Zoho ShowTime: A GoToWebinar Alternative

It seems like we’ve gone from in-person productivity to virtual and remote work almost overnight. At first, it may have felt like a shock to the system, but as we get deeper into our digital and virtual capabilities and how we can integrate those into our business, the more it may feel like, “why didn’t we do this before?” With so many communication and productivity tools that allow us to still properly function outside of the traditional office setting, we may even be able to operate at levels that we never even considered before.

When it comes to large meetings, sharing presentations, or even onboarding or training sessions, it might be difficult to imagine what that looks like in a remote time, but luckily, our tools are innovating at a fast enough speed to keep up with our current day needs of remote work. Even in a hybrid setting, these tools will allow us to be flexible and work in any condition that is best conducive to your business and your needs.

There seem to be many new entrants in the market around capabilities for holding these larger sessions. As we no longer have to worry about traveling to these events and the expenses that are tied to them, we can instead shift our focus to the core ideas behind those trainings, presentations, and large meetings. Despite all of these new entrants, there are a few that continue to lead the pack regarding capability and ease of use for the users. GoToWebinar has been a staple for some time, but there are major advantages to using Zoho ShowTime for the needs of your employees as well as your business overall.

  • Flexible pricing options, from free trial to subscription-based model

Given our new remote functionalities and all of the requirements that your teams need to be able to properly perform their tasks, you’ll need to consider that cost that comes from including this product into your business. With budgets completely shifted over the past year, this is something you’ll need to pay close attention to, and luckily, Zoho ShowTime offers flexible pricing options that will allow you to experiment with the platform before committing, and even offers free accounts to help you gain your comfort levels. It’s been a year of change, so this will be a helpful integration for your teams as they adjust to a new system.

  • Personalized profiles

In the same vein of adjustment and making connections, an offering that’s worth highlighting for Zoho ShowTime is the ability to build personalized profiles. As your team members adjust to not seeing their teammates in person and as new people join your organization, there’s a sense of connection that is lacking in this new world. This feature may feel small, but it works volumes in a time when making and maintaining those valuable connections are incredibly valuable. This will help your teams feel more connected in an unusual time, and it’ll help your new hires feel more comfortable and welcome.

Zoho Showtime: A Gotowebinar Alternative | Boosted Crm

One of the major advantages of using a Zoho product like Zoho ShowTime is the ability to integrate it within your larger Zoho CRM ecosystem. Whether your teams are using Zoho ShowTime for external client calls or for internal purposes, like trainings or onboardings, you can use that tool to communicate directly with your larger Zoho CRM. Not only will this automate processes for you, but it will make these processes more streamlined for the teams involved – your HR team will be alerted when steps in onboarding are completed, your marketing and sales teams will be alerted if leads are generated from external meetings, and your customer service team will be notified if there’s an issue regarding satisfaction or communication issues.

  • Customer support meets your needs as you go

Change does not happen overnight, but in this instance of remote working, it almost did feel overnight. This means that your teams have been forced to adjust to a brand new way of working immediately, and it’s likely that your business experienced some form of disruption. As you get acquainted and learn as you go, you’ll need a system in place that will help you find answers, navigate roadblocks, and just get used to a new way of doing things. Zoho ShowTime offers a robust customer service to help with that adjustment so that you can maintain your focus on the larger business needs.

Zoho Showtime A Gotowebinar Alternative
  • Rich data collection

A benefit of living in the digital age is the ability to capture insights and data that cannot be argued. With Zoho ShowTime, not only will your teams be able to analyze the engagement levels during these virtual trainings and meetings, but you’ll be able to gather feedback from these sessions. This data will not only be able to inform your teams on what worked and what could benefit from more attention or improvement, but you’ll be able to keep a pulse on your brand’s perception amongst your team members and those external parties that you share these meetings with. Additionally, Zoho ShowTime supports ratings and reviews so you can supplement that data with honest feedback from all parties involved to learn about areas of improvement, congratulate the team members that are contributing value, and to always promote the idea that your teams are open for feedback and criticism. This open-door policy will create an environment that will make your team members feel safe and also heard, that their opinions matter.

Facetime is valuable at all times, but this past year, it’s never been more valuable, even for businesses. Having an opportunity for your team member to connect in an environment where they’re sharing important information with one another provides value beyond traditional email and phone calls. Zoho ShowTime gives your business a leg-up over GoToWebinar for data-sharing, training, and onboarding – this platform will elevate your brand’s perception in the market and simultaneously make your teams feel closer and more connected than ever.

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