Zoho Notebook: Digital Checklists for the 21st Century

Even though our devices help keep us connected and productive, it also means that there is the expectation that we can multi-task even more. We’re able to communicate in multiple ways while in a business meeting, we can connect and sync our apps so that updates are made automatically, and even our social lives have become a level of interaction through multiple ways and channels. This expectation is something that we’ve all now grown accustomed to, and it often seeps into our work life as well.

This expectation means that we’re often spinning multiple wheels at once while maintaining our responsibilities, and this can amount to pressure to keep up and retain everything that comes our way. Notetaking isn’t a new concept in any of our worlds – we’ve done this throughout our schooling years and beyond. But the physical notebook process has become almost a tool of the past, as handwriting is time-consuming, and it also allows room for error as handwriting while multitasking can prove difficult.

Additionally, in our digital world, our devices are all synced together, so keeping your notes separate in a physical notepad can even be a bit dangerous, as crucial details might be missed, looking for answers is time-consuming, and even simply losing the notebook can create mild panic. Which is why keeping your notes in a digital application makes sense.

Zoho Notebook supports what you need to keep in a uniformed space for easy access and reference. Here are just a few benefits to using this tool for your business operations.

  • Text card

As simple as it sounds, this feature in Zoho Notebook will allow you to hang on to anything that is worth value to you. Whether it’s note during a lecture or a crucial meeting or just things that you want to remember for the future, this is a safe space to hang onto crucial information.

  • Checklist card

Most of us are familiar with the sensation of creating a list and crossing things off, which is why this capability within the application is so crucial. Not only will it keep you on track with what you need to do or what is still pending, but it will encourage you to continue your productivity streak so you can keep crossing things off.

  • Audio card

This feature is a huge advantage for this app, as sometimes, taking notes encourages you to lose some key moments of attention. If you want to truly be in the moment during an important lecture or a meeting, this feature will allow you to record these crucial moments so that you can truly embrace the conversation in real time. It’s also great if you’re in an environment that doesn’t necessarily encourage notetaking, like a private session or during a sensitive conversation. The recording will allow you then to revisit the session to either share with others or revisit for ongoing education or using soundbites.

  • Photo card

Our smart devices have essentially turned almost all of us into professional photographers, which means we have more snapped memories of our lives than ever before. With this feature in Zoho Notebook, you can of course take photos of moments, but it can also be useful for retaining valuable information in documents, white boards, or even discussion boards if necessary. This can be helpful if you want to, again, be in the moment during an important conversation but still want to be able to reference the shared information later.

  • File card

In our world, it’s incredibly easy to share documents in an instant. Accessing information has never been easier, so if you need a place to store all of this crucial information and need to access it at a later date, Zoho Notebook will allow you to store all of these core and key findings in one place so you can access them at a later date.

  • Sketch card

The sketch feature in Zoho Notebook has proven especially helpful for those in the creative fields, as allowing them to channel a creative vision in an instant can be a great way to store initial ideas or influences. If there are ideas drawn upon a board during a meeting that you want to replicate, this is the place to duplicate those efforts to have on your own hands.

  • Smart card

With all of these various ways to save your notes, it may be difficult to envision how it will all be organized within your Zoho Notebook. This feature will help organize everything in an intuitive and seamless way so that content is easy to find, adjust, and reference for the future.

  • Cloud-based

One of the biggest advantages to your Zoho Notebook is that it’s synced with the cloud so that you won’t have to worry about losing information as move from one device to the next. If you have a device that is strictly for work but need to jot something down during your personal time, you’ll be able to access it across devices without a hitch. This will keep your ideas fresh when inspiration hits, and it will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks as you continue to be creative and organized. And since it’s accessible across all platforms, you won’t have to worry about delays in integration.

Zoho Notebook not only helps you stay on track and organized, but it does so in ways that is intuitive to our current technology and what we’re already used to as consumers. Multi-tasking is a skill that we are all know incredible at, thanks to our technology and our devices working together, but we all still need a little help staying organized on a regular basis. Zoho Notebook will not only help with that need, but it will do so in a seamless and intuitive way so that all of your information can be easily accessed and referenced as you go. With sleek design and an easy to use layout, you’ll be able to keep your ideas in one place without feeling overwhelmed.

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