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Zoho Marketplace and the New Way of Customization

It’s no surprise that we’re living in a time when constant change is a state of normalcy. With new technology constantly entering the market and competition becoming more and more crowded due to these innovations along with customer expectations, you know that you have to do everything in your power to ensure your company is doing everything it can to stay competitive, innovative, and informed.

Adaptation is another required necessity to have in our time. What worked five years ago likely doesn’t work now. What worked ten years ago is certainly incapable of matching today’s standards. With that, your business and your teams must be able to project flexibility and malleability to keep up with these changes and developments.

The software and tools that you use to operate and run your business must also have an ear to the ground when it comes to new developments and innovations in the market. You must be able to adapt and integrate new features, technology, and tools that will help continue the success of your company while keeping it competitive. If you’re already using Zoho products to guide your business’s processes, this is when it’s a great time to take advantage of Zoho Marketplace and all that it has to offer.

Zoho Marketplace And The New Way Of Customization
  • Integrating extensions

Whether you’re new to the Zoho platform or simply looking to refresh or innovate, your current tools, Zoho Marketplace has organized specific extensions that can help individual departments. If you’re looking to enhance your CRM product and extend your sales revenue capabilities, you can start with the apps that are featured in this section. If you find that you need to enhance your internal communication systems beyond email or traditional landlines, you can peruse the chat options or even enhance your current products with similar ones that might have a higher efficacy rate. There are a ton of options for you to look through, and even if you don’t have a specific idea in mind while you’re browsing, you might just stumble upon a solution that you didn’t know you needed all along. Either way, it’s a good practice to interact with Zoho Marketplace on a regular basis so you can stay informed of new features and be inspired by others that you may have never considered previously. If you’re worried that you woudn’t be able to adhere to this practice, you can also sign up for the Zoho Marketplace newsletter so new apps or updates can be sent directly to your inbox so you never miss a new release.

  • Custom apps

You may also find that given your industry, you require specific tools to deliver to a unique need. It’s likely that there’s a business within your discipline that has similar needs, and this is the area of Zoho Marketplace where you can look through custom apps that other companies are using to help manage their unique business model. Each industry requires different things, so you might find that a similar industry is using a tool or an app that could actually benefit your business as well. You can browse through by newest additions or top rated, and just like other ecommerce sites, you can also set filters for pricing or industry, which helps you find solutions faster and easier. You may be surprised at how many of these custom apps could help you grow your business in ways that you never considered before.

  • Industry solutions

This is the area within Zoho Marketplace where you can do a great deep-dive into what other businesses within your industry are using. By looking at your specific industry category, you’ll be able to cross-reference the tools you’re already using with those that you haven’t checked out yet. This information will also give you some insight into potentially what some of your competitors might be using and how they’re finding their success.

Zoho Marketplace And The New Way Of Customization | Boosted Crm


It’s also recommended that you check out what other industries are using. While they may not directly help the progression of your business, it might provide you with inspiration to model one app into a new one to be developed. Since these products are constantly being developed, you can easily check out and find out what’s in the process of being developed or ideated so you can stay on top of your competitive market. If your company is advanced enough to build its own extension, you can even list it in Zoho Marketplace and sell it to Zoho’s customer base in Zoho Marketplace.

In any event, one of the challenges of operating a business in today’s generation is that we’re in a constant state of change. You can no longer stay comfortable standing still, and you must always be prepared for updates and changes as you go, providing transparency to your team members as well as your customers and clients. The more you can continue to innovate and show malleability, the more loyal your customer base will be and the more confident your clients will be in your partnership.

Zoho Marketplace is the destination that will help you stay informed of new developments and what’s coming to market for other businesses and industries. As long as our digital space continues to grow and thrive, there will always be room for new features. It’s likely that we’ll reach a time when once you’re comfortable with a platform or a software, there is a newer version already available in the market. That’s why it’s imperative that you continue to enhance, refresh, and innovate as you go – smaller changes are easier to adapt to than larger ones. And the less disruption you can create for your internal teams as well as your external teams, the better.

The more attention you pay to digital innovation, the stronger your relationships will be with your employees as well as your customers. Your clients will appreciate your attentiveness to new developments and will continue to trust your instinct as a leader in your industry, staying in-tune with everything the digital world has to offer.

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