Zoho Product Reviews

  1. Zoho Remotely

We now live in a digital time in which for many companies, an incredible bulk of work can be completed in remote locations beyond a physical office space. Your company may in fact already have remote team members that contribute to your company’s infrastructure. Our technology and advanced devices now allow us to be productive practically wherever we are and whatever time zone we may be in. In order for this option to work productively, you must have an actionable suite of tools available that will help operate accordingly.

This is where Zoho Remotely comes in to help you grow your business while managing internal costs and keeping your remote workers satisfied. With an array of products that help contribute to this productivity, your teams can successfully operate in remote locations. ZohoCliq, Zoho Meeting, and Zoho ShowTime allows internal and external communication happen in realtime without relying solely on email or phone calls – with virtual meeting tools and capabilities that even support virtual training sessions, your team members will be able to streamline communications without missing out on valuable facetime. Other tools like ZohoWorkDrive, Zoho Sprints, and Zoho Sheet help manage the progress of internal projects and manage timelines, important documents and efficient movement on crucial approvals. With all of these tools readily available, your teams will have everything they’ll need to be productive – all without being in the office.

  1. Zoho Motivator

When we’re working on projects for our companies, it can difficult sometimes to take a step back and look at the big picture and be able to grasp how your responsibilities tie into the greater DNA of the business. When we’re so involved in our day-to-day projects, it can be incredibly easy to lose sight of this, and when we get trapped in those periods of not being able to identify a sense of purpose, it can be easy then to slip into a lack of motivation. We all have a sense of competition in our nature, as that’s what drives us as human beings to succeed and outperform.

Your sales team is often considered the revenue grabbers – the support teams that make it happen, like marketing, engineering, processing, and so on, all contribute to that success of generated revenue. But since we all need a little boost in our day-to-day that drives us to action, Zoho Motivator can help bring a sense of ignition to your sales team by introducing some natural motivation tactics. Plus, since Zoho Motivator syncs with your Zoho CRM, your sellers can track sales over a given period of time, and that information is then translated into badges and rewards – the little kid in you can feel like you just beat your favorite video game. From a broader level, your sales team can participate in contests with one another to make it even more entertaining and competitive – and this only drives greater sales and overall a higher comradery between your teams.

  1. Zoho Orchestly

We’re moving at the fastest pace yet in our digital age. Communication is instant, and with our devices available at all times, we can process and connect at any given moment. When working with other people and relying on collaboration amidst pressing deadlines and expectations, it can be difficult to manage and keep track of, even with the digital resources we have in this current time. Just as easy as it was to lose momentum in certain projects in the past, it can be just as easy to fall behind during our digital time due to increased integration and dedication in other developments and conversations at once.

This is how ZohoOrchestly can help. It can synchronize all of your necessary teams and departments so everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations and timelines. In this one dedicated place, all team members will be in the know on development, progress, and next steps so you won’t have to follow-up as often or keep tabs on certain stakeholders. Let the processes run themselves so you can focus on what you were hired to do – not only will your teams save precious time and energy, but you can also sacrifice any discomfort between teams if there are lags or stalls in development. With the ability to access the platform on your mobile device, you can also rest assured that you can continue valuable process steps no matter where you are so you won’t have to worry about delaying development.

  1. Zoho Commerce

If your business operates by selling products, it’s likely that your site supports a thorough and intuitive online shopping experience. Since digital spending has become a mainstream way of operating business, it’s crucial that your site experience is easy to use, clean, and even aesthetically pleasing for your target consumer. But just because you may not need to manage a physical store doesn’t mean that operations are easier. You’ll still need to process orders, analyze supply and demand analytics, and physically ship your products.

With these complexities in mind, it should be comforting to know that Zoho Commerce can help you in every step of the way, even for those details that you didn’t even consider. Between laying out your site and officially launching your site to figuring out the practical details of processing, Zoho Commerce will ensure that you cross everything off your list of requirements both from a B2C perspective but also from the lens of legalities. You want to make sure that you’re satisfying the requirements of each state’s tax laws, and you’ll also want to ensure that you establish a positive working relationship with any third parties you need, like your payment processing platform and your shipping and handling partner. If you have an online shopping arm as part of your overall brand strategy and initiative, you’ll be thankful to have Zoho Commerce in your toolkit.

