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The majority of any company’s operations in the 21st century is done digitally to help streamline communication and collaboration. As consumers, we’re personally used to instant access to our accounts – our phones remember our data for us, and our devices automatically log us into our bank accounts, our communication platforms, and our travel and news sources remember what information is the most relevant for us. For the most part, we feel pretty secure that our data is safe because we’re the ones that are telling our devices to “remember us” for next time. We’re solely in control of the data that we choose to share. 

When it comes to our business operations, those practices need to be a little bit different since there are dozens or up to hundreds of people operating and using the same systems. Whether each person has his or her own log in or if the company uses one massive account for a platform, that data needs to be secure because not only are personal information details stored in these platforms, but sensitive information about your company is likely also stored there. As much as we don’t like to think about it, we are absolutely living in the smartest time of our universe – hackers and other information technology wizards are skilled enough to get information from us, even when we think our systems are the most secure. 

Zoho Vault

Which brings us to the solution that Zoho Vault provides for your teams as well as your company. You can try to control access as much as you can, but you also can’t control every individual person that is using the platforms that your company uses. Zoho Vault will provide security for your company, but it will also provide access control so that your administrative teams can get a better sense of authorization and who needs to use what. With high encryption and detailed reporting analytics, you can rest assured that safety and security are achieved in your day-to-day operations of your business. Here are just some of the key advantages to using this platform to keep your sensitive information safe and secure. 

  • Store your information securely

With Zoho Vault, you’ll be able to keep all of your passwords in one place, which will not only help keep your teams organized, but it’ll be the one-stop-shop for access information across your product portfolio. With top-of-the-line security measures in place that will encrypt these passwords to keep them safe from outside parties, you can rest assured that sensitive information stays where it needs to stay. 

  • Sharing is safe and secure

Whether you’re sharing information with new team members joining the company or if you need to grant access to other team members in different departments, you can easily do this with Zoho Vault. You’ll be able to pick and choose who is granted this kind of access and what level of access they get – this will not only keep your internal data safe, but you’ll be able to retain control of the data that you choose to share. 

  • Memory log in capability

Now that we’re living in a time when the majority of our work is done digitally and across multiple platforms, our web access to these platforms have acknowledged that it’s simply not feasible in the long-term to have to log in every single time we need access to information. With the help of Zoho Vault, your passwords can be saved on recognized devices so that your team members can operate quickly and seamlessly. This secure feature will only allow access to those that have been granted, which is one extra step of security that your business requires. 

  • Maintain complete control of access

It can be difficult to know who needs access to what every time a new member joins a team, leaves the company, or even when your groups introduce a new platform. Luckily Zoho Vault makes it easy on your administrative team to maintain complete control of this so that if a device is recycled for a new team member, that data will be erased accordingly, keeping data safe and secure from the previous user as well as the new user. 

  • Monitor activity without betraying privacy

Maintaining privacy to data is imperative for a company, and that data is just as often required to be kept safe when it comes to users inputting their own information into the system. Your administrative team will have the ability to monitor user actions without betraying the privacy and security of the users that are inputting that information. This will not only keep data secure for the individual users, but it will allow your administrators to identify anything suspicious in protection of the users as well as the company as a whole.

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  • Reporting for the purpose of identifying red flags

To piggyback on that same idea, your teams will also be able to look at reports that will display who has access to certain platform passwords, which will inform the teams if there’s an unusual or unnecessary amount of users for one platform or if the passwords are being shared with too many people. Zoho Vault will allow the administrative team to maintain control of this access to ensure the utmost protection across the company, both internally and externally. 

  • Remote capability allows functionality at any location

We’re also living in a time when remote working is a reality for most companies. Zoho Vault is accessible across devices so that when your teams are on the go or need to get into a platform off-hours, they’ll be able to do so just as safely as securely as they would if they were physically in the main office. 

No matter how safe your company thinks its being, there’s always room for extra security. Let Zoho Vault keep your company’s sensitive information safe and secure, and allow your internal users to feel confident that their own data is being protected without sacrificing their own privacy. 

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