Zoho Social: Finding Your Audience

Zoho Social

Social media used to be a place for people to connect with old friends and distant relatives. It was a place for communities to come together and share experiences, stories, and triumphs. As the platforms started to evolve and more channels came to market, businesses started to realize that social media is a new form of marketing strategies for branding, messaging, and even conversion to buy, engage, or convert.

Understanding this market is still fairly new, and some businesses are still trying to get acquainted with this form of digital marketing. As users are utilizing multiple platforms at once, they’re using them with different mindsets. They tend to uphold different forms of their personalities in each platform, which means that your marketing message must also reflect the essence of each platform. What works in Instagram may not work in LinkedIn. And what works in Twitter may not work in Facebook.

Zoho Social understands all of these complexities when it comes to managing all of your messaging versions, and it will help your marketing teams develop a strategy that will not only enhance your message and find your target audience, but it will help you manage your engagement, learn what’s working, and even help you find a wider audience. Because social has a reach than other marketing channels may not have, Zoho Social will help you find that audience in an organic and natural way.

Zoho Social has many capabilities when it comes to casting out your messaging and expanding your brand presence, but overall, it will allow your marketing team to reach more people, understand your target audience, and learn from the market. Here are just a few ways that Zoho Social can help grow your business through multiple social media channels.

  • Scheduling to cater to your own busy schedule
    Through learned behaviors and digital science, it’s likely that you already have an understanding of when your audience prefers to engage with social. Depending on your business and your industry, your target audience differs depending on taste, demographics, and even past behaviors. Zoho Social allows you to take learnings from other campaigns and efforts of your brand to learn what worked in the past in terms of timing and messaging. You may know that your customers are more active in the morning in terms of content consumption, but they may be more likely to take action on a post in the afternoon. Whatever these insights are, your teams can take these learnings and apply them to scheduled posts so you can reach them in each mindset. This scheduling will also allow you to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities, so you won’t miss a post that’s attached to a time, and you’ll stay engaged with the project at hand instead of breaking to simply make a post.
  • Fully baked calendar feature for a broader look
    Your social campaign is likely complex, especially considering all of the presences you have to maintain across multiple platforms. Each platform serves a different purpose, so you have to tweak your messaging on each one in its own voice and its specific delivery. It can be overwhelming to consider all of these factors, so Zoho Social also offers a content calendar that will help you stay on track, organized, and on top of what needs to be promoted and on which platform. This will of course keep your marketing team on time, but it will also be a critical tool when it comes to reflection to compile recaps and case studies, especially if any of those campaigns are tied to a sponsor or a partner. You’ll want to better understand what tactics worked, and with a record of timing and platform activity, your teams will be more equipped to compile these critical reports.

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  • Monitor activity with a custom dashboard
    Because social media has changed so drastically so quickly, it can be hard to keep track of how your customers are reacting to your messaging. With our digital listening tools, Zoho Social will allow you to monitor and keep track of any and all engagements that your brand has on your social channels. You can look at what people are saying about your post, your brand, or even your messaging so you can obtain that real-time qualitative data on your core audience. This will also help you stay alert if there are questions or complaints so that you can respond immediately and accordingly – this visibility is critical since other customers and prospects are seeing this engagement on their devices as well. Having a timely response plan in place will ensure that your brand lives in a positive light, and you won’t miss out on key customers.
  • In-depth analytics and reporting
    As with almost anything in today’s digital world, you can learn from social activity. Your teams can understand how people are finding your presences in social, what they’re talking about, and how well your message is resonating with them. Zoho Social’s analytics tool will allow you to better understand which of your social platforms are performing the best, and which messaging tactics are driving more conversions to your site. Your teams will be able to cut and slice the data as it suits their needs, and these learnings will help educate and inform future marketing campaigns, as you’ll know what works and what doesn’t according to each goal.

Zoho Social | Boosted Crm

  • Cater to your specific clients with custom dashboards
    If any of your social campaigns are linked to an advertiser or a partner, you’ll want to ensure that these data points and insights are relayed back to the agency in a transparent way. Luckily, Zoho Social also offers a dashboard that can be shared with your agency so that they can go in at any time and track the performance themselves. This honesty and transparency will not only strengthen the partnership you have with that partner, but it will ensure that your strategies are held accountable due to that extra level of transparency.

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