Zoho CRM Solutions for Your Sales Team

Every business model has changed drastically in the past several decades. Sales strategies that used to be the go-to practices have now become practically extinct, and it seems as though, thanks to our technology, that there are new strategies popping up every year. For sellers that have been in the industry for this amount have time and have seem these transitions have likely been able to adapt accordingly, but it’s also important to keep in mind that this very technology is always being improved upon, which means those same sellers need to hold onto that resiliency.

Thinking about all the ways that your teams need to stay up to date with these new strategies might seem overwhelming, but within your Zoho CRM, there are quite a few products that cater to the needs of your sellers that will help them deepen their client relationships and garner more converted leads for the overall broadening of your business. Here are a few Zoho CRM sales products that can help with this process.

Zoho CRM Solutions for Your Sales Team
  • Zoho Zia Voice

As consumers, we’re using to smart technology assisting us from every angle. Our cars, home appliances, and voice-activated devices have allowed us to multitask better than ever before. Because we’re all accustomed to moving at this speed and living with these immediate expectations, the same must be integrated into your business model and capabilities. Your sellers are always moving a mile a minute, balancing multiple business relationships that are at all levels of the funnel. When they’re responding to emails, taking meetings, and sharing opportunities, they need answers immediately to keep the conversation in motion, and this is where Zoho Zia Voice comes in. Using this virtual assistant can aid sellers by obtaining immediate answers on trends, status reports, or even reference notes. Consider Zoho Zia Voice your virtual assistant that relies on technology so you can ensure that everything your sellers relate to their clients is accurate and up to date.

  • Zoho SalesInbox

Because we’ve advanced so much in the past several decades when it comes to technology and communication, we’ve grown used to email as our primary source of communication and business negotiation. Phone calls and in-person meetings can be time-consuming and one-dimensional, but email not only contains built-in transcripts of the agreement, but the ability to share important documents and include key stakeholders in the conversations allows for greater collaboration, faster turnaround time, and easy filing for project completion. You can take this communication strategy one step further with Zoho SalesInbox. This tool is meant to help your sales team organize their correspondence more intuitively so that they can better understand and identify the steps in the deal and transfer them into the platforms that track the sales funnel. This will also alert the designated sales support teams of actions needed from their end so that processes can continue without missing a beat, delivering on customer expectations faster than ever before. Zoho SalesInbox will also analyze your emails to identify areas of opportunity or improvement so that your sellers can continue to adapt and tweak their pitches as the market and competition grow.

  • Zoho Calendar

Managing time is a skillset that sellers have to perfect in any industry. Balancing client calls and meetings, keeping up with market trends, and ensuring to engage with their partners is a full-time job and sometimes more. Sellers often have to work after-hours or during the weekend to keep a deal in motion, negotiate, or even satisfy the different time zones that their partners might be in. With our reliance on digital connection and communication, it only makes sense that your sellers take advantage of the capabilities within Zoho Calendar. This will, of course, not only keep them on schedule and on time with all the obligations they’re balancing, but this viewable calendar will allow their colleagues and even their outside partners to see when they’re available. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth as well as wondering when they’ll be available to connect. Scheduling time has never been easier, as the calendar can also be integrated within your company’s site if you choose to make this timing public-facing, which will also position your brand in good standing as you communicate this level of transparency and honesty. In a time when we all feel a bit overworked and overwhelmed, Zoho Calendar can keep your sellers on top of their business and on top of their game.

  • Zoho Contact Manager

In the same vein of enhanced technology, we’ve outgrown using phone books or Rolodex to keep contact information in one place. Additionally, a shift we’ve seen over the decades is that people tend to change jobs more often and pivot to other industries, thanks again to the technology that helps us learn and adapt faster. With this, it can be close to impossible to stay up to date with all of these changes that happen so quickly with these outdated systems, and this is how Zoho Contact Manager can help your sales team stay updated and informed. This tool will not only store this information in one place, but it pulls lead information from other channels, like social media and emails, and integrates that information in this one place. The more your sellers connect to this platform and tool, the more information you’ll collect for each contact within your system, and before they know it, they’ve obtained the contact information for all of their leads in one place, from their name and contact information to social media handles, engagement information, and even where they are in the lead generator. This insightful and innovative tool will be the data source your sales team will soon come to learn they cannot live without.

Just as technology and systems continue to advance and better with time, your sales team needs to have the tools and resources to stay in lock-step with this movement so that they can deliver top-notch results to their clients and customers but so your company can maintain your innovation and competitive edge within your industry.

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