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ZohoWorkerly – Incorporating Proper Talent Without Missing a Beat

If your company is an agency that works as a middleman for connecting talent with top clients or brands, you’re collaborating and communicating with handfuls of people at an ongoing basis. It may feel overwhelming at times when considering how much work is required to keep both ends of the partnership happy and satisfied not only with the relationship but with the projects they trust you with.

Hiring the right talent is only half the battle when looking for a temp to manage a project. Managing the details of each project and processing all the other details can be time-consuming and perhaps tedious, especially if you’re managing a large network of temps and clients. There are many details to consider when finding the right talent, like areas of expertise and skill, availability, reliability, and cost of hire. In addition, it’s up to you to know the expectations and preferences of your clients and what the best solution would be for each of the projects that they hire you for. At any rate, this is where ZohoWorkerly can come in and help with all aspects of the process.

From finding the right temp to manage the project to handling timelines and payment methods, there a lot of balls that you must juggle for a successful project completion rate. There are many ways that ZohoWorkerly can function for you.

ZohoWorkerly – Incorporating Proper Talent Without Missing a Beat

In a competitive landscape where temps are hunting for jobs at every corner and companies are hiring the best talent for projects, you must be able to have software that can keep up. This is how ZohoWorkerly can help in that competitive space – by automating the network and applying filters for jobs and requirements, your company can easily find the best talent with the proper parameters to appease not only your own timeline, but the timeline for the client and the project overall.

In today’s world, we no longer have the luxury of time when it comes to project completion, as our digital capabilities have jumped us into more efficient project management and greater expectations from outside parties. The automation that ZohoWorkerly provides is simple and easy to access for all parties involved.

  • Job submission: when a client sends along a job that needs filled, ZohoWorkerly will use its AI-powered capabilities to match potential temps according to skill, availability, and general appropriate capability.
  • Job assignment: from here, ZohoWorkerly will then work with the proper temp to schedule the job quickly so that proper timelines are adhered to and expectations are discussed. All of this will aid the progression of the project with limited delay.
  • Timesheet tracker: keeping a detailed tracker with this information will not only allow your client to recognize time spent, but you’ll be able to translate the time into financial agreement as the project progress and eventually closes.
  • Invoice completion: the data from the timesheet will be easily transferrable to the invoice that you’ll create to send to the client for payment. This data will be easy to track and manage with ZohoWorkerly.

With all of these detailed steps securely processed with ZohoWorkerly’s AI capability, your temp and your client will appreciate the speed and the ease at which the project was managed from implementation to completion.

  • Mobile capability allows for efficient processing

Since we’re all living in this digital world, and we’re all used to immediacy at our fingertips, it’s crucial that your temps and your internal teams can access ZohoWorkerly wherever they are. With mobile capability, your temps will be able to accept jobs, update their timesheets, clock their time, and even engage with key stakeholders as they need on their mobile device wherever they are, which helps avoid a delay in project progression or payment approval.

ZohoWorkerly – Incorporating Proper Talent Without Missing a Beat


If you’re also looking for additional benefits to using this platform to help manage your temp staffing, there are a few other capabilities that the platform provides.

  • Automatic notifications and reminders

It may often feel like it takes an army to complete a project from start to finish, and if your team members are working on multiple projects at once, it can be overwhelming to think about all the things they need to tend to for each. ZohoWorkerly will provide automatic notifications and reminders for tasks that need their attention. This capability deters the possibility of a missed deadline or a step in the process that is essential to the progression of a project. This keeps your temps happy as well as your clients.

  • Data import/export

Since eliminating the paper trail in our world is a practice that we’ve all grown quite accustomed to, your digital applications must have the ability to import and export all sorts of files to keep your projects in motion. This could be accepting resumes or cover letters from temps to sending along final projects or invoices to the client. In any event, the platform must be easy to use for all parties while also satisfying the need of digital file transfers.

  • Employee and self-service portal

ZohoWorkerly allows your temps to easily access the platform for their own needs, whether to update their timesheets, accept projects, or communicate with team leads. Your internal team members must also be able to access this platform to gather updates, provide visibility or clarity as needed, or to approve steps in the process to properly alert the temp or the client of a project or its completion.

Top talent is highly sought after, and you and your client need to ensure that you retain those talents for future projects, as the landscape is competitive and constantly changing. With ZohoWorkerly, you’ll not only stay up-to-date with the latest technology, but you’ll solidify the relationships you have with your temp network while also enhancing the relationship with your clients. You won’t have to worry about missing a deadline, and you can continue connecting top talent with great clients.

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