  1. Zoho MarketingHub

There are so many ways to find and connect with your target audience these days, but this greater capability also means that your competitors are trying to do the same thing in a crowded digital space. Consumers and their attention is valuable to brands, which is why your marketing tactics need to be incredibly targeted, deliberate, and strategic to build the most optimized plans so you can see a greater return on your investment and overall happy customers AND internal teams.

With ZohoMarketingHub, you can manage all aspects of your marketing campaigns in one place to better identify plans that work and those that may need greater attention or refinement. With all the listening data that we have at our fingertips now thanks to our digital insights, you should be able to take those identification pieces and generate a promising lead list and transfer them to conversions with attribution reports. You can also follow a lead’s behavior and their online journey so you can identify and learn more about certain trends or features that might make an impact on your business overall. You can stay in touch with them with email, social, and SMS campaigns so you can continue to stay top-of-mind, especially when they’re in a decision-making mindset, and from there, you’ll eventually be able to engage with them in surveys and webinars. When the campaigns are complete, ZohoMarketingHub will help you analyze the full performance so you can obtain a robust view on the entire ROI for your efforts. By syncing these data pieces within your Zoho CRM, your dedicated teams will then also be able to use this information as it pertains to their own needs.

  1. Zoho Zia Voice

Practically all of our devices can be voice-activated now – from our phones to TVs to other smart technology, voice features allow us to multi-task like we never have before. With hands-free demand systems in place, we can now operate tasks without really having to think about it or work at it. This means we can focus on projects or duties that we want to spend more time on and be even more productive in our schedules. Since lack of time and “being too busy” is often a crutch that we use, voice technology helps us avoid leaning on those excuses too much.

For your sales team, voice technology can be especially helpful. Our devices help us connect and communicate faster and easier than ever, but sometimes that digital connection can inspire a lack of personal and physical connection overall. Sellers might find that in-person meetings are harder to obtain and often get reduced to phone calls or virtual meetings. But when sellers CAN be on the road making those connections, they can use Zoho Zia Voice to keep them on schedule and informed while traveling. With quick answers and updates to the state of business and even operational capabilities, Zia Voice can operate as a sales assistant to your sales team so they can focus on what really matters – making that connection and deepening the relationships with your clients.

  1. Zoho Writer

No matter what industry your business is in, you likely have to work in multiple documents at once, which need to of course be transferred to other individuals and departments for input, collaboration, and ultimately approval. This can be a tedious process, especially when there’s a hard deadline attached to the process. With our advanced technology nowadays, there are better options when it comes to sending documents – and it’s absolutely a step up from email transfer and delivery.

With cloud-based capabilities, Zoho Writer allows multiple stakeholders to access a document at one time. This allows for incredible collaboration while saving tremendous time – and with the ability to monitor version control, you won’t have to fret about sending the wrong version when it’s all said and done. You’ll also be able to access it on your mobile devices so you can rest assured that any process won’t be held up on your end, and you’ll also be able to track the changes in real time. Zoho Writer can also be synced with your customized Zoho CRM so that delivery can be accessed easily by proper teams and other products with your Zoho family, which only further translates to success with your teams and your external partners. What’s even better is that this application can also serve as a model for historical information – your teams will be able to reference previous documents within Zoho Writer to learn from previous executions and integrate what worked and what needs improvement.

  1. ZohoPhoneBridge

Communicating with leads over phone isn’t a dead practice, and it’s likely that your business uses the phone to follow-up with your customers on new or repeat business. For additional help and support, they’ll also reach out on their own time for guidance or answers along the way, and it’s crucial that you’re able to maintain an activity log for reference. To maintain a positive standing with your customers as well as a positive reputation for your business, your internal teams must be able to update one another on order status, customer satisfaction, and any trends that they’re noticing through these moments of contact.

This is where ZohoPhoneBridge comes in to help. By syncing all of your call apps in one place, your sales, client services, and support teams will all be in the know of all contact made with customers. With the ability to log the call and provide updated details on that relationship, appropriate teams will be updated with detailed next steps and how to move forward with that customer. By having all of the information in one place, this eliminates the possibility of lost information, and all team members will have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips. Not only will this make your internal processes easier and more streamlined, but ZohoPhoneBridge can help improve the relationships you have with your customers.

