Zoho CRM Integration with WordPress Lets You Turn Your Traffic into Profit

Zoho CRM Integration with WordPress Lets You Turn Your Traffic into Profit

Getting decent traffic to your website is a worthwhile milestone, and it’s something you should be proud of. However, once you have traffic flowing to your site, you need to figure out how to monetize it. Selling digital or physical products or services is a great way to turn your website into a profitable venture, although, you need to have a reliable, trustworthy way to accept payments, and you also want to make the payment process as easy as possible for your customers. Many web pages are built using the WordPress platform, and if you use this popular software, there’s an easy way for you to accept payments. By utilizing Zoho CRM integration with WordPress, you can offer visitors a simple way to pay for items and services.

Zoho Subscriptions is a useful tool for subscription management and recurring billing. If you use this powerful service, there’s a Zoho Subscriptions plugin for WordPress that lets you easily integrate the useful features of your Zoho Subscriptions service on your website. You can offer multiple pricing tiers, so you can upsell visitors, and you can accept coupons if you’re interested in running promotions to grow your business. With a few mouse clicks, create professional invoices that are sent out to customers who sign up for recurring billing, and the PCI-compliant hosted pages allow you to effortlessly integrate online payments on your site. You’re also able to accept offline payments, too. This comes in handy if you’re promoting your website in-person at a conference or sponsored event. Failed payments aren’t your concern with Zoho integration with WordPress, as Zoho Subscriptions automatically tells customers they missed a payment and resubmits the charges, based on a preset schedule of your choosing. Finally, Zoho Subscriptions provides powerful analytics that let you take your business to the next level.

If you run a website that gets at least moderate traffic, it’s time to convert that traffic into money in the bank by using Zoho CRM integration with WordPress.

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