Zoho Showtime: An Remarkable Training Platform for Every Need

Zoho Showtime is an outstanding solution that addresses various training requirements, whether it’s live training, on-demand sessions, or face-to-face interactions. This platform allows you to effortlessly set up and manage all three types of training sessions, providing a seamless and efficient experience. With Zoho Showtime, you’ll find a comprehensive range of features designed to enhance your training endeavors.

Upon entering Zoho Showtime, you’ll be greeted by an intuitive interface that offers a clear overview of upcoming sessions, past sessions, and on-demand content. This organized view ensures that you can easily navigate through sessions and access the information you need without any hassle. When it comes to conducting a session, Zoho Showtime provides several functionalities that enrich the participant experience. The platform generates a unique attendee link, which you can share as-is or customize to your preference. Whether you choose to distribute the link individually or embed it strategically on your website, Zoho Showtime offers flexibility in engaging with participants and facilitating registration.

session link

The session description feature allows you to provide comprehensive information about the training content, ensuring participants have a clear understanding of what to expect. Moreover, you can customize session materials by adding videos or other resources, which can be shared during live sessions, further enhancing the training experience.

Zoho Showtime takes engagement to the next level with interactive elements such as polls and tests. You can easily create engaging polls with multiple-choice, text box, or rating options, encouraging participants to provide feedback and share their insights. The platform also supports the creation of tests, allowing you to assess participants’ knowledge and progress. You have the option to upload pre-designed tests or create custom ones tailored to your specific training requirements.


Managing registrations is a breeze with Zoho Showtime’s registration feature. Essential fields like first name, last name, and email are included by default and are mandatory for registration. Additionally, you have the flexibility to add custom fields or predefined options to gather specific participant details. The platform allows you to redirect participants after registration, ensuring a smooth user experience.

registration details


Recognizing participants’ achievements is important, and Zoho Showtime simplifies the process with customizable certificates. These certificates automatically populate with participants’ names, session details, and other relevant information. You can also add your organization’s logo, adding a personal touch and maintaining a professional and branded feel.


Although payment configuration details are not covered in this overview, Zoho Showtime offers the option to sell tickets for your training events. This feature enables you to manage ticket sales effectively, providing a convenient and secure way for participants to access your valuable content.


Promoting your training sessions and events is made easy with Zoho Showtime’s embedding feature. You can embed sessions on your website using the provided iframe codes, showcasing upcoming training opportunities to your visitors. Additionally, you can share session links across various platforms, maximizing visibility and driving registrations.

embed session

Zoho Showtime provides a comprehensive profile for your organization, showcasing your sessions and trainers. By adding your organization’s social media handles, you can easily connect with participants and extend your reach. The trainer information section offers valuable insights into your trainers’ expertise and backgrounds, building credibility and trust.

Within Zoho Showtime, you have complete control over invitations, registrations, session settings, and evaluation features. You can make session ratings mandatory, allowing participants to provide feedback and helping you improve future sessions. Automated email reminders and thank-you messages can be configured, ensuring effective communication throughout the training process.


Zoho Showtime offers two visually appealing themes, light and dark, allowing you to choose the one that best aligns with your brand and training content. The platform also provides a library where you can upload and manage session materials, recordings, polls, and presentations, ensuring easy access and organization of resources.


Integrating Zoho Showtime with Zoho CRM systems and Zapier enhances its functionality and compatibility with your existing workflows. This seamless integration streamlines your training operations and optimizes efficiency.

In summary, Zoho Showtime is an exceptional tool that caters to a wide range of training needs. Whether you’re conducting live training sessions, on-demand training, webinars, or meetings, Zoho Showtime provides all the features you need to deliver an outstanding training experience. With its user-friendly interface, customization options, and seamless functionality, Zoho Showtime stands out as a remarkable training platform for organizations and professionals alike.

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