  1. Zoho Zia

Since we live in a digital world, we as consumers have expectations for immediate and quick. When it comes to your business, your clients expect the same speed and efficiency, especially since you’re competing with others that are moving just as quickly. You need to ensure you have the latest technology at hand so you can be armed with immediate answers to questions you may get along the way and solutions to issues that your clients or customers present. It’s crucial that you have a system that supports this demand without losing the human touch.

This is how Zoho Zia can help. Since we’re always on the go and moving a mile a minute, you may find that you come across times when you need answers when you’re not in the office or in immediate touch with your teams that can help you. Especially for your sales teams, they may be traveling from meeting to meeting and may not always be able to bring their assistant with them to help them stay on track and armed with the right materials. Zoho Zia is essentially the virtual assistant that every seller needs while on the road. With voice-activated commands that link with your customized Zoho CRM, you can activate, process, demand, and contact with practically any operation you need. Not only does this save valuable time for all team members, but it allows the sellers to be more prepared in those face-to-face meetings that matter more now than ever. Take advantage of today’s technology with your virtual Zoho Zia assistant.

  1. Zoho Workplace

No matter your industry or your department, you’re likely working on multiple projects at once using several different platforms for productivity and communication. It can sometimes be difficult when it comes to getting all key stakeholders on the same page or obtaining updates from certain individuals on select projects. Movement is essential in today’s time, and there’s no room for lag or delay. Because our digital world’s expectations of us are high and immediate, your company must be able to meet those demands, and your team members must have the appropriate tools in order to do so. There’s no room for delay, and your teams must be able to work with the same conditions that they use to operate in their personal lives – if your company seems behind in the times or out-of-touch with the latest technology, they’ll notice it.

To help keep all of these tools and platforms in one place, your team members can use Zoho Workplace for optimum communication and productivity. For internal communication and collaboration, your departments can update one another through immediate chat or email, and they can collaborate on projects with a file management system to help with version control and easier deadline requirements. For external meetings, your teams can host and hold virtual meeting sessions with the ability to share screens and even host larger training sessions that can link out to appropriate documents or information held without boundaries. Your teams will appreciate the streamlined connectivity and collaborative features, and with the ability to work together more efficiently, productivity will also increase. Be sure to bring your teams into the next generation with Zoho Workplace.

  1. Zoho Finance Plus

Living in a digital time means that operations move a mile a minute. This also means that your company must be able to keep up with all expectations, both internally and externally. When it comes to processing financial information, that need is even greater, as the customer experience expects an industry match when it comes to transferring funds and approving purchases. For internal needs, your employees expect to be compensated on time and for their requests for expense approvals to move just as quickly. It’s imperative that your financial teams have a reliable system that allows them to operate as quickly as the rest of the market is moving while doing so accurately, securely, and efficiently.

Zoho Finance Plus is a unified platform that brings all of your financial apps together in one place, allowing for your accounting teams to access all of their necessary tools easily and without a hitch. From processing invoices and balancing inventory to approving customer payments and monitoring payroll, all of their needs can be met with this master suite platform. With the ability to operate from all kinds of devices from any location, you also won’t have to worry about delay or interruption of process. Not only will this improve your business from a B2C perspective, proving a seamless experience for your customers, but it will improve your internal operations and your teams’ satisfaction with the technology overall. Your accountants will feel confident in the programs and satisfied with the ease-of-use. All around, Zoho Finance Plus will keep your company in the 21st century without missing a beat.

  1. Zoho CRM Plus

The stakes for your business have never been higher when it comes to customer engagement and retainment. Consumers know they have a wide range of options, and getting them to commit to your business not just once but repeatedly should be your ultimate goal. Getting there can be difficult, but it can be done with the right resources and the right interface so that your internal teams can work together as efficiently as possible to meet customer demand while providing the best service you have. It can be difficult to think about how to do that with all the considerations you have to make as a company, but ultimately, there are solutions within the Zoho family that can help deliver your business goals while satisfying your customers on a regular basis.

