Zoho CRM Integration with Schedulista

They say time is money, and these days, that’s pretty much the truth. It seems that we’re busier than ever before, and this is likely because of how our devices are keeping us constantly connected and productive. With sites and applications that help us stay on track, complete our tasks, and manage our projects, it can be almost impossible to let things fall to the wayside. Automation and integration allow for even more efficient communication and completion rates. 

If your business works with customers or clients directly in terms of in-person service, your company needs to make sure that your external-facing communication is not only professional but also accessible. Digital connection is a must in today’s world, as most businesses rely on online portals for communication. While some customers may still prefer to call or come in person to make a connection with your company, most people prefer to contact providers via digital communication.

When it comes to scheduling a meeting or an appointment with your company, it can be much easier to do via an online service instead of trying to make a phone call. The automated robots or hold times can inspire anxiety or dread, which only further contributes to the unease of trying to make an appointment. Being transferred or playing phone tag can cause frustration and is a huge time-suck, which is why so many companies are moving to digital systems that allow their customers to make their own appointments.

Introducing Schedulista and its integration with Zoho CRM

If you’re ready to help your customers feel more empowered when it comes to managing their own schedules and making their appointments, Schedulista can provide that service. Not only does this give incredible flexibility for your customers, but it also helps your teams manage schedules in a more streamlined and efficient way as well. Here are just a few benefits of using Schedulista and how it can work with your customized Zoho CRM.

  • 24/7 capabilities

Our lives are busy and run during all hours of the day – not just during the 9-5 slot. This means that sometimes we don’t have the ability to call to make an appointment during this window, meaning that many people don’t get the chance to schedule their appointment when they want. Perhaps it’s during the off-hours when people can take a breather and tend to their personal responsibilities, and this is how Schedulista can help. Since the application is available at all hours of the day, your customers will be able to schedule their appointments with your business on their own time and receive immediate confirmation. This also allows them to change or cancel if they need to at a moment’s notice because as we all know, sometimes life just happens. With its integration with your customized Zoho CRM, the appointment calendar can be accessed by the members on your team that need to be in the know about managing the appointments once they’re in the system. This is helpful for your billing department, your finance team, and of course, your service providers.

Zoho CRM Integration with Schedulista
  • Multiple languages to cater to your clientele base

It’s commonly known that English is not the primary language for all US residents. Having the ability to utilize multiple language to cater to your diverse clientele only strengthens the relationship that you have with your customers. It provides a message of understanding that their needs are heard and registered. This will also help broaden your brand’s awareness, as the power of recommendation will likely prove successful here.

  • Contact and text messaging capabilities

Another common practice in today’s world is sending confirmation and reminder text messages about the scheduled appointment via Schedulista. Since we’re all so reliant on our devices to keep us on track, this is a great way to communicate with your customers in a way in which they can appreciate. Additionally, since your customer is booking their own appointment, they’ll want to provide their contact information so that if there are any issues with the scheduled slot, you can easily reach out to them quickly. This information can also be synced with your Zoho CRM so that you contact list is always up to date and relevant.

  • Sync your payment system

Depending on the industry in which your business is, you likely also have a digital payment system already in place. Luckily, you can also sync your payment system with Schedulista so that your processes are streamlined and efficient. Again, this data can also be transferred back to your Zoho CRM so that all the necessary information about your customer base is aligned and accurate.

Zoho CRM Integration with Schedulista
  • Data and analytics for an in-depth understanding of your business’s performance

One of the benefits of living today’s digital world is the ability to understand and track trends. You can learn about your business and its performance by the engagement you have with your clients. You can identify trends that are happening with scheduling to figure out better ways to engage with them, look at your busiest times to consider how to better service your customers’ needs, and measure retention rates. All of this information can then be synced back to your teams in your Zoho CRM so that your marketing team can understand this data to better cater to your company’s goals.

  • Expand your messaging with email marketing

Building you client base likely took a tremendous amount of time and attention, and retaining it requires the same amount of effort, if not more. As any business does, you also want to ensure that you’re considering new clients while remaining consistent to your current clients. You can expand your brand message with email marketing to not only stay in touch with your current client base, but you can also provide this messaging to your prospect list. You’ll be able to then sync this data to your Zoho CRM so that your proper teams can measure your growth and the resonance that your brand has on your target audience.

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