How Zoho People Keeps Your Employees Informed and Connected

Zoho People

Your company’s Human Resources department is the heartbeat of the business, the kitchen. They ensure that the administrative tasks are tended to, that employee morale is up, and operations in hiring move smoothly and quickly. This team has a tremendous weight to carry when it comes to the success of a company, so they need to have a digital support system that can ensure they can create, collaborate, and innovate as efficiently as possible.

Zoho People is for your HR team – it allows them to hire, onboard, organize, analyze, and bring human elements into your company. Here are just a few ways that Zoho People can help your HR team expedite their processes without losing their expertise in human connection.

  • Customize your hiring and onboarding process

We’ve all grown accustomed to all the ways in which our technology has brought us forward and connected with the world in so many ways. As more applications are developed, more job opportunity boards and applications are introduced. Whether your team is posting jobs on multiple apps or just on your site, Zoho People helps keep all of the information funnel into one place so you can see who is seeing the posting, how they’re applying, and how to best filter all of the data that you’re receiving from these boards. From there, Zoho People will help you sift through that process to ensure that you’ve found the best candidate so that you can then get them onboarded and into the system as seamlessly as possible. All of this is easily trackable and identifiable through the Zoho People platform, which helps you expedite the process from the moment the job is posted to the moment the new hire is completely onboarded. Not only does this save you and your team valuable time, but it makes the experience more seamless for the new hire, allowing the team that needs that headcount to get the help sooner than later.

  • Track and monitor time data in one, easy to use place

Whether you need to track time for hourly employees, monitor sick time or vacation days, or even just manage projects or one-off jobs for freelancers, Zoho People can help. You’ll be able to use the platform and the system in place to input the data as you receive it, and the platform will alert you when there is something that should be tended to or when steps need attention. This will save time and energy from duplication issues or tedious manual entry, and this will also ensure that you stay on track and not miss any crucial steps in any processes.

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  • Employee reviews – easier than ever before

No matter the industry, business size, department, or job level, every employee review is unique. Every process, rotation, and measurement will look different. Zoho People can help you create the process that makes the most sense for your business and what your company’s goals are for internal benchmarks and personal goals. Whether your team needs to be establishing the goals for the company overall or how you need to implement department or personal goals for the employee’s personal records, Zoho People will organize all of that data so you won’t have to worry about lapsed information or anything that can be ultimately automated.

  • Create a customized question board to help guide your employees

No matter the department, employees will have questions that range from all aspects of their time with a company, from compensation and insurance coverage to vacation days and personnel issues. In so many instances, an incredible amount of these queries can be addressed in a uniform way. Zoho People can help you gather all of those frequently asked questions and organize responses in an automated way that is still customized to fit the original question so that the people within your HR team aren’t spending a considerable amount of time addressing those common concerns. This saves time, and it also educates the HR team if there’s a need for additional education around a specific topic if multiple people are asking about the same thing.

  • Your process simplification and how to better spend your time

Your HR team likely has several initiatives in place at all times that span multiple goals – it could be spreading company awareness in job boards, heightening employee morale, or shopping around for ideas to keep people excited about their jobs and their professional growth. No matter what those specific initiatives are, Zoho People can help your HR team keep all of these projects in a processed system so that steps are not overlooked, deadlines are not missed, and everyone is kept on schedule. This allows your HR team to maintain their focus on the goals that they have in place, which will ultimately result in overall employee morale and retention.

  • Gain a better understanding of your business’s needs

When a business receives a negative review or when an employee leaves, it falls on HR to determine the reasonings for what may have went wrong or look for understandings of what the company can improve upon. Zoho People can help track and organize this information and build custom forms to gain a grasp of the attitudes and opinions of current employees to keep a pulse on the current landscape of the company’s personnel. Whether this is done routinely or in unique situations, this data will help your teams gain a stronger understanding of strengths and weaknesses overall.

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  • Device capability so you never miss a step

We’re all working a mile a minute and on-the-go. We’re communicating and staying connected after hours, over the weekends, and sometimes during vacations just to ensure that everything is in motion and processes continue. Zoho People is accessible via mobile so that you can manage all aspects of your capabilities no matter where you are. Staying connected with your internal processes and the updates on job listings, interviews, and new hires will allow you to stay informed and move actions when necessary – even if you’re away from the office.

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