If a customer can’t find a solution or what they need within your business immediately, they’ll leave. Making sure that you can make their experience as easy as possible can be done with the help of Zoho CRM Plus. This platform allows all of your apps to communicate with one another so that your teams can properly activate when necessary. Engaging with your customers and providing them a seamless experience is easy with a refined activity tracking capability, which can tell you the similar behaviors that users are taking with your brand. Through targeted promotions and marketing plans, you can expand your brand awareness and generate leads for your sales team to convert. When working on cross-department projects, you’ll be able to use the Zoho CRM Plus platform to communicate with the appropriate team members on status and progress. With links to social activity, you’ll also be able to monitor public interaction with your brand in real-time, which is crucial when it comes to social listening and communicating with your customers. With detailed analytic reports, you can also track and measure the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and how they performed according to goal and objective.

Since progression and movement are just some of the key necessary functions for a company to succeed in our day and age, it’s also crucial to note that Zoho CRM Plus is accessible on mobile and tablet, so you won’t have to worry about any delay in progress or timing. Plus, your sellers will be able to get up-to-the-minute updates on any information they’ll need when on-the-go and traveling from one sales call to the next, which only positions your company higher above your competition.

  1. Zoho One

For any business that’s looking to grow and expand, you’ll need a software system in place that can help manage the ins and outs of your company’s operations. As we continue to advance with our technology and communication methods, it’s imperative that your business follow suit and keep up with these innovations. Not only will this maintain your success, but it will help you generate a greater list of leads for your sales team to convert so you can expand your business. Additionally, your teams will appreciate the effort that you’re making to keep your company up to market standard while also making their lives easier and more efficient with more effective communication and increased collaboration. Since everyone is working on different projects at once but with the same goal for your company’s success, you’ll need a system in place that allows everyone to work together as collaboratively as possible.

Within all of the products available with the Zoho family, Zoho One is the platform that will help you deliver on all the needs of your business for all of your teams. By establishing your business through this software, your teams can work at a higher functioning rate due to the system’s intuitive set up for the needs of each of your departments. With a CRM for your sales team, a campaigns app for your marketing team, and even a books functionality for your accounting team, your departments will be able to access tools that help them perform their processes and projects more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, since all of the apps are intertwined and can relay information to each other, your teams will save tremendous time and energy so they can focus on the projects that require their unique strategy skills. With automation as an option and mobile-friendly access, your teams won’t have to worry about missed deadlines or duplication. As we continue to innovate in the 21st century, your company needs to ensure that your teams are involved in the most advanced technology for their work, and Zoho One is the solution to making sure that your team members are happy, your customers are happy, and your clients are satisfied with your partnership.

  1. Zoho Desk

No matter how advanced or intuitive we become in our new world, there are inevitable issues that will arrive. There are questions that your customers might have that you haven’t considered making accessible on your site. Your customers may just want a way to connect with a team member on a personal level. No matter what the needed extra step is from your customer base, you need to provide them with a solution to contact you. Given all the channels that we now have for communication and connectivity, you also need to consider what might be the most convenient for your customer base. With busy schedules, making a phone call may not be the most realistic option for some. Some people prefer to speak to a human in real-time to get their answers. Some prefer to do a simple ticket submission if their issue isn’t pressing or urgent.

No matter the needs of your customer base, you need to provide a preferred solution for all of your customers. With Zoho Desk, your customers will be able to engage with your brand through a variety of portals to help them get their issues addressed. With the ability to provide these options, your customers will appreciate the choice and will choose the avenue most convenient for them. Once a ticket is submitted or a request for communication is received, your appropriate internal teams will be alerted to match the specific request for contact and information. Having a secure and intuitive process in place here will ensure that the customer service experience is white-glove and personal. Not only will this help you keep your current customers happy and satisfied, but they’re more likely to share their positive experiences with others, which will help expand your customer base and ultimately grow your business. Just because we live in a digital world doesn’t mean the value of human connection has diminished.

  1. Zoho Notebook

We’re in a time when a million things are happening at once. We’re all used to multi-tasking on a regular basis to help us stay on track and on schedule. Whether it’s catching up on emails while commuting into the office or working on a project during a meeting, we all have our own systems and processes that help us manage our time and balance our workload. Because we’re moving so fast and at all times, especially as our technology continues to advance, it’s crucial that you take advantage of all the apps available to you to keep yourself organized and on-track. Even though most of us are out of school, it’s still important to take the tools we learned in the classroom into the boardroom.

