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Zoho Remotely and Your Business

We live in a time when technology and advanced communication capabilities have enabled us to move quicker than ever no matter where we are. In our personal lives, we are more connected than ever before. With immediate communication tools that allow us to talk and “see” one another with just the tap of our thumb, we can catch up with one another no matter where we are. With productivity resources and apps, we can complete tasks in any location on practically any device that’s compatible. In our personal lives, we’ve adapted quickly to this, as it’s brought us all closer together and moved our communication skills to a whole new level.

Zoho Remotely And Your Business


When we think about these advances for our business, some of these advancements have probably already made their way into your operations. As our technology continues to become more intuitive and algorithms become more accurate to fit our preferences, these features should be integrated into your business model to fit the expectations that we already have as consumers ourselves. If your business isn’t on par with the experience that we’ve so quickly become adapted to, your target audience will likely shift to a competitor.

The same might be said for your employees. If your business model doesn’t include the capabilities that we are used to as consumers, they might feel as though they’re a part of something that doesn’t have the ability to stay innovative and current. When it comes to the ability to work remotely, your internal platforms and resources must be able to support this preference, as life interruptions and personal preferences continue to influence professional productivity. As world events and other happenings that are out of our control continue to hold a presence in our lives, it’s imperative that your company is designed for remote capabilities.

Introducing Zoho Remotely

As our world continues to react to current events, Zoho Remotely is available to provide all of the requirements your business will need in order to support remote work for your employees. Since commuting into an office may not always be an option for everyone, working from home or from other locations is a reality for many all over the world. Safety and security should be your greatest concern for your employees, and providing a remote option is a solution.

Zoho Remotely provides a suite of products that support the requirements that your team members will need in order to function the same as if they were in the office. While the routine of working remotely might take some getting used to, Zoho Remotely has all of the resources your departments will need to perform efficiently and effectively.

Here are just a few ways in which Zoho Remotely can help support your teams while being away from the office without missing a beat.

  • Collaboration

Your teams likely collaborate on multiple projects at once, and they need the tools to help all stakeholders stay on track and informed of processes. In a world that moves incredibly fast, these apps must be able to support multiple project managers and simultaneous timelines.

  • WorkDrive – since people are working together at all times, you need solutions that can support efficiency and productivity. This cloud storage system allows for efficient document exchange and collaboration in real-time, which saves valuable time and also aids in version control. Your team members will reach deadlines easier and faster.
  • Projects – this app can assist with project management and ensuring that steps are taken by the appropriate team members on time. With increased visibility within this app, team members will feel empowered to provide their work on time out of respect for the rest of the stakeholders.
  • Sprints – user listening is an incredibly effective way to reach goals and innovate along the way based off ongoing feedback. Your appropriate teams will be able to monitor this communication during live projects to help pivots or movement along the way.
  • Communication

Since your team members will be losing the value of in-person meetings or even hallway interactions, it’s crucial that you have the tools that provide the ability for everyone to communicate just as they did while they were in the office.

  • Cliq– when your team members need a quick answer or exchange a file in an instant, Cliq can be a crucial part of effective communication and updates between teams, especially remotely.
  • Meeting – whether you’re attending a weekly one-on-one or a larger department-wide meeting, this app allows your team members to continue with their meeting sessions without missing out on valuable facetime.
  • ShowTime – just because your team members are working remotely does not mean larger training sessions or town halls have to disappear. ShowTime provides the functionality of larger sessions for a live audience.
  • Remote assistance

It might take some time for your team members to adjust to remote work. They might also encounter technical difficulties while working from home, which can be anxiety-inducing without an onsite IT team. That’s where these apps come in to help.

  • Assist – your employees may not be able to explain their issue, so this app allows your IT team to access your experience remotely to identify the issue. It’s quick and provides immediate solutions so your team members can focus on their work.
  • Lens – to really bring us into the new age, this app allows for augmented reality technology, further assisting remotely in a real-time kind of way. This will not only provide comfort to your employees or your customers but having that visibility will ensure that your company is staying current.
  • Productivity

Without having your employees in the office, it might be nerve-wracking to think about how they’ll stay productive in a new environment. Here’s how these apps can help on a cloud-based system for increased productivity and to meet sensitive timed turnarounds.

  • Writer – share documents to streamline version control and collaboration.
  • Sheet – collaborate on reports and analytics through spreadsheets.
  • Show – work together on presentations to meet deadlines faster and more efficiently.

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