Zoho Desk and its Advantages over Freshdesk

Understanding visitor behavior is crucial when it comes to delivering overall customer satisfaction. As consumers, we know how directly related satisfaction levels are with a clear user experience and available channels for help and contact. When a site forces you to search high and low for the answers you need or make it impossible to contact the brand, you likely won’t return, and your brand loyalty just as likely declines. When it comes to your site design and ensuring that your visitors and customers find what they need, you need more than just a clean and clear site experience and layout – you need the right tools and functions in place that provide guidance and help along every step of the way for them.

Customer service is more than just solving problems – it also means reminding your visitors that you’re there for them and can help address any questions they may have. With so many advancements in our technology and the ways that we connect with people, it’s imperative that your business integrates these capabilities into how you engage with your site visitors. There seem to be an increase in products that help your business do this, but when looking at two industry leaders, there are a few reasons why Zoho Desk outperforms Freshdesk.

  • Remote access and control allow for premium service at any location

Depending on your business industry or vertical, you might be digitally driven across the board, and there may be an instance when your customer needs help and cannot find the solutions independently. There might be times when the technical issue requires additional assistance, and this is one huge area that Zoho Desk can offer that its competitor cannot. Zoho Desk agents can then gain remote access and control of the device to quickly and effectively hop into the piece and identify the problem and solve for it immediately. This function will not only save both parties time, but your customers will appreciate the white glove service that allows them to get back to their work quickly without the worry of performing the wrong task or doing something incorrectly. Additionally, they’ll also appreciate that this access is performed safely and securely so that won’t have to worry about privacy or any kind of related breaches.

  • Feature updates and roadmaps provide clear direction

In our digital world, we’re constantly updating and refining – we’re used to this with our own personal devices and watching the platforms that we use shift and upgrade over time. This constant innovation should also be replicated in the tools that you use, and Zoho Desk is no exception. Whenever there are new features or additions to the product, the team at Zoho Desk will inform your own teams on what they’ll need to know, how it affects their work, and what they can expect down the road. This clear communication and information sharing about plans will arm your teams with the knowledge they need to be prepared and will ensure they know how to address everything with their customers as well.

Zoho Desk and its Advantages over Freshdesk
  • Flexible pricing options at competitive rates

As with anything new that you bring into your business, you have to consider all the factors of a new purchase, including price. When performing product-to-product comparisons, it’s helpful to note that Zoho Desk is more affordable and also offers tiered levels according to how many agents will be using your platform. As your business grows or as you learn that you may need more experts, you’ll be able to shift your packages so that it fits your specific needs. This ensures that you won’t be overpaying, and that each agent will have the access they need to function appropriately.

  • Greater rating for ticket collaboration

Depending on the volume of help tickets that your company receives or how many agents you have, there is often a time when your agents must work together to communicate the progress of all the tickets that are active and even in consideration for those that have been closed. With Zoho Desk, your agents will be able to easily collaborate together on the tickets they have in the queue to help eliminate duplication, oversight, or even to help with workload if it’s uneven or overwhelming. This is a huge win for Zoho Desk, as it’s a function that its competitor can’t offer.

Zoho Desk and its Advantages over Freshdesk
  • Has texting capabilities, a strong win over Freshdesk

In our remote world, we’re all used to being “plugged in” to several devices at once. This means that we may not always be available to answer a call, and because as consumers we’re so accustomed to text messaging for communication, it’s a highly valuable option to offer text communication as an option for your customers. They’ll appreciate the innovation from your company and the acknowledgement that it’s a preferred format of communication, elevating your consumer brand perception even more.

  • Providing insights for greater learning

Depending on the volume of assistance that your team performs, you’ll want to know if there are common themes around the guidance that you’re providing. With Zoho Desk, the analytics are not only better in comparison to its competitor, but it offers various ways of measurement so that you can obtain quantitative as well as qualitative data. All of the insights that come in will inform your team of areas that need improvement, and identifying themes will also provide the knowledge that you’ll need to know to maintain your competitive lead.

While the overall customer service model has changed drastically over the years, it’s still just as crucial, if not more as we progress even more into the digital world. Human connection doesn’t have to go away just because we’re relying on our devices more to help us operate. Zoho Desk can provide personalized and white glove service to your customers, and your internal teams will appreciate the innovative design behind the product and how it ultimately simplifies their day-to-day so they can continue to make a lasting impact on those that engage with your brand.

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