Zoho Recruit Tutorial

If you aren’t familiar, an applicant tracking system is just a way for you to keep track of people who are applying for jobs with your company. You have a portal, and you can go in, and they can apply. They can post a resume direct. You can do job boards and postings directly from it. If using monster or indeed, you can post directly to that. When applicants apply, you’ve got nice management; you can rate them and parse their resumes. You also have a place to store your resumes, and of course, the main thing you’re going to want to do is schedule interviews with these people, and most applicant tracking systems will help you do that as well.

Zoho Recruit Tutorial

The homepage is where you can build your dashboards and let you know how many actives, applicants, and any offers you have. The job, opening tabs, or whatever job openings you have. They will be listed here, whether they’re active, whether they’re in progress, or closed out, and you can also do the custom views. This is important when you have job openings, and if you are familiar with custom views inside of Zoho CRM, this allows you to filter, like, I only want to see job openings are in progress. I only want to see job openings that are closed out, as you can kind of look at those as well. As you’ve got to grow your business and build out your Zoho recruit, you’ll be able to filter those various records, and all of your candidates as they flow in, you will see them here as well.

Views, you set up all of those interviews, the candidates, the department name, and the status of that interview will flow in here as well. And then you’ve got the overall assessments you can put out, which will have various questions you can give to the class, such as screening. Then we’ve got some basic ones here, prescreening assessment, a general assessment, and a standalone questionnaire. You can customize these, you know, if you’re hiring a coder, or perhaps you want to ask them a series of questions. If you’re hiring an admin, maybe you want to understand their general knowledge of office products, how they work, and how good they are at excel. So, you customize these assessments in those; those will be scored. The be attached and to the overall applicant. Then you can set up all of your departments. Maybe you’ve got a development department, a marketing department, a sales department, who’s in charge of those who are doing the interviewing, all of those kinds of things. And, again, if you’re familiar with CRM, you’ve got the standard to do. So, for all the to-dos associated with working with the applicants, you need to have a follow-up phone call.

If you have any candidates, you need to check out their resumes; all of the to-dos can also come in here.

If you are familiar with the little settings gear inside CRM, it’s also over here. The interesting part about that is it looks exactly like the CRM settings. And most of it is, it is pretty much the same, but there are four areas you’ll talk about that are different and you need to pay attention to when setting up the recruiting product.

Resume management

This is a resume parser, so when resumes come in, they arrive by email, and it can go through and parse that resume and put that data into the CRM automatically for you. It works fairly well. You can try this out, but there’s not much to it. It’s just mapping the fields that are going to be on the resume with the fields that are in Zoho recruit and hoping that the

Parse is good enough to sort through and put them in the proper spots. And then, once you’ve done that,

Resume inbox

A resume comes in, and you’re going to want to forward that do like a bcc to whatever email address they’re going to give you here. You’ll see there’s a random email address on the screen. That’s where the resume will come in, and then you’ve got a lot of different parsing modes that you can do. You’ve got lenient, which is you know it’s going to be a very high success rate from importing it, but the accuracy will be a little bit low. Then you go moderate where it’s going to give you a balanced success raid you know as whether it’s successfully able to do that strict. If it can parse it perfectly, don’t even bother the success, the rate will be low, but the accuracy is pretty high.

It’s a little bit tricky because, you know, some resumes will come in as a pdf that doesn’t actually have the encoded text where it’s treated like an image. It will struggle a lot with those; it does a decent job if the resume is encoded to treat everything as text that you could like a copy or paste. Your mileage will vary a little bit when you’re using this, but it is a nice little tool to have, at least for that lenient mode, to give someone just a simple way to submit a resume and enter it into your system.

Career website

This is interesting because when you go to this little career website section, you will see it at the very top. They’ve got a career site, and then I’ve got career site beta. The career site was the original one when this rolled out years ago, and there’s not much you can do to it. You can slightly rebrand it, where you can go ahead and add your logo to it. But other than that, this is kind of what it looks like. It’s basics You cut some careers; you can register you can apply for these various jobs, not a lot going on there. I imagine this will be deprecated and go away very, very shortly. But until then, what you want to do is you want to click on this career site beta; this really gives you a lot of functionality to customize things. When the career site beta, you can go ahead and edit the properties and get a little more granular here. What do you want to show on the site? Do you know what language you want to be? Talked about that custom view earlier? Do you want it to be all job openings? Do you want only to be job openings for the sales department job openings for the marketing department, you can do quite a bit with this, and you can build up different career sites. You can have a career site just for sales, marketing, and development. And they can be tailored just to meet those needs.

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