It sounds simple, but taking notes is one of the best ways to stay organized and professional. Zoho Notebook is an application that allows you to keep all of your thoughts and notes in one place where you can also add files and attachments to supplement any information you might need later on. As you continue to utilize the app, you’ll figure out the best and easiest ways to do use it for your own needs and preferences. You’ll be able to also use the app across devices so you can easily access it while on-the-go and working on other projects simultaneously. In a world that is moving very quickly, Zoho Notebook will help keep your thoughts in order so you can stay organized and committed to your projects as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  1. Zoho Salesinbox

We are in a world that is moving quickly, and we’re all on the go. We rely on our technology and devices to keep us on track and on schedule, and this constant connectivity means that we need the proper apps and tools in place that can keep with us and satisfy our needs for our business. As our technology continues to get smarter and algorithms better predict our needs, we have to be able to incorporate those changes into our business so that it meets market demand as well as customer expectation. With greater technology intuition comes stronger communication methods and analytical reporting.

With ZohoSalesinbox, your sellers can more easily recognize and organize their inbox to understand lead priority and track activity. Understandably, email is likely the most-used communication platform for this department, and given their demanding and often unpredictable schedules, it can be overwhelming to sift through email clutter to find the leads that are the most promising for business. ZohoSalesinbox will help with this automated sorting that is customized by the seller, and since the app operates on the cloud, they’ll be able to reference this information on any device no matter where they are – a crucial element for this team. And since they do spend so much time on the road, they can also easily schedule emails to be sent so that they don’t miss a deadline or lose out on business due to scheduling. Plus, sellers also have the ability to track when emails are opened so they can understand proper follow-up protocol or when to reach out according to the data. With all of this, sellers can then spend more time focusing on nourishing their client relationships and holding more face-to-face meetings.

  1. Zoho Marketplace

No matter your industry or your department, you know there are certain basic needs that you require in order to do your job successfully. Whether that’s scheduling details, technology, or even a physically setting preference, you know what you prefer. It isn’t until you’ve found a rhythm that you discover you likely need other things to help you perform your responsibilities better. As we continue to grow as individuals and as professionals, these are all learnings that we find in time. As we adjust to new technology or even industry changes, we have to innovate and customize as we go. This can sometimes be painful to do, especially if you feel you’ve already found a natural process, but it’s crucial to be malleable and flexible, as our world will continue to advance and innovate faster.

When you started with your Zoho tools for your business, you likely followed your intuition to integrate apps that you’ve already worked with before or those that you know you would need to run your operations. With time, however, you probably found that you needed more to enhance performance, grow your business, or keep up with the industry. In an event, Zoho Marketplace is the destination that provides you essentially with a store of apps and products that might help you. If you decide you need to heavy up in marketing and promotion, you can browse the extensions in that category to figure out how to amplify your brand’s presence. If you’re looking to increase sales and better integrate this team with the other support departments, there are tools within the CRM functionality that can help enhance your area of focus there. No matter what your needs are or if you feel that you would benefit from just a general refresh of new features, be sure to visit Zoho Marketplace so you can stay informed and up-to-date with industry standards and what your competitors might be implementing. You’ll also be able to subscribe to their newsletter so you can get updates right in your inbox so you’ll never miss news on the newest features, developments, or products.

  1. Zoho Developer

Depending on your industry, you might need to create things in a pinch, and time may not be on your side. If you’re a tech or digital company, this could mean that you likely have a team of engineers already that help build your backend on a regular basis. For these developers that you have on-site, you’ll want to make sure that you have the appropriate tools for them handy int eh event that they need to create immediate applications for the success of your company and your business. They’ll already be in tune with the technology they’ll need for this, so their intuition will help you decide what you’ll need in order for them to be as efficient as possible.

With Zoho Developer, these teams will be able to build enterprise level apps through simple drag and drop tools. With easy coding options for them and an interface that is simple to navigate, they can create applications quickly for your business and for the opportunity to sell. Since Zoho itself is a developer, its intuition is spot-on for your engineering team. You’ll be able to rise above the competition without having to worry about paying any commissions as well. Simply put, this is the application your business requires if your team is looking to develop on its own.

