience on your site, you’ll want to check out all of those listed features within each platform. Act! has an impressive list, but in a side-by-side comparison of Zoho, you’ll quickly notice that Zoho has a more comprehensive suite of capabilities so you can sustain your business but also grow it.

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