Zoho Meeting – A Complete Overview

Zoho Meeting – A Complete Overview

An online meeting is a collaborative session where you can discuss with known participants like your clients, teammates, sales group, or internal projects team in different regions. On the other hand, a webinar is like organizing a seminar or an informative session to engage a global audience. You can use our webinar platform to spread awareness, organize online classes for your schools and colleges and have employee onboarding sessions for your company.

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Zoho Meeting – A Complete Overview

You can also market your products and services by giving a live demo of your app or product you have launched. Let’s see a brief introduction to our online meeting software. Zoho meeting is the best online meeting solution you can rely on; you can host online meetings with real-time audio video and screen sharing. You can initiate or join meetings from anywhere and collaborate effectively with the moderator controls. We have features such as rsvp, reminders, and add-to calendars to keep track of your meetings. For easy collaboration, we have in-session chat features where you can send messages to everyone in your meeting. You can use your computer’s built-in microphone and speakers or join the meetings on the go over your phone from any part of the world. Here you’re providing dialing numbers for more than 40 countries and toll-free numbers for more than 25 countries around the world, and this will let you, participants, join for free using their phones. You can also express your ideas better by video conferencing with the participants from the video source of choice.

Share Screen

You can share your entire screen or a specific application with everyone in your meeting. You can also embed your meeting link onto your organization’s website so you can let anyone from your organization join the meeting with a click, you can also record your meetings to watch them online later, and also, you can share it with the members who couldn’t attend your meeting.

Zoho Webinar

Once you schedule your webinar, you can generate the leads by posting the registration link on your website, blogs, or social media. Adding events to the calendar and sending email reminders will help to boost the attendance rate for your webinar. You can broadcast your presentation using screen-sharing audio and video options during your webinar. You can engage the lead throughout the session using polling and QA features. Similar to a meeting, all the webinars can be recorded, so the missed attendees can be with at their own pace.

We have a webinar analytics feature that will help you to see the progress of your webinar immediately and helps you to find valid leads.

1000 Attendees Support

We have rolled out a thousand and five hundred attendees plan for a webinar where you can engage the session with a massive audience,

Webcam Video Support

At this instant, we can record only the audio and screen, but with this feature, the active speaker’s video feed for a webinar will also be recorded.

Auto Recording

This feature will start to record the session automatically when the webinar starts.

Custom Registration

The custom field of the registration form will also be pushed to your CRM account through the webinar CRM integration.

Features for Meeting Module

We have created the time zone settings, which will show the schedules in military time formats. We have revamped the time zone listing, which will show when you schedule a meeting on the webinar. Now, the dialed number of the selected country will also be sent along with a meeting invite you have selected in your settings. We have made some enhancements to the audio module for good audio clarity. We have come up with the webcam recording for a meeting, which will record the active speaker of a meeting.

Overview of Zoho Meeting

To schedule a meeting or a webinar, you can log onto meeting.zoho.com, or if you have a Zoho meeting desktop application installed on your computer, you can also schedule some of your desktop apps. On the home page, you can see meet now, scheduled meeting, and schedule webinar button to get quick access to your online meetings and webinars.

Use the meet now button when you make quick decisions or need or want to connect to instant meetings from anywhere.

Here you can distinguish which type of conferencing you want a host. You can start audio-only content by using the audio-conferencing option. If you want to go for an upcoming meeting or webinar in advance, you can go for the scheduled meeting and schedule webinar button.

How To Schedule An Upcoming Meeting

Here you can go for my meetings tab, which will list the upcoming and past meetings. You can see and revisit any of the topics they discussed earlier. For example, if you’d like to conduct your past meeting in the future, you can clone your meeting using the reschedule option.

When you click on the schedule meeting button, you will be redirected to the scheduling page; here, you can give a suitable title for your meeting and add a detailed description to the agenda. You can choose the date and time when you want to conduct your meeting. Duration, you can set up a rough estimate for your invitees to know how long your meeting will be hosted, but the meeting will not be turned off if you exceed the duration you enter here.

Coming to the host field by default, you will be the presenter of your scheduled meetings. You can also use the drop-down option to assign the presenter rule to other members of your organization. Coming to the participant field here, you can add the contacts from contacts.zoho.com. We have an internal sync with Zoho contacts, where you can upload these contacts here. In the future, whenever you schedule in need, these contacts will be auto-suggested on the participant’s field. Now you can choose the respective participant you want to invite for your meeting. You can also invite any external contact by typing in the email address in the participant box.

Now we have more options where you can schedule recurring meetings to make the meeting happen on multiple occurrences. To create one, you can use the recurring option to show the frequency daily, weekly, or monthly. You can specify when and how your meeting should repeat and when it shouldn’t; this is how you can make your meetings happen on recurrences.

Reminder Option

You can set reminder emails like how long before a reminder email has to be sent; through this, you can make sure that everybody makes it to your meeting on time before it starts. You will also have an option to send multiple reminders using the drop-down option provided here.

Audio Conferencing Option

Zoho meeting provides two types of conference; the first one is the Zoho conference, which will be a default one. You will have phone audio or a computer audio selection whenever you start or join the meeting. The second one is nothing but my conference, so this is nothing. But if you have any opposites tension or want your participants to contact your mobile number directly. You can use this option; whatever the details you enter here will be sent along with the meeting invite.

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