Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho Login Portal – PHP Integration

How do we create a login Portal with Zoho CRM using Zoho API Integration with PHP

1. First, I usually look into your Zoho CRM design to make sure best practices are in place. I may recommend a better business flow by providing a Data Flow diagram that will resolve all business cases.
2. We will create a login portal for you. As an example, you can take a look at what we created for
3. Your partners/affiliates will be able to sign up to your system by filling up your form
4. The entire login portal and the forms will be a fully responsive and they can be used on any device.
5. The process of on boarding a partner can be modeled into the CRM so you can successfully activate partners as soon as all you need is provided.
6. Once activated, they can simply login to the system and see what you want them to see. They also can update what you want them to update in their profile.
7. Then, after you confirm the business process design, all your business processes with your existing partners will be implemented into the CRM and you will have a very smooth flow throughout your processes.
8. If you want, we also can integrate and configure Zoho Desk (Ticketing System), Zoho Books (So you can directly pay affiliates and get paid online), and Zoho survey to capture feedback directly into your CRM contacts.
Project completed in 10 business days by Boosted CRM Developers which is Zoho Integration with PHP and HTML5 and it is a fully responsive client portal.

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