Zoho MarketingHub: A Step Ahead of HubSpot Marketing Hub

Marketing efforts have evolved rapidly and significantly over the past several decades. Messaging strategies have moved from snail mail and print to instant digital delivery and intuitive targeting. With so many advanced capabilities available, you likely need tools that help you manage all of your marketing requirements to help your teams strategize, coordinate, and learn. With so many campaigns and cross-channel promotions happening at once, you also need the resources to balance all of these efforts into one reliable system. As we continue to advance into the 21st century and innovate at incredible speeds, there are a ton of options available that can help your teams and your business run smoothly while saving valuable time and energy.

There are a few leaders in the market when it comes to products that help manage all of your marketing efforts in one cohesive place that streamlines processes and helps you refine your strategy as you go. There are quite a few advantages to using Zoho MarketingHub for these marketing resources over HubSpot, and here are some of the reasonings:

  • Better pricing availability, offers more budget flexibility

Pricing options should always be a consideration when contemplating a new productivity product for your business, and this is one area where Zoho MarketingHub shines. Not only is it a more affordable option, but it also offers a free trial so that you can spend some time with the platform before deciding to work with it. And because the Zoho product is more affordable, you’ll be able to introduce more products into your wheelhouse, thanks to that lower price tag. This pricing option is great for businesses just starting out or if your company is just looking to better budget your expenses and costs.

  • Strong platform integration capabilities

Because our marketing capabilities in today’s age are so advanced and span across dozens of communication channels, you’ll need a wide range of integration options to not only satisfy your customers and reach them on the channels and platforms that they’re using, but it will be a huge advantage for your marketing team as well. They’ll appreciate that Zoho MarketingHub offers the same tools and platforms that they already likely use. Having this product at their fingertips will only enhance the quality of their work and the end result will be stronger analytics and even more robust results. And with the long list of platform integrations that are available, your marketing team may even uncover an additional channel or form of communication that they hadn’t considered before, elevating your brand awareness even more.

Zoho Marketinghub A Step Ahead Of Hubspot Marketing Hub

As our digital presence grows stronger and wider over the years, we’re able to expand on the capabilities when it comes to understanding the social behavior and conversations that take place in those forums. Because you may not be able to catch every single conversation that relates to your business, and because it seems there are new platforms and channels popping up every month, it can be difficult to monitor all of those conversations in real time. This is another area in which Zoho MarketingHub excels with the intuitive and keen social listening skills. With the ability to pull all relevant conversations in one place and analyze the conversations by tone, emotion, and content, your teams will easily be able to deduce how your brand is perceived with those that interact with it on these various and ever-growing and ever-changing platforms.

  • Greater lead scoring and grading strengths

With so many new channels where you can connect with your visitors and your target audience, there are so many additional ways that you can generate leads and produce conversions. This can also present a challenge, as each channel and platform have different strategies and strengths, so customizing the tracking and analytics can be complicated to deduce and inform. With Zoho MarketingHub, however, it’s generally stronger at looking at those lead generations and providing the analyzation that will inform your marketing team on success and areas of improvement. This scoring and grading system helps your internal experts understand what’s working and how they can better intuitively reach those quality audiences in effective ways and drive them to conversions.

  • Optimized mobile functionality streamlines processes

As consumers ourselves, we understand the incredible value that our mobile devices provide us. The innovation within these devices over just the past couple of years have improved our workflows, expedited communication, and allowed us to work practically wherever we are. In a time when remote work is a common characteristic of the professional atmosphere, these mobile capabilities are game changers. Looking into data while on-the-go or in between meetings can help your teams find quick answers without the need to be connected to a desktop. And since so many of your marketing channels and platforms are already mobile-friendly, having this data and the ability to take action in your literal palm means that you can take action at any given point, no matter where you are. Zoho MarketingHub has greater mobile functionality than its competitor, which will help make your decision that much easier when it comes to deciding which product to choose for your marketing department.

Zoho Marketinghub A Step Ahead Of Hubspot Marketing Hub

Our digital options in today’s current climate seem to be growing by the instant, which can often feel overwhelming. Organizing all of these efforts and integration channels and platforms in one place can solve for a lot of that clutter and confusion. Zoho MarketingHub not only works seamlessly with other Zoho products, but it communicates functionally with your larger Zoho CRM, meaning that all the teams that need to be in the know about production or activation can be alerted and notified easily, reducing duplication and redundancy. Your marketing department will be able to use all of the available data and analytics to constantly improve and pivot strategy, learn from your customers when they engage with your brand, and ultimately drive your conversion rates higher for a more successful business overall.

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