Zoho CRM Integration with HomeAdvisor

Utilizing your phone book’s yellow pages is officially a practice of the past. Finding an expert for what you need for your home or for services beyond used to include tedious cold-calling or word-of-mouth from your community. Discovering rates was close to impossible, and learning reputation could feel like pulling teeth. As the internet advanced in features and capabilities, however, this mode of research quickly became obsolete and thankfully, a thing of the past. 

Since we’re all so easily connected with one another on various platforms and devices, it’s now easier than ever to find resources and the connections that you require to fulfill a need in your home and beyond. With platforms that allow you to connect with others that have used vendors in your specific space before, you can gain an honest look into the business operations that you’re looking into to help you make an educated decision. With ranking and review systems in place, you can trust that the community truly shapes the success of a business.

HomeAdvisor is an example of one of those tools that allows users to gain an honest idea of how a service provider operates their business. If your business is in the field of providing a service for consumers, like home improvement, cleaning, and lawncare, it’s likely that you already have a relationship with or have come across HomeAdvisor and what they can provide for both the servicer and the homeowner. Whether you’re trying to build your business or grow it, HomeAdvisor can help achieve your specific goals.

How HomeAdvisor can work with your Zoho CRM

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your customer base, Zoho CRM can help you automate a lot of your processes and streamline your communication efforts. However you choose to customize your Zoho CRM, you will ultimately be able to market and run your operations with more insight and in a more structured way. 

There are tremendous benefits of integrating your HomeAdvisor account with your Zoho CRM. Here are just a few ideas to get the foundation going.

Zoho CRM Integration with HomeAdvisor
  • Generate leads and convert them into real prospects

If you have a presence on HomeAdvisor, it’s likely that prospective customers have reached out to you to receive a quote or learn more information. Managing this relationship is of course very important when it comes to earning their business, but it’s just as important since you’re also potentially earning the trust of that individual’s immediate community. In addition to that, you can also leverage the activity elsewhere to help build your marketing base to further generate greater brand awareness for your company.

  • Monitor activity on your page

Since HomeAdvisor provides you an additional public space beyond your own website and social media channels, you can take advantage of the activity that happens here to learn about the reception of your brand and your services in the public and from those that have used your business. You can sync this activity to your Zoho CRM so that all the necessary teams or individuals are alerted if there’s a new review or any kind of activity or discussion on your page. This will help you greater understand what’s working, what’s resonating, and what could use more attention.

  • Monitor competitors’ pricing and operations

Cost will always be a leading topic of discussion when it comes to hiring a professional for a person’s home. Whether you’re brand new to the market or competing with several other proven professionals in your field, you need to understand what everyone else is offering. You need to be aware of what could look suspicious if your pricing is too low, and you need to be aware of what could look arrogant if your pricing is excessive. Either way, you can integrate your HomeAdvisor account with your Zoho CRM to monitor this so that you can ensure your place in the space is appropriate. The same can be said for looking at your competitors’ operations. Hours, location, team structure, and so on can also help build your industry leadership position.

Zoho CRM Integration with HomeAdvisor
  • Sync your payment process safely and securely

Zoho CRM is also no stranger when it comes to managing the financial aspects of your business. Since you provide a service to your customers, they want to ensure that their financial data is secure, and you’ll want to ensure that that same data is transacted safely on your end, as well. Through HomeAdvisor, you can sync the payment system so that it works in your preferred method of financial transfer. This will also help alert your finance teams on how your profit margin is looking and what it means for the future of your business.

  • Identify and analyze marketing strategies

Every business model, no matter the industry, is constantly shifting or changing in some way. Perhaps technology is altering processes, or perhaps social media is helping spread your brand’s message like wildfire. No matter what’s happening, it’s imperative that you keep your ear to the ground for updates, movements, changes, and so on, so you can continue to cater to those adjustments. Integrating your HomeAdvisor with your Zoho CRM will help you look at what’s working for other companies either in other areas, stay in-the-know about new marketing strategies, and can even look at historical data to help you make educated decisions about your company’s future.

In a world that is now almost completely dominated by digital presence and word-of-mouth, it’s absolutely imperative that you perfect your online persona for your prospective clients. It can be hard to do this independently, which is why the integration between HomeAdvisor and your Zoho CRM is so important. The two platforms can speak to each other and update information accordingly so that your marketing strategies are sound and educated and your prospect list is intuitive and growing. Your competitive place in the market will surely improve, and your consumers will be appreciative not only to the attention that you pay to their home but to the market as well.

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