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Zoho One Onboarding

It can often be a frightening thought to consider how much our world has developed over the past several decades with the extreme advancement of technology and the ways in which we’re able to communicate with one another. It is now such a crowded marketplace that we’re never truly updated because these updates are now happening constantly. Every time we upgrade our device, a new one comes around in a few months. Every time we download a new app, a more advanced one comes to market. 

When it comes to your business and how you stay relevant, this fear can be translated here as well. There may be platforms that are consistently being updated, which may feel like an alienation all in its own. This can be more frightening considering your business and company is at stake. But luckily, Zoho recognizes these constant changes and is working diligently in providing these updates to be organic for you and your business with Zoho One

Zoho One – Apps For all

In today’s world, we are no stranger to our apps and how we get along with them. They help us stay updated with our news and current events, what our friends are up to, and as we all know, stay connected with our business operations. As our world continues to advance in technology and communication, our regular business operations must stay relevant and current with these changes and updates. That’s why Zoho One is all about using these apps to help us stay connected with our work so we never miss a beat.

Zoho One Onboarding

The best part is that you and your teams may already be familiar with many of these platforms – this way, your onboarding process may not be too tedious or disruptive. But with any new program or software introduction, there are surely new applications to introduce to elevate and improve your company’s business. 

And when you have multiple apps running at once, it may feel overwhelming when you think about keeping yourself updated with them. It’s the same as looking at your phone and seeing those pesky red notifications popping up in every one of your home screen’s apps. At first glance, you’re overwhelmed at where to start. Are any of those notifications emergencies or urgent? Which one requires an immediate response? How do you filter out the notifications that are fluff or spam? 

Zoho One can take all of these applications and group them into one master application so this anxiety of being inundated with too many communications can be eliminated. Additionally, making this move from separate applications to Zoho One can be an easy transition, and onboarding your teams can be seamless. 


As discussed, we are all more connected than ever before thanks to the internet. And instead of wasting valuable funds on travel and lodging to attend in-person seminars, we can now attend webinars for learning and training purposes. These webinars focus on department-specific applications just so you’ll know the right information to implement. These rotate, so be sure to keep your eyes open for new ones and rotating sessions in case you or your specific department misses one. 

Zoho One Concierge Team 

Similar to a personalized coach, this resource will allow you to ask a specific question or questions as you’re getting your teams up to speed about using Zoho One. These conversations with your Zoho One Concierge will be personal and will help you understand the best way to use the software. The more information you provide prior to your call, the more detailed of an answer you will receive as it pertains to your own company and growing business. 

In-Person Events

If your company is located in a large city, this might be a beneficial option for you in learning how to onboard your company onto Zoho One. While this training program travels all over the world, they’re unable to hit every single location. Keep your eye out on upcoming events, as they work diligently to spread their knowledge as globally as possible. This way, if you’re able to attend a session, you’ll be able to engage with the experts there in-person and receive some first-hand advice on Zoho One and how it relates to your company’s business.

Zoho One Onboarding | Boosted Crm

Zoho Consultant

This is a great resource when you’re in the process of integrating Zoho One into your business operations. This expert will be able to take a look at your business as a whole in a detailed and personal way, which will help him or her customize their suggestions and what they think is best for your company’s growth. From there, the consultant will also be able to help with the transition process to ensure that no opportunities are missed and that every team and team member is educated as thoroughly as possible. As you move through the software, your consultant will also be able to address any issues or concerns along the way, all until you’re confident with the software. 

It’s never truly easy to introduce a new system or new software to a company that is trying to grow. Your team members might be accustomed to performing their duties in one unique way, and having all of your employees adjust their habits to Zoho One might be difficult or show friction. While this is a common occurrence, it’s important to maintain positivity. It’s also important to communicate that our digital world requires us to be malleable and open to change and updates. 

When our phone automatically installs a new updated, we’re often disgruntled with the new layout or the new process. After time, however, we’ve subconsciously adjusted quickly, and with a blink of an eye, we can’t even remember what our old layout looked like. 

We must have the same reaction and adaptability with our professional systems. We must stay updated so that your business can continue to be relevant in the marketplace and amongst your competitors. In order for your business to grow, you must evolve. Zoho One can help

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