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Since our business model has moved from in-person and telephone communication to email and productivity platforms, it makes sense that your company needs an email solutions that can not only keep your data safe and secure but also continue to introduce your teams into new platforms and systems that encourage increased collaboration and decreased clutter. As we all continue to look for ways to save time and energy, both professionally and personally, we’re looking for tools and resources that can essentially consolidate the steps for us. This is where Zoho Mail comes in to help.

Not only does this email platform allow your teams to use a system that they already trust, but they’ll be able to integrate other communication and productivity tools to enhance that communication and collaboration. This ensures that processes are easier to implement, project management is more collaborative, and timelines are expedited, delivering on faster turnaround times and equating to happier customers and clients. Here are just a few benefits of using Zoho Mail for your company’s primary communication system.

  • Optimum security and privacy when it matters more than ever

Phishing and spam are at their highest levels than ever. This is especially important to be mindful of when it comes to your professional emails, as we’re sending along confidential and sensitive information over email more than we have in the past since it’s our most used form of communication. It can be a bit nerve-wracking to think about the safety and security measures that your company has to operate with on a regular basis to keep your data secure, and email only adds in an extra element of necessity around those safety measures. With Zoho Mail, you can benefit from top-notch security and surveillance with high-end encryption capabilities so you can feel safe from outside threats as well as the potential of any sensitive internal information getting out. Your teams can feel confident in the correspondence they’re sending out and focus on the tasks and business at hand.

  • Incorporate professional aliases for brand visibility

Because we’re all communicating so heavily with email these days as opposed to phone or even in-person, you don’t want to miss the opportunity of including your company’s name in your communication. Not only will this keep you out of spam folders or even reported as suspicious, but this will help broaden your company’s visibility and recognition externally. You can choose how your company’s alias will look and how to individualize it for every employee that you have within your group. This can also help as you expand to other activations – as well continue to sign up for virtual webinars, industry and market newsletters, and even ongoing education courses, using that company alias within Zoho Mail will help broaden your brand reach and increase your brand’s awareness in ways that you may not have been able to previously.

  • Personalization and customization for highest levels of productivity and function

Just as we all have unique and individual work ethics, we all have our preferences and ways of working that suits us best. The same can be said when it comes to how we obtain our messaging, how we prefer our layouts, and even the color schemes that we prefer. For so many of us that have been working for decades with email platforms, we already know what these preferences are, and Zoho Mail allows you to satisfy those customization efforts. From organization to layout to administrative capabilities, Zoho Mail can set your teams up for optimum collaboration while still catering to personal preferences.

  • Retention policies and searchability for time management

Some companies have policies that only allow for emails to exist for a certain period of time to be mindful of safety and legal issues. If your company has this kind of policy in place, Zoho Mail can honor those requirements, and your team members can ensure that they’re mindful of this so that they save the information that they’ll need in the future in the event that data is eliminated after a certain period of time via email. For those team members that receive dozens emails a day, it can be difficult to find correspondence, no matter how organized that team member may be. Zoho Mail can also cater to a search preference for a quick response of notes that match that request for immediate reference and answers.

  • Stay informed no matter where you are

So much of what we do on a regular basis can be done on-the-go, thanks to our innovative technology and increased capabilities that come with it. With almost every other Zoho product within the Zoho family, Zoho Mail can be accessed on any mobile device so that you can stay connected no matter where you are at any time. Whether you’re in between meetings or working remotely, you’ll be able to stay in the loop about any email correspondence and respond as needed so nothing needs to be delayed or held up.

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  • Introduce higher collaboration with Streams

As we continue to innovate and advance our business operations, Zoho Mail can now also be integrated with Streams. With features that closely resemble social media capabilities and productivity boards, your teams can easily work through projects and conversations in a more collaborative way without the clutter of repetitive emails. This advanced feature within Streams also allows you to manage projects and alert people when they need to be activated in a more direct way. As more companies migrate to these kinds of platforms that encourage increased productivity, Zoho Mail can help that migration in a seamless and efficient way.

Zoho Integration With Mailchimp

Zoho Mail delivers on a tool and a resource that is already used comfortably and regularly by all companies across the board. The capabilities within that platform, however, are what sets it apart from other communication tools, as it integrates well with other Zoho family products and implements project management platforms to help deliver on better and more integrated project goals via teamwork and collaboration.

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