Zoho Integration with Google Apps

Zoho CRM Integration with Google Calendar

Zoho Corporation offers a vast assortment of products that can increase productivity and eliminate confusion when a person is working. One such product is the Zoho CRM product. CRM is a series of features that allow business owners and customer service personnel to keep in touch with the business’s customers, obligations and appointments. CRM programs help people to store their customers’ information like their phone numbers, product purchases, call-ins, credit card information, address and contact information and more. People can now experience Zoho CRM integration with Google calendar. It’s an experience that proves that putting things together works quite well sometimes.

The integration makes operations go smoothly and provides the business with easy access to its customers and clients. Many features are available in this system. One of the most important features is the ability to schedule the synchronization of one’s calendar events between Zoho CRM and Google calendar. The user can update the calendar events by using either program, and both systems will automatically update. Some additional capabilities that Zoho CRM has within Google calendar are features such as pop-up reminders and guest additions. The system can also take up to 5,000 contact entries the first time the person uses the system to sync. Subsequent synching actions can take up to 500 entries. Learning how to use Zoho integration with Google calendar is simple, and it helps business owners to stay in the loop about the process that they have to partake in with their clients. It’s a helpful tool for setting up sales calls, consultations, check-ups and the like. To get started with the integration, the user has to allow the syncing to take place. App authorization is always necessary for processes like that. Once the user gives the programs permission to sync with each other, CRM gets a whole lot better.

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