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We’re living in a time when having and maintaining a strong digital presence is imperative for the success of a company. Brand affinity is established from a company’s mission, their tone, and the way they present themselves in the market for their consumers. As consumers ourselves, we’re attracted to brands that are authentic, honest, and people-forward. Certain values are more important to others depending on the person, the industry, and the product, but ultimately, ensuring that a brand’s positioning in the market is positive will directly impact how a company does both in terms of revenue and in terms of customer loyalty. 

Because so much of what we do is digital-forward, your brand’s presence online must be strong, impactful, unique, and also relatable. As we continue to spend more time with our screens due to their increasing and seemingly infinite capabilities, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your online presence meets market standards while connecting with your target audience. 

Zoho Sites can help bring your brand’s vision and mission to the forefront with beautiful design, seamless user experience, and a memorable platform that will bring your audience back again. Here are just a few ways that Zoho Sites can bring your brand’s identity to the forefront of your competitive market. 

  • Templates make your design selection beautiful and easy to use

The templates that Zoho Sites supply are not only clean and simple, but they follow the aesthetic of what is considered preferred and most effective for our time. Depending on your industry and your target audience, your site experience is totally up to you, as you’ll have complete control over how you want the site to look and feel. The templates are easy to use so that you can experiment and try different variations before landing on a visual experience that feels most on brand for your business. 

Zoho Sites | Boosted Crm

  • Sections help keep your users engaged with your brand as they explore

As your target audience scrolls through your page, they’ll be able to engage with sectioned areas that you want to be highlighted. If they’re hoping to see a portfolio of projects, more information on capabilities, or even previous user reviews, you’ll be able to establish and communicate anything that you deem necessary when it comes to expanding and growing your business. The template that Zoho Sites offer will ensure that no matter what information you include, it will be presented in a clean and polished format so that your look will be professional while still being approachable. 

  • Build your visual brand easily and uniquely

While still in the template operations within Zoho Sites, you can keep tweaking and customizing features so that you can arrive at a site experience that is preferred for your brand. With various options to select from, you can play around with all types of these features until you arrive at a personalization that fits your brand and tells a story about your business in an organic and natural way. Because consumers have endless options and choices about where they go and what brands they interact with, your digital experience needs to not only grab their attention immediately, but you must be able to retain them and make their experience memorable. While these customizations you make within Zoho Sites might feel small, they might make the difference between a curious visitor from a serious lead. 

  • Multiple integration capabilities

Since Zoho Sites is a part of the larger Zoho product family, it can seamlessly integrate with your customized Zoho CRM so that all of your other internal teams can obtain valuable information from this platform as necessary. More importantly, Zoho Sites can also integrate your social media presences on the site so that you can engage with your target audiences in the platforms they’re already in and spread your brand awareness seamlessly and organically. 

Zoho Sites | Boosted Crm

  • Easy analytical and reporting tools 

Because we’re so digital-forward, we’re able to learn incredible amounts about our users, the performance and efficacy of our marketing programs, and even identify areas of opportunity or improvement. Zoho Sites will use the expertise of SEO and Google Analytics to help your teams understand what’s working, how to better attract new users, and increase your brand awareness in a market that’s likely crowded thanks to the digital shift of the past 20 years. All of this analysis and reporting will help you continue to refine, improve, listen, and adapt for a more successful future. 

  • Effectively communicate and engage

One of the best ways to capture and keep the attention of consumers when they have infinite options and short attention spans is to engage with them as personally as possible. This could be providing a real “voice” to your brand with a blog capability, or it could be an area on your site that allows for feedback or comments from your visitors. With chat options and other ways that they can truly engage with your brand, it tells your target audience that you do want to hear from them and that their feedback matters, especially in a time when so many brands and presences out there are “faceless.” Zoho Sites will help you put your voice and face into your brand. 

In a time when there’s more digital competition than ever in any industry, it’s imperative that your brand’s presence stands out – through your content, your messaging, and your overall vibe. Communicating your brand’s essence or vibe can be difficult to do in a first impression, especially when we think about the limitless options that consumers have these days. But with Zoho Sites, you can visually establish your brand’s identity instantly by grabbing their attention and ensuring that you keep them interested and engaged as they continue to explore and interact. Establishing this right away will not only build consumer trust, but it will also help build your awareness and affinity amongst your competitive space. Zoho Sites will help establish your brand in the market without sacrificing your integrity or overarching vision. 

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