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Zoho Vault – You Secure Password Management Software

Zoho Vault is an online password manager for individuals and teams launched in 2013, along with Zoho connect. Zoho Vaults continues to be one of the fastest-growing applications within the Zoho Suite, with a customer base of 20,000 members across world geographies.

The Story So Far

2018 has been a great year worldwide in terms of revenue and customer growth; apart from just releasing new features, growing revenue, and customer count, we also invested a major amount of time in enhancing the existing features built on redesigned our product according to the market needs and our customer base requirements.

We have experienced constant growth year over year, but the last three years have been massive in terms of revenue worldwide. Our reports indicate that 98.86 percent of our revenue is from direct sales and cross-selling, while our partners contribute to 1.1 percent of our revenue.

Zoho Vault Overview

This article is designed to create awareness around our product market and help you build an additional revenue stream for your company. Additionally, we also want to develop our customer base while helping our customers to achieve success in their businesses.

Why Zoho Vault Deserves Your Time and Efforts

In the last three years, Zoho Vault’s growth has been significant. Customer account growth is between 24 to 85 percent. Zoho has seen a huge demand for Zoho vault across various locations, especially from the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. America ranks first in demand for Zoho vault with 57.94%, followed by Europe at 27.48%. Australia and New Zealand contribute to 6.17%, the Middle East and Africa at 3.2%, Latin America at 2.3%, and Asia at 2.8%.

Zoho Vault Pricing

Zoho Vault starts with a free edition and three other paid packages. The standard package starts at $1 per user per month, our professional package is $4 per user, and the Enterprise package starts at $7 per user each month.

Revenue Distribution

The standard package, which starts at $1 per user per month, contributes to 62% of our total revenue. The professional package stands at number two and contributes around 35% of overall revenue. In comparison, the Enterprise Edition contributes to 1.52% of our revenue.

Why Choose Zoho Vault

Every day we come across a major data breach news. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Marriot all get breached. From research, the common factor in these breaches is passwords getting compromised and hackers always looking up for loopholes to access user accounts.

So this has been a trend of 21st-century companies like eBay, Target, Home Depot, and so many other popular companies worldwide have experienced data breaches recently. At eBay, 145 million user accounts were compromised. At Target, approximately 110 million user accounts were also compromised. Another case is that of Uber the popular, ride-hailing app. Around 57 million users and 600 thousand driver Partners’ personal information was compromised. In all these data breaches, hackers always target the passwords of employees and end-users.

Password Management Challenges

In today’s digital world, we use a large number of web applications like social media, online banking account, Enterprise apps, and more. The number of applications used by an individual varies from person to person, but all of us have a common problem, remembering the passwords of our accounts.

It is also tough to configure a strong and unique password for each account and remember it every single time. So, as a result, we tend to reuse one password for all accounts. In an Enterprise environment, accounts are commonly shared, such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Travel Accounts Server account.

Most companies tend to use Simple passwords like admin123 and password1234 for easy remembrance, which will remain unchanged for years. Often, these passwords are stored in text files, spreadsheets, or sticky notes and are sometimes even printed in sheets and kept safely in physical vaults.

Mostly these passwords are used by team members from various departments. For example, IT admins, finance, marketing, and more. These passwords are usually shared through chats, email, word of mouth and phone calls Etc.

How to Combat and Overcome These Password Challenges

The first step is to stop reusing one password for all accounts. Assign a strong, unique password for each account, then list out all company passwords and store them in a centralized repository, and access to those passwords should be restricted. Only people who need that particular password should access them; it shouldn’t be open to all.

Then there’s a need to automate password management. There’s a need to have an audit facility for tracking who had access to which password and when. There’s also a need to manage the access of temporary workers and contractors Etc. Zoho Vault is designed to help combat all these issues.

Where Zoho Vaults Comes In

Suppose you are looking for a password management solution. Zoho vault is not just a password manager alone; you get a two-in-one solution to problems you may not even know you have. You can log in to all websites and perform a single sign-on for 90 plus cloud apps and even custom applications directly. Goodbye to all your login problems. Zoho Vault is your one-step login solution.      

So from our support request, we see most of our customers were spreadsheet users and the key-pass user because key-pass is free. However, key-pass doesn’t have a user management and fine-grained sharing audit system.

Zoho Vault Overview

Zoho vault works quite well with all Zoho app as it is part of Zoho one, and it also readily integrate with third-party apps, like G Suite, and Office 365, Windows Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, One login and recently, we launched an extension for Zoho mail and Zoho Desk.

Additionally, Zoho Vault has the industry’s best fine-grained password sharing. We have four levels of password sharing in Zoho Vault, like you can share a password even without revealing it in plain text, which is the one-click login only option. There is also view permission, edit permission and manage permission in Zoho Vault. We also have comprehensive audits and reports such as user audits, chamber audit miscellaneous audits Etc. We also give reports in the form of intuitive charts, which can be exported as PDF and used during the company’s internal audit?

We also don’t limit the number of passwords stored in Zoho Vault, and we don’t have any storage limit. Zoho vault isn’t just for storing passwords alone; customers can even store confidential documents inside the vault, which can be in the size of less than 2MB, so users can store as many files as they need.

 We also are one of the major players to offer single sign-on in a password management solution. We offer IP restrictions and provide password request releases for workflow. Zoho Vault also offers instant passwords alerts and notifications.

Finally, Zoho vault is the only solution to offer these sophisticated features in a single product.

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