Zoho CRM Integration with Google Drive

All businesses rely on quality collaboration across the company to ensure proper delivery on internal and external expectations. No matter what industry your business is in, you need to consider timelines, communication, and documentation for practically everything – this requires a high-level amount of attention and dedication from your teams.

Our digital world has allowed us to perform these actions in a way that can deliver consumer and customer expectations more expediently than ever before. The relationships you maintain with your customers and your consumers will be elevated due to faster turnaround times and better quality products.

Introducing Google Drive

Google Drive is designed with collaboration in mind. Since we’re no longer in the days of reliance on hard documentation, we need to consider digital communication and collaboration. The transition to this business model has been tedious, but with the introduction of cloud storage and access, we can now operate more quickly and more efficiently both for internal productivity and external expectations.

Instead of wasting time and energy working with documents from your hard drive and transferring them and other key communication elements via email, cloud experiences have allowed more room for viewability, collaboration, and production. Your team members will be able to free up more memory from their devices, and they’ll have access to this platform from any device while on-the-go.

Most of us in any company setting are familiar with these tools, as we’ve been using them essentially since inception. They help us produce, analyze, present, share, and ideate. These tools have allowed us to share our ideas and place our goals into a visual representation. With the introduction of the cloud, these tools are able to be adapted into collaborative pieces. To replace circulating one sole piece of documentation over email, Google Drive has allowed this one piece to be accessed in one place by multiple users. For projects that require multiple stakeholders, this is ideal. Not only does this capability save tremendous time, but it encourages even greater collaboration. The turnaround time is exponentially faster, and users can work together in a much more efficient manner to produce the best product. Microsoft Word is Google Docs, Excel is Sheets, and PowerPoint is Slides. With these adaptations, users won’t need to relearn the wheel, and downloading capabilities can even make the most novice users comfortable and confident.

  • Shared drives for higher collaboration

Your teams will be able to create individual drives. Some departments choose to have destinations for products and tools that they use separately, which will grant them privacy for sensitive information or drafts of projects that aren’t ready to be considered live or public. Sharing capabilities will allow each drive to make the decision in how they want to share their information. You can grant view only access, and you can grant editing access for projects that require multiple users across multiple departments. All of this will allow your team members to have more authority over their own processes and communication standards.

Often times, your teams will be working on projects that are confidential or contain information that shouldn’t be shared externally. Sometimes sensitive information is stored here, depending on the industry in which your business is. With all of this in mind, your Google Drive package comes with a security feature that will keep your data safe and secure. As employees start with your company or leave your organization, access is highly tended to so that any and all information is safe and secure.

  • Constant and immediate support

Whether your team members are novices or self-identified experts, there is always potential to learn and grow with Google Drive. If this platform is new to your company, you’ll be able to benefit from a helpful support team that will get your company onboarded and transitioned easily and successfully. As your teams continue to learn and adapt to Google Drive, there will likely be questions. This support team will aid in these questions, and just as technology continues to advance, Google Drive will likely follow suit, so it’s crucial to stay informed and updated on new features.

  • Search friendly

Just as every individual is different and unique, Google Drive can be a unique experience as well. Organization is a very personal experience – some are highly detailed and can find a document in a moment, while others do not necessarily prioritize organization. As your company migrates to Google Drive, this organization differentiation is more visible, as others are able to view and access documents as they’re granted access. It’s always helpful and encouraged to be organized, especially as it relates to company files and documents, but everyone does things differently. One of the most beneficial features of Google Drive is the ability to search. It might be difficult to understand or translate others’ organizational systems, or you may not have the luxury of time to sift through where things could be – in that sense, the entire essence of Google is search, so it makes complete sense that the Drive is searchable as well. When in doubt or when short on time, simply search what you’re in need of and you’ll be served with several options that may satisfy your need. So if you come across a department that may not be as organized as others, you can lean on the search tool to help you.

Zoho CRM and Google Drive

Zoho CRM keeps your teams on time and in order, and integrating with Google Drive makes all of that that much easier. Link documents to processes, and communicate with others by providing documents instantly and without the worry of file sizes. Your teams will not only be better informed, but collaboration will be improved. Updates are instant, and processes won’t be delayed. In any instance, Google Drive will help keep your teams organized and up to date, and you can also say goodbye to email delivery on hard copies.

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