Zoho Team Inbox – Short Article

Team inbox is designed to create an inbox that multiple team members need access to. With team inbox, you can have multiple teams within an inbox. When an email comes to that group or a shared email address, it will come in. Depending on how you set it up, it can automatically be assigned to people, or it can go to the unassigned section and then be assigned to individuals in that team.

How to Create A new team

First, click on create team; you will need to add the team’s name and add the members, then you will need to create an inbox. You will put the name of the inbox, the team for that inbox, and the members.

You can choose to add new members to the inbox automatically, or you can automatically assign a thread upon reply. If you turn on the thread upon reply, that means, as emails come in, they will automatically be assigned to a person instead of going to the unassigned section. After you’ve set those up, you will see the additional teams under the team section. You can also create contacts and compose emails from that section.

Team Inbox – Short Article

Accessing an email

Whenever you go into an email, you see a timeline to show who did what and at what time.

Creating an email address

You don’t have to use the defaults whenever you create an email address; you can use your domain and set it up with whatever you’d like. For example, sales at your domain or info at your domain, or anything you’d prefer.


With discussion, you can have discussions with team members within your organization about the emails. If you’re working on a project for someone and you guys are having a discussion about it, that would happen in discussions. It’s instant messaging, and once you create your comment, you can send it here.

Email features

From the email, you have the option to Archive, to snooze a mail, or to trash it. You also have the option to add tags. For example, if you create a tag called high priority, that email will be at the top of your emailing list as well as in the preview. With the option called tags and every single tag you create will be listed under the tag section.

Team inbox is a really good solution for having a single email address that multiple team members can access and answer to. It’s awesome to be able to assign emails to individuals as well so that you don’t have multiple people trying to answer the same email at the same time.

You can create your own email address right inside of Team inbox. You can add a team and box to your Zoho One account if you have Zoho one. If you do not see it as an option, email the Zoho team and ask them to make it accessible, and then they’ll send you instructions on how to do that.

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