Zoho CRM’s Quote Calculator Widget

Zoho CRM’s Quote Calculator Widget

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, every second counts. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to Zoho CRM‘s Quote Calculator Widget. Imagine effortlessly creating accurate quotes, closing deals faster, and empowering your sales team with a tool designed for maximum efficiency.

We’re excited to walk you through a revolutionary tool we’ve developed for one of our clients—a custom coding widget integrated directly into their CRM system. This innovative widget is designed to streamline the process of creating detailed quotes that include labor, equipment, travel, daily costs, and miscellaneous expenses, all within the CRM environment.

Background of the Widget

Our client needed a robust coding tool within their CRM to efficiently generate and send detailed quotes to their customers. To meet this need, we engineered a widget that allows users to calculate various costs directly associated with their services.

Zoho Crm’s Quote Calculator Widget

Features and Functionality

The widget resides within the deals module of the CRM, where users can initiate calculations by clicking a “Calculate Quote” button. This button brings up a multi-step form that guides users through the quoting process:

1. Basic Information: This initial stage displays essential details such as quote title, account information, salesperson assigned, and quote status—all pulled dynamically from the CRM modules. Fields in this section are pre-filled and disabled to prevent manual errors.

2. Material Costs: Users can dynamically select materials used in the service from a pre-populated product list in the CRM database. As materials are added or updated, the widget automatically calculates the subtotal, shipping costs, and taxes, providing a running total of material costs.

3. Labor Costs: This stage allows for the addition of labor details, such as the number of workers, hours worked, and cost per hour, automatically calculating the total labor cost based on inputs.

4. Equipment Costs: Similar to labor, equipment costs are calculated by selecting required items from a dynamic list categorized under “Equipment”. The widget computes total cost based on duration and usage.

5. Additional Costs: Users can add miscellaneous costs such as travel and lodging. For example, inputting the travel distance automatically calculates travel costs based on preset rates.

6. Final Summary: In the last step, the widget displays a summary of all costs, including gross profit targets, commission rates, and the minimum bid to be submitted to the client. Users can review and adjust these figures as needed before finalizing the quote.

Dynamic Terms and Workflow Integration

The widget also includes dynamic terms and conditions relevant to the quote type, which can be edited or deleted as required. Upon accepting these terms, the quote’s status updates to “In Progress,” and all calculations are saved in the system. Additional features allow for subsequent reviews and updates, ensuring that the quote remains accurate and up-to-date until final approval.


This custom widget not only simplifies the quoting process but also ensures accuracy and efficiency, allowing our client to handle their customer needs swiftly and effectively. We are proud to offer this tailored solution and are excited to see how it transforms our client’s operations.

We hope this walkthrough gives you a good understanding of the capabilities and benefits of our custom widgets. If you’re interested in similar customizations for your CRM, feel free to reach out to us for more information.

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