How Zoho Projects Keeps Your Teams on Track

Zoho Projects

Our technology and ability to work on multiple projects at once has propelled business operations faster and more efficient than ever. Teams can move projects along in ways that were just not possible just five years ago, and communication strategies have advanced so quickly that operations are moving in ways that might make it feel hard to keep up with. Because of this speed and innovation, your teams likely need help keeping up with new capabilities and how they can take advantage of all the ways they can stay informed and up to date. Luckily, thanks to the cloud, there are tools and systems that can help teams at all stages in processes stay organized and ready for every activation and need without feeling overwhelmed or needing to learn a system that isn’t intuitive or user-friendly.

Zoho Projects allows your teams involved in every step of a process to operate in ways that alerts them when they’re need, what they’re required of from other teams, and how to best operate the simultaneous projects that they’re managing. With Zoho Projects, you can say goodbye to the stress of a delay while waiting on one person, missed deadlines, or missed communications. This helps keep all team members in the know and on track. Here are just a few ways that Zoho Projects works with your team members to establish the best system in place for all parties.

  • Coordinate and organize your timelines for all teams

Any project within your organization relies on the timing and coordination across multiple teams. It can difficult communicating these timeline expectations with multiple stakeholders, but what Zoho Projects can help with is managing what’s required from each team member in a simple and straightforward way with completely customizable Gantt charts. By clearly outlining estimated timing structures and detailed expectations by team, each stakeholder will be able to understand when they’re needed and what they’ll need to expect when the project arrives at their notch in the timeline. Your team members will be able to adjust the timeline as the project advances to adhere to expectations and realistic circumstances.

  • Rely on automation to save valuable time and energy

So much of what we do within our daily routines are a part of something larger – whether these are daily, weekly, or monthly tasks, there are certain duties that take up valuable time and energy that can be simplified with automation. Activating these steps in your process to automation will also reduce the chances of human error or duplication, which will ultimately reduce the time needed for correction or revisitation. You’ll be able to completely customize this as it makes sense for your processes, and you’ll be able to adjust as you get more familiar and comfortable with platform.

  • Customization to suit your industry needs

Each business and industry is different, so it’s likely that each project you implement will look different from the next. Zoho Projects allows you to pick and choose the capabilities and tools you’ll need to make the most out of your project management – whether the project itself is big or small, involves two teams or eight, or needs to be completed in one month or seven, you’ll be able to customize the plan however you need in order to suit your final expectations. You may find that some needs certain capabilities, while other teams require other allowances for them to fulfill their obligations. No matter what they are, you’ll be able to easily customize those fields to suit the needs of the project and the teams involved.

Zoho Projects

  • Take note of time spent easily and accurately

Whether you need to document time spent for outside help, like for vendors or freelancers, or just to monitor team resources per project, Zoho Projects will allow you to easily track this information so you can see just how much time and effort is being spent on each segment of the project. This information will help inform you of how to manage expectations for future projects, if you need to hire more team members, or if you need to integrate other departments to arrive at a successful completion rate for projects in the future.

  • Use the tools and resources that you already utilize with easy integration

It’s likely that each of your teams involved with any project already use at least one other platform or tool that helps and allows them to fulfill their job requirements easily and more efficiently. Luckily, Zoho Projects has the ability to sync with these applications so that no one will need to worry about overhauling their existing process or replacing the system they already use. Essentially, Zoho Projects will only enhance and improve the way in which your teams already work.

  • Device-friendly for those on-the-go for easy access

These days, having access to your platforms and tools that help you run your operations wherever and whenever you are is a necessity. Because our projects are moving faster than ever and require the help and coordination of multiple teams, we need to ensure that we’re connected at all times to not only stay informed on the progress of a project but so that we don’t miss a beat if our part of the project is live. Zoho Projects allows you to check in on your project status from any device at any time, so you can say goodbye to delays.

Staying on top of project movement can be a hassle – alerting team members if they’re late on a deliverable can be uncomfortable, and time spent in reminders can ultimately affect the overall completion timing. With Zoho Projects, you can activate each stakeholder with clear and simple expectations, marked with straightforward deadlines and deliverables. This eliminates the need for uncomfortable follow-ups, and you’ll be able to complete projects on time for your customers and clients. In our world of constant innovation and improvement, you’ll be able to customize the platform as it fits the needs of your growing business so you can remain competitive and exceed market standards and expectations.

Zoho Projects

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