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At Zoho, we build software that you can use to run your business functions from sales and marketing, mail and collaboration, business process, finance HR, and customer service. Zoho has apps for every front office, back office, and workplace function that drives your business, and most of these apps can be tightly integrated, which means that you get a platform that provides everything you need to run your business properly.

About Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk falls under the helpdesk category and is designed to help you put your customer first at the heart of your company.

Benefits OF Zoho Desk

There are six different benefit categories of Zoho Desk, with each answering a crucial customer service need.

Zoho Desk Management Software | Boosted Crm

Multichannel Support

Multichannel support allows you to hook up all your channels with Zoho desks, such as your email, phone chat, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and more. This means that your customers can get in touch with you through any channel they’re comfortable with. Not just that Zoho desk switches between different platforms to answer support.

They can answer all the support tickets from all the channels from a single interface. The next benefit is in productivity is all about

Effective Ticket Management.

This gives you a bunch of features that your agents can use to cut down on repetitive tasks and spend more time building great customer relationships. What team collaboration provides is a communication platform for people to work together and get things done. So, they are always connected through the Zoho desk, no matter where they are.

Team Collaboration

The ability to work together, both within tickets and outside of tickets, is special to Zoho desk.

Self Service

With self-service, you get to build your own help center for your customers so that the next time they have questions, they needn’t approach your agent. They can simply go to the self-service portal and find answers by themselves.

Insight and Impact

insights and impact help to measure how well you are doing. This allows you to monitor the support team’s performance and draw insights from your data.


Zoho’s extensibility allows you to integrate Zoho desk with other software and customize this software to your liking.

Zoho Desk help Center

The help center is a customer-facing support portal that the customer can use to find solutions to issues they may be facing. Why a help center? Not all questions/inquiries from customers need to reach the support team all the time. If customers had to come to you for every small question they have, then your agent team wouldn’t be able to focus on bigger and more important stuff.

Customers can submit a ticket if they can’t find solutions to their problem at the help canter. They’ll be required to fill in relevant Fields, like the name, the main subject in the description, and more, after which they can submit the ticket.

How Zoho Desk Helps Company to Handle Tickets

Assigning A handler

in Zoho desk, there’s an option to create rules that allow tickets to be assigned to agents automatically. There are two ways this can happen, either by direct assignment or in a round-robin order. With a direct assignment, you define when a ticket should get assigned to any agent by means of routes.

Zoho Desk Management Software | Boosted Crm

For example, a ticket that comes in through the chat channel can be assigned to a specific agent. With round-robin, things are a little bit more interesting. Zoho desk will ensure that tickets are distributed equally between the agents. You’d be creating rules here as well, but you can also specify the agents to whom tickets would get assigned.

Working on A ticket

Work modes are indeed a nifty feature because, no matter which model is chosen, you are able to view all the details that are necessary at a glance. You can see who the ticket is from, the time of the request, when it’s got to be resolved, and what channel it came in from all that without even getting into the ticket.

Replying A ticket

In order to reply to the ticket, simply click the reply option, and you can drop the customer a quick note through the response editor, which supports a rich text format. Relevant articles can be added to the ticket replies. Depending on the size of the article, the agent can either choose to share a link to the entire article into the response or copy out parts of the article in the reply; you can then send a reply to the customer.

Agents can also make and receive calls from within Zoho Desk through the integration module of Zoho desk.

Checking Comments Within Ticket

If you want to look at all the comments within a ticket, just head to the conversation tab at the top, change the icon to thread, and the comments option appears as the next tab. Click on it. And All the comments from All the agents within a ticket will show up.

Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho Desk can be tightly integrated with Zoho CRM for a seamless two-way sync of customer service data. This allows agencies to get more context about their customers and serve them better.

Feedback and Replies

Zoho Desk allows you to get feedback from your customers in a non-intrusive way whenever an agent replies to a customer. Zoho Desk allows the agent to include a feedback mechanism within the email so that the agent can receive customer happiness ratings from them.

A simple question with the options good and bad gets appended at the end of the reply. When customers choose an option, agents receive a notification immediately.

Desk Chat

Customers can easily get in touch with a support team through chat. The chat is an effective channel for quickly helping customers with needed answers. Agents can accept chats within the waiting period that Zoho Desk sets. After an agent accepts the chat, they can go ahead and help the customer out. If this is something that needs a little time to solve, the agent can easily convert this chat into a ticket in one click.

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