Zoho Zia Voice

Zoho Zia Voice: Your Next Step into the Future

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It seems that technology continues to advance faster and faster, and it may often feel difficult to keep up with each innovation, upgrade, or improvement. When it comes to your business and company procedures, implementing each upgrade or new feature can take extensive time to get everyone trained and used to the new capabilities. As the external world and market continues to expect this innovation and constant upgrading process, it’s up to your business and how fast your teams can pivot in order to keep up with this user expectation and demand.

Artificial intelligence, virtual capabilities, and voice activated software have now shifted the market from all angles so that users not only expect these capabilities from the services that they seek, but they also expect that the companies they work with are in-tune with these developments as well. Users are now accustomed to getting results instantly, whether through their devices or through the technology that these devices use. Our smart phones, televisions, and even home devices have groomed the consumer industry to have immediate access to answers and activation.

It’s likely that your Zoho CRM is customized to fit your business’s needs, and you’re using multiple applications within that software to be able to communicate with one another to expedite both internal and external processes. Not only does this satisfy your team members, but your clients and customers will be satisfied with this integration as well. One of the tools that has helped many industries advance their operations is Zoho Zia. This AI-operated tool allows your team members to access data in a quick and intuitive way that is customized to fit their specific needs. Acting as a sort of personal assistant, Zoho Zia can help your teams arrive at conclusions more strategically and intuitively – while doing so quickly and efficiently.

To take in one step further, Zoho Zia now has Zoho Zia Voice.

Similar to other voice-operated devices, Zoho Zia Voice can be customized and calibrated to fit each person’s needs and immediate interests. For sellers in particular, who are always on the go and traveling from one meeting to the next, multi-tasking is a requirement in order to be good at their job. With this, Zoho Zia Voice can provide them details about their business in an instant while also helping with the performance of simple tasks, like setting up meetings, making calls, or just jotting down notes so as not to forget anything to do.

Here are just a few key ways in which Zoho Zia Voice will not only help your team members and the growth of your business but also with the way in which your company stays innovative with the latest market trends.

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  • Voice-activated commands

Similar to other household items that can perform duties based off voice command, Zoho Zia Voice can do the same functions as it relates to your business operations. Whether making calls on the go, taking notes as ideas pop into the brain, or even requesting data, your teams can easily use Zoho Zia Voice as it best suits their specific needs. With this voice activation, the tool itself will also become more intuitive over time, as it will start to anticipate the needs of the user as it’s utilized more and more – not only will this further create an easier operation for the team member, but the algorithm will be able to continue to stay ahead and forecast appropriately.

  • Sync with your Zoho CRM easily

Since your Zoho CRM is already customized to fit the needs of your business, your teams will appreciate being able to sync their Zoho Zia Voice with your CRM – this means that they’ll be able to activate their Zia Voice to leverage the avenues built within your CRM to take action, pull data, communicate, update, and so on. As our world continues to adapt to connection at all times on any device, this is a setting that will really propel your functionality as a business. Additionally, you’ll be able to see almost immediately results and pay-off from this capability, as your team members will be able to address consumer and client needs in an instant and as intuitively as possible in order to prevent issues in the future.

  • CRM connections

As consumers ourselves, we’ve all probably have had the experience of trying to find something ourselves. And if we know it definitely exists somewhere but for whatever reason, uncovering seems impossible, it can drive us mad – not to mention waste valuable time, energy, and frankly, patience. With Zoho Zia Voice and your CRM working together, your teams will be able to search – without actually needing to search – since Zia Voice is searching for you.

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When on calls, your sales team can pull up-to-the-minute reports to provide performance metrics to clients or share projection rates based off instant requests. These kinds of capabilities and digital intuitions will create a confident and safe sensation for your clients, encouraging them to continue their business with your company.

If you’re trying to better understand the customer experience, you’ll be able to pull data in an instant to see where they’re experiencing problems. You’ll also be able to interact and engage with them no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

It might feel overwhelming to navigate the pressure of keeping up with all the innovations going on in technology and communications. Other giant models continue to improve and innovate what they already have, but with your Zoho CRM working together with your Zoho Zia Voice tools, your team members will appreciate having the AI-operated technology keeping them in-line with market trends while also allowing them to adapt quickly – the more you integrate and implement advanced technological features within your company, the more adaptive they’ll be as you introduce more as the years go on. They’ll appreciate the attentiveness to staying innovative, your clients and customers will appreciate that same willingness to stay innovative, responsive, and competitive all at the same time.