Communication 101 with Zoho PhoneBridge

As consumers, we are inundated with messaging everywhere we go. Because we’re so connected to our devices and multiple platforms at all times, we’re receiving these messages whether we realize it or not. We’re being pushed and pulled at all times to pursue, to click, to listen, to read, and to retain – as consumers, this can feel overwhelming, and because of this, we may often just need a nudge to just push us into a certain direction when it comes to making a decisions.

Businesses are aware of this behavior and this messaging clutter. They’re constantly trying new tactics to engage and push their leads lower into the funnel. Often, it simply comes down to making contact and simply being there. Human touch and connection is often missed in today’s digital world simply because everything is so easy to do now with digital advancements that it’s easy to skip the human element. It should be noted, however, that when it comes to making that human connection, that can make the biggest difference from consideration to action.

Introducing Zoho PhoneBridge

Because of this constant messaging, consumers have to sift through the information themselves, but if information is being presented to them instead of having to fight for the right kind, they’re more likely to engage. With Zoho PhoneBridge, your company’s message can reach them by simple phone interaction. Hearing a human’s voice and accessing their information in real-time can make the biggest impact when it comes to brand affinity and repeat business.

Your agents or sellers can keep track of all call contact from any and all of your existing Zoho products that you already use. They’ll be able to track all incoming and outgoing calls so that nothing slips through the cracks. With separate call windows, your agents can maintain that connection while also serving their needs in real-time while you have them with you on the phone, allowing for optimum multi-tasking and customer satisfaction. They’ll be able to add notes to the person’s “business card” so that any future agents can get acquainted with the customer’s history in an instant without having to do historical research. Contact information is easy to create or update so that all communication is accurate and current.

Zoho PhoneBridge provides advanced features to help you operate your communications as effectively and efficiently as possible.

  • Click-to-call functionality
    In our digital world, managing phone calls through the actual phone can be outdated and even time-consuming. Since we’re so tapped into our devices at all times, we need to ensure that these devices can support making phone calls beyond just the traditional phone platform. By integrating a call feature within your digital directories, your agents can continue on with their work without missing a beat in their digital operations. This can also be done from any Zoho product or application so your agents’ or sellers’ flows won’t be disrupted. This integrated call system also allows all parties using your Zoho platform to access this information no matter where they are in the system.

  • Call pop-ups to avoid missed communication

    When your team members are in their day-to-day operations, their productivity is paramount. Missing out on a connection or a communication moment, however, can be harmful for your revenue, your business’s integrity, and your customer satisfaction. Zoho PhoneBridge has a call pop-up feature so that your agents or sellers will be alerted of every incoming call. If they missed a call, this notification can be established as well so appropriate follow-up action can take place. There’s additionally a feature that will allow for timed reminders if they need to make scheduled outgoing calls or if they need to keep their line open for expected incoming calls. These notification and pop-up features will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and your connection with your customers and audience is positive.

  • Additional and contextual information for all parties

    Another benefit to living in today’s digital world is the ability to store information in real-time, allowing for up-to-the-minute updates and information access. In addition to just retaining the contact’s information, other details can be integrated within Zoho PhoneBridge. If a lead or a customer has a specific background or relationship with your company, these details can be added in to what is very similar to a business card so that other agents or individuals that need to be in contact with these individuals will be in the know of any additional information they’ll need on that person. Plus, with a history recorded of past contact, your teams will be able to monitor just how often your business engages with that individual to help determine how low they are in the decision-making mindset funnel.

  • Detailed reports and analytics

    Another benefit to living in today’s generation is the ability to not only track and monitor all this communication activity but to analyze it. With Zoho PhoneBridge, your teams will be able to examine this call data with deep analytics. This reporting will allow your sellers and agents to understand trends they’re identifying or even recognizing gaps or what could be done to fix any noticed issues or themes with call behavior. Understanding what’s missing will only allow for more room for improvement and a better comprehension of what your customers and clients need.

The benefit to having all of these advanced capabilities and this communication tool is to ensure that your relationship with your customers is memorable and reliable. They’ll remember any positive and human interaction that they have with your company, meaning they’ll also just as likely return as a repeat customer. It’s crucial to remember that even though we live in a digital and technology-first society, we can also connect with our customers as people. Zoho PhoneBridge is where we can utilize and take advantage of this technology to deepen the relationship we have with our customers so that you can remain competitive while still ensuring you’re human-first to match the needs of your customers.

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