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Zoho Marketing Hub and Your Business

Your business relies on sales, no matter your industry or the size of you company. Generating that revenue allows your profit margin to grow, meaning you can increase your headcount, strengthen your research team and capabilities, and explore other ways to expand your marketing capabilities. All of these support systems allow for more successful sales for your sales team and greater opportunities for your business as a whole.

As our world becomes more reliant on technology and the digital connection, it’s crucial that your business operations follow these advancements so that you and your teams can not only stay relevant but so you won’t miss any opportunities for partnerships. With this said, Zoho CRM allows all of your teams to stay connected and updated with one another on collaborative projects and communications so that steps won’t be missed or overlooked.

In support of the sales team, your marketing efforts should also be as up-to-date and in-the-know as possible. When it comes to researching leads, trends, and behaviors, your available tools should provide your marketing team all the benefits as possible so your leads become customers and your customers become long-term partners.

Zoho CRM offers MarketingHub, an automation platform that helps your marketing team better follow trends and behaviors in the marketplace and track and analyze the competitive landscape to help better plan, propose, and promote. Within this software, there are multiple ways in which your team can generate those leads and convert them to trusted and deepened relationships.

four people sit in office talking handshake between client and business proposition important mattersLead Management

In today’s world of marketing and sales, generating leads is the most organic way to build your business and maintain professional relationships with your clients. With all of the options available to build these connections, Zoho’s MarketingHub provides the opportunity to better understand all the avenues in which these leads are generated to better understand what methods work for your business and what strategies need more attention. Comprehending the tried and true as well as new initiatives will help your marketing team establish how their core business is built and help them better manage their time and energy.

Web Behavior Marketing

One of the greatest benefits of living in this digital age is that we have insight into the user journey better than we have before. From their session duration and bounce rate to their discovery journey and engagement levels, we’re able to better and more clearly understand the user mindset at every stage of their search and discovery process. With this new level of understanding, your marketing team can do two things at once: they can better cater to what your users need and seek, and they can also better deliver your clients’ measurement requirements and KPIs. This delivery for both the consumer and your partners will translate to greater brand awareness and deeper and more meaningful relationships with your clients.

Marketing Planner with ROI

Your clients expect the delivery that they were promised, but as a business, your goal is most likely to over-deliver and exceed expectations for business renewal year after year. To achieve that, your marketing team has to understand the tactics that are deployed and how effective they are on a case-by-case basis. This tool allows your marketing team to analyze what’s working and figure out any ways in which the program’s strategies need to be altered. This also allows better planning for future programs and the ability to offer better added value as a result of expected outcomes.

Multichannel Marketing

Of course, one of the added benefits of working in today’s digital age is knowing that there are so many more avenues by which you can meet your consumer. In addition to the traditional media, we know how have many more platforms in which you can add to media plans to better deliver your brand’s message and more effectively reach your target audience. When your marketing team is managing a live program that has a multichannel campaign, Zoho’s MarketingHub lets your team members track the performance and deliver more cohesive and concise engagement metrics. Consumers are in completely different mindsets on every platform, and these methods cater to those journeys, whether it’s via social, email, or SMS.

people sit at desk with reports on their table discussing collaboration business partnersInsightful Reports

Once a campaign is over, your clients will want detailed reports that help them understand how effective their campaign with your company was. They might have specific goals, like impressions, conversions, engagement, or even just redirected traffic. Either way, the report delivered back to them will need to have all of these metrics and more, and Zoho’s MarketingHug can help deliver these insights in a detailed yet concise manner. For your internal teams, these reports also help provide direction for future programs so that you can catch underdelivery sooner and be able to problem-solve faster and more efficiently.


Lastly, Zoho MarketingHub knows that your marketing team needs multiple tools in order to build their programs and efficiently run and track them once they’re live. With this, Zoho MarketingHub has many platform integration opportunities for your company to use in order to run your business more efficiently and effectively. Since we’re able to reach consumers in more ways than ever now, we need to be sure that we have the proper tools to reach those consumers in a meaningful and long-lasting way, and MarketingHub helps make that happen for you and your company.

Final takeaway

More than anything, reaching your loyal consumers and expanding your brand awareness should be the key foci for your marketing team. There are so many more platforms now in which we can do this, which is why Zoho MarketingHub caters to these needs. You’ll be able to achieve greater understanding of trends, behaviors, and successes, which will also help troubleshoot and identify areas of weakness for programs and campaigns that your company may be currently initiating. These insights will not only help your company grow and flourish, but you’ll be able to deliver even greater measurements back to your clients so they can better understand their own business but will also look to your company as a trusted and reliable partner.

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