Digitize Your Training Capabilities with Zoho ShowTime

Zoho Showtime

Living in 2020 means that you can also access your business needs with a heavy emphasis on digital capabilities. With cloud-based software on our side, we can operate practically no matter where we are or what device we’re using. This means that your company might have more remote options than ever before, and it’s also likely that taking vacation time is easier to manage, knowing that your team members can tend to anything that could be considered urgent or an emergency to avoid delay or missed deadlines. This is certainly an advantage and can help move your business and keep your team members happy with your personnel strategies.

When it comes to onboarding new hires or organizing continuing education or other training capabilities, it might be difficult to imagine how this can be done digitally, but luckily our technology supports this aspect of your business as well. And with Zoho ShowTime, your HR or other administrative teams can ensure that all of your teams and members have the knowledge they need to feel part of the company, educated, and informed as best as possible. Here are some of the teams this tool could help:

  • Manage and run your training business

One of the benefits of having this tool exist as a virtual product is that you’ll have a broader reach and scale to meet potential customers. With the ability to reach anyone globally, you can truly tap into a new customer scale that you wouldn’t have been able to access prior to our time of living almost completely digitally. 

  • Your HR considerations and needs

If your company is global or has the ability to work remotely, it’s likely that your HR team would greatly benefit from Zoho ShowTime to onboard new team members or deliver continuing education or training sessions to those not physically in an office setting. 

  • For anyone else that would require independent sessions

If you’re simply someone that is independent and would benefit from the capabilities of Zoho ShowTime, you can qualify leads from this platform to help you deliver greater long-term results of your growing company. 

And if you’re still curious about how it can benefit your company or how it can work with other elements of your business, here are a few additional points to drive it home. 

  • Customize the experience to fit your brand’s identity

In a time when competition feels as strong as ever, you need to ensure that your company is doing everything it can to stand out amongst the crowd. Zoho ShowTime allows your company to implement your own branding element to the experience, which emphasizes your identity, tone, and voice at every possible moment, and this is especially crucial when thinking about who you’re presenting to and training. This element will make an impact on your viewers and how you continue to position your brand in the market. 

  • Increase capability as interactive

No matter how your company uses Zoho ShowTime, it’s likely that you need to make the experience memorable as well as interactive. Since this product is designed to be a training platform, you want to be sure that what you’re sharing is impactful but also collaborative. With Zoho ShowTime, you can integrate a wide range of tools and offerings to engage with those that you’re speaking to. From polls, screen sharing, chats, and more, you can be sure that everyone that is there has the opportunity to engage with you and the content in multiple ways. This will not only encourage the experience to be as open floor as possible, but your viewers and attendees will appreciate the variety of ways that they can interact with the content. 

  • Multi-channel and resource offerings

In any kind of training experience, people come to expect resources in addition to the training session. Luckily, Zoho ShowTime can support this expectation by having the ability to upload a variety of forms of information. From videos, documents, and link sharing, you can absolutely arm your trainees what they need to continue with their training or education. From there you can even implement how well they obtained their information by measurement via a test or a quiz. 

  • Personalize your sessions per need

Every training session will look different dependent on the need, which is why Zoho ShowTime has the ability for the trainer to customize the experience specific to their needs. You’ll be able to establish these settings and preferences to fit your needs, from creating forms and monitoring registration, to communication and follow-up, your training experience will be unique and personal to fulfill your goals and needs. 

  • Take advantage of data and analytics

Measuring success of anything can be multi-dimensional, especially in our current time of digital-first. You’ll also be able to create the settings you need to monitor the rates that you find important. You can track how attendees rate their trainers or the sessions, you can track attendance compared to registrations, and you can even see the retention rates following any tests or quizzes. Anything that you choose to measure will surely inform future training sessions and help you refine any processes that you feel need additional attention or care. 

  • Focus on the main idea

Setting these kinds of sessions up can often feel daunting due to the amount of preparation that is involved. One of the core features and benefits of using Zoho ShowTime is that the platform takes care of a lot of the administrative features so that you can focus on the main purpose of the trainings. You can streamline the main objectives so that the other details are either covered at a later time or taken care of by any automation settings you establish. Not only does this save valuable time and energy, but your lead trainer can focus more on ensuring that biggest messages and main ideas are elevated. 

Zoho ShowTime is just one more platform within the Zoho ecosystem that supports our digital-first world. Bring your company into the 21st century with this top-of-the-line training tool. 

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