Zoho QuickBooks Desktop Integration on RightNetworks

Zoho QB Integration on Right Network

Integrating QB Desktop when it is hosted on Secure RightNetworks has its own challenges. To achieve connectivity between the two systems, Boosted CRM provides a custom PHP programming solution in which the QuickBooks Web Connector is being used to communicate between QuickBooks Database and Zoho CRM or Books database on the cloud.

This is how it works:

To push data from Zoho Books to QB, first we will need to have a layer of programming to record any new record creation and existing record modification in a local MySQL database. The information of what has been pushed to QB in the previous sync will be saved in the local database so in the next sync, a comparison between records can show what has already pushed to QB and what is new and needs to be pushed. Once that is determined, on the next sync the business logic of our solution will push the new records to QB.

A client poral will be developed by Boosted CRM that will give the admin user capability of mapping fields between the two system for each time of module such as items, customers, estimates, invoices, sales order, purchase orders, vendors, payments, credit notes, etc.

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