Zoho WorkDrive – One Step Ahead of Huddle

As we get deeper into the 21st century, we’re learning just how extensive our digital capabilities are for our businesses. Thanks to our devices and advancements like the cloud, we have been able to figure out how to weave these digital technologies into our business operations to help us run faster and smoother while delivering more insightful results to our clients and customers.

Zoho Workdrive – One Step Ahead Of Huddle

With this increase in digital advancement, however, comes more competition and options for you to choose from that makes the most sense for your business. It can often be difficult to discern what’s best for your company, especially if growth is on your list of goals over time. As we introduce more digital capabilities into our work processes, we’re learning just how much each department works with one another to achieve goals and deliver on client and customer satisfaction. This realization means that you’ll need tools in place that can help improve these cross-department communication and collaboration processes.

Thanks to the cloud, we have a variety of solutions available that can help propel your business to the next step of collaboration. You have many options in the market to choose from, but we’ll be looking at two particular productivity platforms in particular – Zoho WorkDrive and Huddle – to highlight important differences between the two, and how Zoho WorkDrive in particular is best for your internal bottom line.

  • Competitive pricing for your growing business

Whether your company is just starting and looking to grow or is established and looking to innovate, you’ll want a product that is flexible in pricing to fit your needs and what you anticipate needing in the future. This is one of the biggest advantages of using Zoho WorkDrive over Huddle – the pricing model of the Zoho WorkDrive product is flexible from the start, which allows your company to become more acquainted with the features. This more relaxed pricing structure will allow your company to take on the platform in small doses until you’re ready to introduce more features or more departments. As a small or growing company, this can make the difference between a hit to the wallet from a small investment. You can also decide if you want your pricing model to reflect a monthly bill or an annual one – this flexibility also allows your teams to grow with the platform without too much of a tight bind.

  • Gathers reporting for your measurement and future campaigns

One of the biggest advantages of operating a business in today’s digital world is the ability to track and measure practically everything. We have the tools in place to learn about trends, identify behaviors, or adapt to new features or integrations with ease. This is another advantage of using Zoho WorkDrive over Huddle – Zoho WorkDrive provides a wide range of reporting for your teams to use to better understand internal behaviors, identify processes that generated the most amounts of activity, or even track and measure the success of specific marketing efforts so that you can see what worked and what didn’t and be able to implement those learnings into future campaigns. These kinds of insights can deem incredibly valuable for teams across the board to learn how to operate better and more strategically internally while also have the knowledge about what resonated with your clients and customers and what tools you used to arrive at those conclusions.

Zoho Workdrive – One Step Ahead Of Huddle
  • Stay safe with password management

As consumers, we’re all aware of how many accounts we have and the steps we have to take to access those accounts. Thanks to digital password reminders and our multiple devices that allow us to access these practically wherever we are, it’s rare that we lock ourselves out of what we need. When it comes to your business, the same can be true, but because these platforms hold critical information about your business, it’s imperative that you have a password management feature in your productivity software so you can keep this data safe and secure. Zoho WorkDrive has this feature available, while Huddle does not. This is a critical difference between the two platforms, so this should help make your decision even easier when it comes to finding a collaboration platform for your business.

  • Collect feedback and collaboration all in one place

The whole point of a collaboration management tool is to unite your departments in one place to streamline communication and projects. Platforms like Zoho WorkDrive can expedite project progress and increase efficiency due to the elimination of follow-up and version control. Another feature that sets Zoho WorkDrive apart from Huddle is the ability to aggregate all of the feedback moments in one place. Whether your company is 20 people in one office or 200 in multiple locations, it’s helpful to have all of that collaboration in one place so that it’s easy to access and reference for one specific project that’s live or for learning moments for projects in the future.

  • Emulate the rest of the market with drag and drop capabilities

One of the best things your company can do to stay competitive and ahead in the market is to emulate what we, as consumers, are already used to. Not only does this help for an easy internal onboarding and transition process, but it makes for a stronger output for your clients and customers. Zoho WorkDrive has a feature that as consumers, we’re all accustomed to: drag and drop. Not only is this a practice that we’re all used to since our childhood days (think puzzles), but this makes for an intuitive model for knowing what makes sense for your business operations as well as your customer output. This drag and drop capability makes building your platform easy and intuitive, and if your department is external facing, this will make for an easy customer experience, as they’ll appreciate having a feature available that they themselves are already familiar with.

Zoho WorkDrives allows your company to stay ahead of the market with intuitive features that your internal teams will love and your clients and customers will appreciate.

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