Zoho CRM Solutions for Your Marketing Team

Your marketing team needs to be the one that’s one step ahead of your sales team, so they need to have the tools and resources that will equip them with the insights and information they need to make strategic and creative decisions that can help the sales team turn leads into sales. Additionally, with the advancement of our technology products and solutions over the past several decades, there seem to be endless ways to achieve this kind of success from your marketing team.

Within your Zoho CRM suite of products, it’s important to consider the needs of your marketing team and what tools would guide them to not only make their jobs easier but to create stronger sales funnels and gain better innovative solutions for the future. Here are a few tools that will your teams stay ahead and informed.

  • Zoho Campaigns

One of the most effective marketing strategies in our current technological climate are email communications. Even as consumers, we’re so digitally savvy now and attached to our devices that we’re in the habit of never missing a notification or coming across an email. As consumers, we sign up for these emails and newsletters to stay informed by our favorite brands and to be alerted when something special or newsworthy takes place, so we know the value that this strategy has when it comes to reaching audiences. For your business, Zoho Campaigns can help streamline your email communication practices to your customers. This tool will help build the actual itself so that it will not only stand out in the customers’ inboxes, but it will be on brand and eye-catching. From there, Zoho Campaigns will also track and monitor the performance of the email campaign and provide insights and trends so that your team can use those learnings for future strategies and campaigns, ensuring that the user experience is clean, approachable, and unobtrusive.

  • Zoho PageSense

Getting users to your site is an accomplishment, especially since there are so many channels to drive people to your destination and an endless number of competitors in your industry trying to get the same impressions you’re getting. Once you get your target audience on your site, your site still has work to do in order to drive those people to deeper engagement and ultimately, a sale. Understanding their behavior when they’re on your site can be difficult, but with Zoho PageSense, you can obtain key metrics that tell your team the actions your audience took while on your site. From clicks to time spent to even where on the site they spent their most time, you’ll be able to determine what areas on your page resonated the most, piqued their interest, and drove them to action based on activity within their clicks. This will help with your page design, but it will also educate your teams on strategies that can get them to stay on your site longer, engage with your channels in ways beyond the site, and how to generate longer sessions for higher rates of engagement.

Zoho CRM Solutions for Your Marketing Team
  • Zoho MarketingHub

Because we have so many channels to reach our target audience in today’s world, it can be overwhelming for your marketing team to keep track of all of the strategies they’re using to reach and engage with those individuals. Another absolute tool that your team would benefit from having is Zoho MarketingHub. This tool will pull together all of your marketing efforts into one destination that will help your team look at your strategies with a big-picture lens, offering real-time dashboard insights on progress and success and a look into overall performance and recap information for insights on how to strategize for future efforts and campaigns. This data is shared with visual options so that the learnings can be easily translated into how to move forward for future programs with key takeaways and clear direction. This tool will not only streamline processes for your marketing team, but it will allow them to make better and more informed decisions for the future.

  • Zoho Social

Again, as consumers ourselves, we know the power that social media can have for growing business awareness and generating engagement with your target audience. With so many platforms that are effective in reaching these audiences and mindsets to consider for each one, managing this communication has become an entire department for almost any business in any industry. If your business uses social media to enhance your brand awareness, your marketing team will appreciate having Zoho Social in their toolkit, as this product will allow them to organize their messaging strategies and schedules so they’ll know the best times to post, how to monitor feedback and comments, and the best way to convert leads into a qualified audience. Having this tool at their fingertips will not only help them stay organized and strategic, but you’ll see a greater lift in ROI due to higher engagement with customers and a quicker response rate across all of your social media platforms.

  • Zoho Survey

Some of the best and most valuable data we can gather about our target audience is to ask them directly. People tend to be more forthcoming if they genuinely feel as though their opinion will be heard and matters to the brands with which they engage. Launching a survey on your site will invite customers to provide any kind of feedback, and Zoho Survey allows you to launch that with complete customization capabilities so you can easily decide what information you need from your customers. Not only will this feedback provide a true and honest perspective of your audience, but encouraging these individuals to participate will position the brand in their eyes as one that cares about their opinion and their needs, which only deepens their loyalty and affinity with your brand.

Zoho CRM Solutions for Your Marketing Team

Our technology continues to advance and improve, so your marketing strategies should do the same to keep up with market activity. These Zoho CRM marketing products will not only save your marketing team valuable time and energy, but they’ll bring your strategies to the next level with more intelligent insights and learnings that will make your connection with your audiences higher quality and more engaging.

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