  1. Zoho Calendar

It seems as though we’re in a world when we’re busier than ever, managing multiple projects at once and often wearing several hats throughout the day. It can be difficult and demanding to stay on track and on time amidst all the directions that we’re pulled in on a daily basis. We are relying on our technology and our devices more than ever to help us maintain our schedules so that we don’t miss a deadline or fall behind on projects. Now that our world is practically run by digital, it’s crucial that our professional and administrative duties are synced with these digital capabilities. We’re lucky to have the tools and the applications that help us achieve this.

When it comes to managing your work schedule, Zoho Calendar can help you stay on time and on track. Scheduling meetings have never been easier, and with customization features that ping you when you have an upcoming meeting or updates with scheduling conflicts, you can also decide how you want your calendar experience to feel. Since you also need to rely on deep collaboration with other team members, Zoho Calendar also allows you to interact with your coworkers’ calendars easily and efficiently, eliminating the need of back-and-forth communication on availability. Additionally, you can sync your Zoho Calendar with others, like birthdays, groups, or even your Google calendar. And for the teams that operate heavily on the road or travels from meeting to meeting, Zoho Calendar can work on mobile and tablets so you’ll continue to stay on track even while out of the office or prep yourself on Sunday night for a successful and productive Monday morning. Even though it feels we’re all tied to our calendars and schedules these days, Zoho Calendar will help you manage your time without feeling overwhelmed or overburdened.

  1. Zoho Sheet

For any successful business to run smoothly, you need internal operations and tools that work seamlessly and easily. There’s constant information coming in and going out, and you need a system and a platform that supports that ongoing movement to track it, analyze it, and report on it. It’s not an easy task, but we’re lucky to live in a time where our digital resources can support this data and store it in a safe place while simultaneously helping us analyze and understand the trends that are happening. Ledger books are a tool of the past, and spreadsheets are the consistent and reliable mode for data storage and analytics. With practically unlimited options and features, spreadsheets will help your numbers people stay accurate and your reporting team work efficiently and intuitively.

To help maintain the practice of data storage and analyzation, Zoho Sheet provides your company the opportunity to operate in this platform in a multitude of ways. Because the spreadsheet model itself is incredibly complex and can be used to analyze and report in tremendous ways, your accounting and reporting teams will be able to customize their sheets according to their needs. Additionally, your teammates will be able to operate in multiple sheets at once to enhance collaboration and improve turnaround times for projects. This collaboration allows your teams to see movement and progress in real-time, which also helps with version control and identifying any kind of theme. Since Zoho Sheet is available on mobile and tablet, your teams will also have the ability to work and progress projects while on the go so as not to delay timelines or customer expectations. Since Zoho Sheets operates on the cloud, you also have the capability of moving these certain files to other destinations easily and seamlessly depending on your company’s preferences and use-cases. And as an added bonus, it can easily communicate with your customized Zoho CRM so your appropriate sales team and other support teams will be able to easily access the data for specific projects so everyone can stay informed on the latest data pulls and measurements.

  1. Zoho Workerly

Often your business will require the help of outside talent to work on special projects or help with overflow. Whether you have a network established from previous projects or you’re looking for a system that can help manage these individuals in a more formalized manner, we know live in a time when technology can help us streamline this often tedious process for us. Since our digital world allows work to be completed practically anywhere and it has allowed independent talent to thrive without a full-time dedication, it’s crucial that you tap into this network as competitively and professionally as possible. Just as your customers and clients know that they can take their business anywhere, temps and freelancers also know that their talent is in demand in other locations, so it’s imperative that you have a structure in place that can manage them efficiently while also maintaining a healthy, professional relationship with them as individuals.

Because the average business model is using this talent more and more, ZohoWorkerly has helped many companies manage these talents in an organized and succinct way. With a database functionality feature, you can keep record of all the partnerships that your company has had with this talent, complete with availability and history. Since it’s likely that they all operate on different schedules with different projects, the platform will also help with the management of all the different timesheets, which will then translate to appropriate project approvals and payment schedules. Not only will this save your internal teams tremendous time trying to keep track of all the various schedules and project agreements, but your outside talent will appreciate the organized structure with which you communicate with them and manage the relationship. What’s even better is that the platform is operational on mobile and tablet, so you’ll be able to approve steps in the overall process no matter where you are so that payment processing won’t be disrupted or stalled, further cementing the successful partnership.

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